Chronoswiss Ruibao Watch, How About Ruibao Watch?

Friends who like German watches may know Ruibao watches. Ruibao is a watch brand in Munich, Germany, although not as famous as Lange, Glashütte Original, Nomos, and Zeppelin. But it is also a brand recommended by many watch friends in major watch forums. Let’s introduce it to you!

Chronoswiss brand introduction
   Chronoswiss watches are made by watchmaker G.R.Lang
Mr. was founded in Munich in 1983. Ruibao is a pure family business that still retains its brand independence. The Ruibao people behind the brand have a lot of accumulation, and in each watch they have poured their expertise and watchmaking passion. We pay attention to manual craftsmanship, such as century-old open fire enamel and dial engraving technology are inherited here.
   Ruibao is a rising star in the world’s high-end watch industry. It is compatible with the precision of Swiss traditional watchmaking technology and the rigorous national spirit of Germany. , Elegant sterling silver faceplate, magnificent and detailed coin-shaped bezel, signature onion-shaped crown, classic one-hand timing function, etc.

How about a Ruibao watch?
   The pursuit of excellence: Chronoswiss manufactures high-quality mechanical chronographs using only components from select Swiss suppliers. The chronographs have a veritable ‘Swiss Made’ title. Many models use special movements. Attention to detail and the pursuit of precision make Ruibao stand out.
   The real name: After the revolution in quartz watches, as the co-founder of the revival of mechanical watches, Ruibao was one of the few watch brands that continued to use mechanical movements. Ruibao’s watch is convincing with its clear design concept and exquisite appearance: the classic onion crown is unique. The patented stainless steel spin lock that tightly connects the lugs to the bracelet and the side knurled bezel are also two major features of the Swiss watch.
   Noble craftsmanship: engraving refers to sculpting and interlacing geometric shapes and patterns on metal. This extremely demanding process ranges from 16 to 18
In the century, it was only used in the handicrafts of European royalty and aristocracy. The ingenious watchmaker has developed a high-precision engraving and engraving machine that can be operated only by hand strength to decorate the dial and case.
   This kind of complicated and near-lost craft can be seen in the slightest effort, the delicate texture changes a lot, which greatly enriches the design creativity. The curved engraving and engraving machine used in the working room of Ruibao Dial requires watchmakers to operate with stable arms, and to draw exquisite classical and refined patterns on the case, dial or even the movement.

How much is a Ruibao watch?
   Ruibao is a rising star in the world’s high-end watch industry. The product uses the Swiss top ETA movement and Swiss Enicar and Marvin movements, and has been improved. The manufacturing process follows the traditional German watchmaking process and is the crystallization of the essence of Swiss and German watchmaking. Therefore, the price of watches is also more expensive, usually ranging from 10,000 to 300,000!
Ruibao watch brand concept
   Time is our most important asset and the source of life for watches. Chronoswiss has always exerted infinite creativity to create a unique watch for every watch enthusiast and collector with superb craftsmanship. Each Ruibao watch embodies the brand’s eager pursuit of precision machinery and aesthetics, which is perfect in terms of function and look and feel. It is as irreplaceable as time.
Ruibao watch series
Timemaster series


   Ruibao Watch official website:

Louis Vuitton Tambour Damier Cobalt Watch

Inspired by the famous Damier checkered canvas, Louis Vuitton launched the new Tambour Damier Cobalt watch series for the brand’s symbolic Tambour watch family. The Louis Vuitton V-shaped logo highlights the wearer’s heritage as a family member in the watch industry and brings precise value interpretations: sport, fashion and connectivity.

   Historic checkered 标识 eye-catching V logo

   As one of the most recognizable graphic designs in leather history, Damier plaid canvas is simple, vivid and masculine. Inspired by the watchmakers at La Fabrique du Temps in Louis Vuitton, the Cobalt Damier canvas pattern is faithfully reproduced on this chronograph dial.
   Gaston-Louis Vuitton’s beloved ‘V’ logo is the finishing touch on the dial and flange. The vertical and horizontal grid pattern inspires the artisans of La Fabrique du Temps in the fine watchmaking workshop of Louis Vuitton.
   Two designs complement each other


   One of the watches in the Tambour Damier Cobalt watch series is made of stainless steel, the dial is decorated with contrasting red and white patterns, and is further enhanced by the sky blue second hand. Eye-catching characters with rubber straps for true sporty content.
   The other watch is also made of stainless steel, and the case with a diameter of 46 mm fits naturally into the midnight blue PVD coating. With rose gold color, highlight the beauty of harmonious light and dark contrast.
   The sapphire crystal case back is engraved with a special edition ‘LV’ abbreviation letter, and the automatic movement inside can be seen at a glance. The new Tambour watches are equipped with interchangeable straps, powered by Louis Vuitton’s innovative patented system, and can be replaced without tools. Create a personal style for every occasion.
   Louis Vuitton Tambour Damier Cobalt

Stainless steel case
46 mm diameter
Dial with screen-printed ‘V’ and Damier plaid canvas pattern
Hollow-out fluorescent hour and second hands
Self-winding movement
Functions: date, hour, minute, second display and timing
Replaceable strap with Louis Vuitton patented system, original strap made of two-tone rubber
Water-resistant to 100 meters
   Louis Vuitton Tambour Damier Cobalt Blue & Gold Chronograph

Stainless steel case with blue PVD coating, rose gold buttons and lugs
46 mm diameter
Dial with screen-printed ‘V’ and Damier plaid canvas pattern
Hollow-out fluorescent hour and second hands
Automatic movement with transparent case back
Functions: date, hour, minute, second display and timing
Replaceable strap with patented Louis Vuitton system, original strap made of two-tone alligator leather
Water-resistant to 100 meters-

Romantic Teaser: Citizen Rose Gold Pair Watch

Citizen AS5044-59A & ES5044-50A, the dial and bracelet of the watch are all rose gold in stainless steel, and the classic design is full of elegance. Sapphire glass, wear-resistant and clearly shows the sweet moments. The simple white dial with rose gold hour markers, and the Roman numerals at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock highlight the elegant atmosphere of this couple watch.

In terms of functions, this pair of watches uses a light kinetic wave movement. Absorbs any visible light source and converts it into kinetic energy to drive the watch, eliminating the trouble of regularly replacing the battery, and effectively avoiding the environmental pollution caused by ordinary quartz batteries. In the current low-carbon lifestyle is increasingly popular, light kinetic technology makes love also It can keep up with the trend of ‘environmental protection’; and the use of radio wave technology enables this pair of watches to automatically receive signals and check the time, accurately recording the minutes, seconds and seconds that belong to love. In addition, intimate functions such as waterproofing 10 atmospheres, indication of low battery energy, prevention of overcharging, and display of received signal strength are also readily available. What’s more worth mentioning is that this pair of watches also has high-end and practical perpetual calendar function. Even if time passes, witnessing true love lasts forever, which is the meaning of time to love.

Taste The Personality And Taste The Exclusive Movado Porter Watch

As this year marks the 70th anniversary of Movado’s “Museum” series, Movado and Tmall have carefully created three “Porter” items. After half a year of careful preparation, the exclusive models No matter from the color matching or the upgrade of the strap, the original ‘Potter’ personality is brought to the extreme. How exactly did Movado play with the ‘Porter’ style, and follow the actual shooting of the Watch House to get to know this ‘Porter Tmall Exclusive’, which is only available exclusively at the Tmall flagship store. (Model: 360043)

 When I saw this special Porter series, the first thing that came to my mind was the handsome look of American western cowboys galloping on the grassland. A simple black dial with a dark brown leather strap, the impression should be on a cowboy hand.

 The limited edition ‘Porter Tmall exclusive model’ of Movado Tmall flagship store was launched in September this year. After half a year of preparation, the exclusive model will be the original from the improvement of color matching and the upgrade of the strap. ‘Potter’ personality is further exerted to the extreme. This is a big surprise and feedback that Movado brought to Tmall users.

 The case is made of TR90 compliant material and stainless steel. The case diameter is 42 mm, and it is waterproof to 30 meters. It has a built-in quartz movement. It is made of K1 crystal glass. The black case creates a mystery. Decoration, changing with light and shadow, showing dynamic vitality and excellent quality.

 While following the Potter style, by changing the color, this ‘Porter Tmall Exclusive’ is more unique. The two-hand design is more simple and modern. The silver inner ring in the dial echoes the color of the hands and adds a sense of layering to the overall design.

 The design of the crown and lugs also interprets modern minimalism in a very Movado style. The smooth lines have no extra embellishments. The most basic elements are presented in the purest way. This is the best that Movado controls The place.

 The lugs and straps are connected smoothly and naturally, without excessive decoration.

  The back of the case is engraved with the Movado ‘Porter’ logo, and the exquisite polishing process makes the case refract different luster under the light.

 In the choice of buckle, the simple pin buckle design may be more in line with the overall positioning and style. Also choose black, which echoes the color of the case.

 The strap adopts a ‘Colorado’ style leather strap, inspired by the natural style of the western United States, forming a contrast with the black case, highlighting the visual impact, making the overall style of the watch more tough and bold.

 Summary: Interpret time with a new attitude and show vitality with a personality color. Designed for the younger generation who appreciates design appreciation and a passion for quality watchmaking. At present, Movado’s new ‘Porter’ products have been sold in Movado Tmall flagship store.

Tiffany & Co. Tiffany And Swatch Choose To Terminate Cooperation, Litigation Pending Arbitration

Recently, Tiffany disclosed the lawsuit with Swatch Group. Although the Dutch arbitration committee has been trying to resolve the dispute between the two parties, both Tiffany and Swatch Group have stated that they will not continue Watch Agency Cooperation Agreement. Tiffany is seeking new partners for the brand’s watch business.

Tiffany & Co. said a huge lawsuit with Swatch Group SA (UHR.VX) and its subsidiary Tiffany Watch Co. is awaiting confidential arbitration, which will be finalized by a three-member arbitrator in the Netherlands Decide.
Although the arbitration commission from the Netherlands has been trying to resolve the dispute between the two parties, both Tiffany & Co; and The Swatch Group have stated that they will not continue the previous cooperation agreement. Swatch said that the cooperation agreement was terminated on October 1, 2013, and Tiffany said that the design, production, and distribution of branded watches would be handed over to other partners.
The lawsuit between Tiffany & Co. and Swatch Group SA (UHR.VX) stemmed from unhappy cooperation between the two parties.
In 2007, Tiffany & Co. and Swatch Group SA (UHR.VX) announced a cooperation. Swatch Group SA (UHR.VX) will represent Tiffany & Co. The watch business has an agreement period of 20 years, but the agreement was terminated early in September 2011. Swatch Group SA (UHR.VX) Swatch stated that the termination was due to Tiffany & Co. ‘systemically delaying and preventing the development of the watch business’, and subsequently filed a lawsuit against Tiffany & Co., It also claims a high compensation of 3.8 billion Swiss francs.

In March 2012, Tiffany & Co. Tiffany filed a counterclaim against Swatch Group SA (UHR.VX), stating that Swatch Group SA (UHR.VX) had not been a Tiffany & Co. ) Provide suitable points of sale, while condemning Swatch Group SA (UHR.VX) for disrespecting the brand and design of Tiffany & Co., and submitting to Swatch Group SA (UHR.VX) Filed a lawsuit for compensation of 541.9 million Swiss francs.
Analysts predict the final outcome of the case, Swatch Group SA (UHR.VX), will receive compensation. According to WWD, Tiffany & Co. is looking for new agency partners.

Seiko Seiko Charity Celebrates Huajia Wang Lihong Charm Appearance

The 60th anniversary of the arrival of SEIKO, a Japanese professional watch brand, has taken root in Taiwan and has grown through time. It has become a promoter and guardian of time! So far, it has set a number of world first records. In 1969, the world’s first ASTRON QUARTZ quartz watch was released, which started the global quartz revolution! Not only that, the world’s first LCD quartz watch, the world’s first dive watch capable of displaying the depth of the sea, and the world’s first space watch designed for space missions, etc. are the glorious history of watches ever written by SEIKO. .

SEIKO hardened a chain in Taiwan. The president also specially gave Wang Lihong the exclusive pairing watch. Wang Lihong said that he would use it as a heirloom watch and keep it well.

The brand originated in 1881. The founder of the service department, Kintaro, adheres to the entrepreneurial philosophy of ‘one step ahead forever.’ In the early days, he started with the business of second-hand clock repair. Now it is one of the few watch brands in Asia that can go hand in hand with Europe. A watch factory with 100% movement self-control capability, in order to share the joy of the 60th anniversary of coming to Taiwan, continue to write a classic chapter, launching a limited edition ‘SEIKO x Taiwan 60th anniversary’ commemorative model and the second generation of fully evolved SEIKO ASTRON satellite positioning solar models, In response to the Taiwan society with practical actions, it announced the launch of the ‘Promote Happy Hour’ program, sponsoring one million yuan to the ‘Pingtung County Aboriginal Whole People Care Promotion Association’, expressing the care for children in Pingtung and the Taiwanese Friendship will continue to focus on the balanced development of children’s education in the community with the vision of ‘innovation and washing the chain’, cultivate the ability to live in the future, and accompany Taiwanese children in the countryside to create a richer and better life.

 SEIKO spokesperson Wang Leehom attended the 60th anniversary press conference of SEIKO in Taiwan, and sang a happy birthday song with Aboriginal children at the scene to celebrate the rare year of the garlands. The atmosphere was warm and touching.

SEIKO ‘Promote Happy Hour’ Sponsored ‘Pingtung Aboriginal All-Person Care Association’
In the 60th anniversary of deep plowing in Taiwan, SEIKO harvested a ‘gift of time’ and quickly became a synonym for professional watches and the leader of Japanese watch brands. We celebrated that we do n’t forget to sponsor charity at this time, uphold the heart of giving back to Taiwan, and respond to the global SEIKO headquarters. The care plan demonstrates its support for Taiwan and its concern for the people living in this land through concrete actions.

SEIKO was at the 60th anniversary of the press conference in Taiwan. The spokesperson Wang Lihong said that he also liked the PREMIER series of the 60th anniversary model he wore today, and especially appreciated its automatic time tracking technology.

Zhiqing celebrates the beginning of the next 60th anniversary. He celebrates the donation of charity, upholds the sentiment of giving back to Taiwan, and responds to the global care plan of SEIKO head office. It shows the support for Taiwan and the people living in this land with concrete actions. Care. SEIKO’s ‘Promote Happy Hour’ program supports the ‘Pingtung County Aboriginal Whole People Care Promotion Association’. In 2014, it sponsored millions of dollars to assist the education and physical and mental care of children and adolescents from disadvantaged families. At the same time, it promotes the establishment of the association’s administrative system and the development of planning capabilities, cultivates its organizational ability to raise funds on its own, as well as the cultivation of seeds of hope, and helps children and young people in remote communities to provide opportunities for life, talent education, and physical and mental growth. , I hope that throwing bricks and attracting jade will create a companion effect and create a better time for the future.

SEIKO ASTRON GPS solar satellite positioning table and add chronograph function

SEIKO continues to ‘innovate’ and ‘wash the chain’ as its spirit, and it can be passed on at any time to inherit the classics. Today, celebrating the 60th anniversary, there is no icing on the cake ceremony. Instead, it is hosting cultural activities such as online photography exhibitions and sponsoring local public welfare. In this way, I will relive the glimpse of time with multiple works, and witness countless touches and memories through SEIKO watches. I hope that in the next 60 years, SEIKO will give Taiwan society more positive power. Aboriginal Whole People Care Association:
The second generation of SEIKO ASTRON is fully evolved. The electronic crown operates intuitively and the appearance is changed.
SEIKO also announced today the second representative of ASTRON. SEIKO ASTRON has launched the world’s first GPS solar satellite positioning watch since 2012. After two years, a new evolution model has also been launched with the 60th anniversary. The advertisement shot by Japanese travel star Darby Xiu with endorsements is now in major media. Be the first to hit the spotlight and become the focus of attention. The new model is equipped with a new 8X82 movement. Due to the successful miniaturization of the movement, the size of the watch body has been reduced by 30% compared with the previous one, and the power consumption has been greatly reduced. Advanced technology can be used to receive four The above GPS satellite waves can not only automatically identify all time zones around the world, but also automatically adjust to obtain the local time.

PREMIER series launched two 60th anniversary limited edition

The watch is equipped with cutting-edge technology, operation is simplified, and the electronic crown design makes manual time zone selection more intuitive. In addition, you can use the simple button operation to instantly correct the time zone or enter the flight mode. Wearers can use one hand Easily master 40 time zones in the world. This evolutionary version of the SEIKO ASTRON GPS solar satellite positioning table adds a chronograph function to add practicality. The appearance has also evolved in sync. The black ceramic bezel with a lightweight titanium strap condenses the best performance and is washed outside the chain. Type, with both aesthetics and cutting-edge technology, is suitable for business people around the world.
Signing a Diamond Wedding with Taiwan 60th Anniversary of PREMIER and LUKIA Significant
The Japanese brand SEIKO has been with Taiwan for 60 years, and time has witnessed it. It has launched an anniversary watch specifically for Taiwan. Metaphors identify and appreciate this land through detailed design. The 60th anniversary limited edition models are congratulated with the PREMIER and LUKIA series. Among them, the PREMIER commemorative models are based on Taiwan’s blue sky and white clouds. The elegant dial outlines the feeling of the earth and the beautiful scenery. , Symbolizing Taiwan’s welcome to the first dawn of baptism. The PREMIER series launched two 60th anniversary limited editions. The specifications are stainless steel, waterproof to 10 atmospheres, equipped with SEIKO’s exclusive human power movement, and automatic time tracking. With the leap year display and other functions, the blue face with rose gold pointer models and the silver face with blue pointer two models.

Limited edition of the 60th anniversary of the LUKIA series

The LUKIA series designed for modern women. The bezel of the commemorative model is set with rubies, which symbolizes the endless enthusiasm of Taiwan. It is displayed around the date with a star shape at 4-5 o’clock, symbolizing the moment of celebrating SEIKO’s 60th anniversary, like a star Generally dazzling, worthy of lasting aftertaste. The stainless steel material, sapphire crystal mirror, and environmentally friendly solar movement without battery replacement contribute to Taiwan’s environmental protection. The appearance with pink leather strap is more feminine.

Extremely Coquettish Piaget Watches Lead ‘beijing Meets Seattle’

‘Beijing Meets Seattle’ is one of the hot movies right now. In the film, Tang Wei encounters the love of his uncle and makes people talk about it. In the play, the Piaget watch worn by Wen Wei Jia played by Tang Wei is also very eye-catching. Today I will introduce to you the costumes of the watch in this movie.
Beijing worship girl shines with jewellery on her chest
 At the beginning, Tang Wei in the film was a downright ‘gold worshiper’ or ‘lost gold girl.’ She wants to buy the best clothes, the most gorgeous jewelry, and enjoy the most expensive everything. At this time, she was like a pair of white gold necklaces worn on the neck, superb, exaggerated, proud and material.

 What best reflects her style of worship is naturally in the jewelry store that can best show the purchasing power. If you also want to experience the feeling of being a luxury shopping guide service, then a gorgeous dress is essential. Although Tang Wei’s face was sore and mean when we played the role of a gold worshiper, we couldn’t learn, but why not dress up as beautiful as every woman’s wish?

 There are two necklaces worn by Tang Wei this time. The first one is the Earl Possession ring pendant. The two rings are independent and surrounded by each other, which also seems to indicate the obsession of love. The gorgeous single diamond with the word ‘Possession’ engraved in platinum makes it more attractive. The second is the Piaget heart-shaped pendant, which is made of 18K white gold and is lined with 22 round diamonds. It is very romantic and exquisite, so that every woman wearing it can feel its tenderness.

‘Third party’ seeks true love and encounters a fork in life

 Tang Wei, who came to a foreign country, actually used her own child to make the biggest bet in her life. She believes that as long as she can give birth to a boy, she will definitely be able to live with her grandmother and live a real young grandma. But reality is often not so satisfactory. Suddenly one day, her ‘husband’ evaporates, and she is so destitute that she can only support her big belly and accept the help of Wu Xiubo, an uncle who does not seem to be so eye-catching before.

 A few simple lines outline a beautiful flower shape. This Tiffany Co. home necklace made of 18K gold will be perfectly played to the extreme. The hollow petals make people want to take off a piece to smell, and the 18K gold material does not make people feel too grand. Wear it, and the sweet smell of women must be in the air around you.

The goddess looks at Uncle Mu, and the lover finally becomes a family member
 After the birth was successful, Tang Wei, who had undergone a baptism in both body and mind, found out that after going around, True Love was around. At that time, the uncle of Mune had inadvertently struck her heartstrings with tenderness, thoughtfulness and care. At this time, Tang Wei’s accessories were replaced with elegant and noble watches, which truly showed the temperament of the ‘Goddess’.

 At the open-air banquet, Tang Wei and Wu Xiubo danced deeply. At this point, they don’t seem to need to speak anymore, just a look can explain everything. He and she in formal attire seemed to suddenly discover each other’s strengths. What is the final outcome of the film, will not be announced here. But we must be able to feel that the ‘Golden Worship Girl’ played by Tang Wei has been transformed completely.

 Piaget’s Limelight Magic Hour allows the wearer to choose the direction of the dial. When the oval dial is turned, the round dial will present 3 different aspects. Its size is 40 x 31 mm, with a rotating case in 18K rose gold set with 36 round diamonds, a dial set with 20 round diamonds, and an 18K rose gold hour dial. The movement is a combination of extraordinary creativity and technological achievement.

 At the end of the movie, Wen Jiajia finally found true love after some baptism in life. In fact, the value of love lies not in wealth, but in two hearts that love for love. I hope that the love of watch lovers will last forever under the witness of their watches.

Wristwatch Style Two Iwc Worthy Of Watch Models Beijing Quotes

For everyone, a watch is a display of time for us, and time may be a gift, but it is also a priceless treasure. Sometimes a watch is not only a tool, it can also be a taste of one’s taste. Therefore, you need to be extra careful when buying a watch. Today, Watch House brings you two Beijing watches worthy of IWC.

IWC Portofino IW458103

In-store public price: ¥ 79900 (collected in December 2014)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch Series: Portofino
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Steel with diamonds
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 37 mm
Watch details:

In-store public price: 47000 (collection time December 2014)
Can try on: try on in store
Watch Series: Pilot
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Belt
Watch details: and second floor L2-13
Dealer Phone: 010-85621385

Report that you are a user from the ‘Watch House Website’ and will get better service

[Note]: The pictures in the article are real pictures taken by the editor at the ‘front line of the market’. If you are interested, you can go to learn more details, or contact in advance by phone.

Sports Watch 10 Big Trends 2

Trend Six: Traditional brands love sports watches
    In this era of rejuvenating the economy by football and advancing diplomacy by sports, the popularity of sports watches also seems to be inevitable. No brand can stay aside, including those with their own historical and cultural traditions and product design DNA.
     If Hedi Slimane, the former design director of Dior Homme, joined Nike to design sportswear for him, the number of viewers must be uncountable. The same is true for traditional watchmaking brands and sports watch brands for traditional style watches, because their stable image has long been ingrained in people’s hearts, and the sports watches they have introduced will be more or less paid special attention to. Attitude also seems more cautious.
     Fortunately, all of them are menacing, and their appearance and functional performance are also remarkable. It’s like the Super Trofeo racing watch launched by Blancpain and Lamborghini. Ralph Lauren’s 2012 sports watch collection has both an elegant elm dial and a rough ceramic case canvas strap. The Jacques Dro Sport (SW) series combines the elements of the brand’s classic 8-character dial, while being bold and bold with a touch of elegance. Even brands like Hermès, who do not forget the elegant attitude at all times, are also reluctant to give up the sports watch market easily. The diving watch introduced is like a decent watch, and it will never reveal its Sven’s strength as a formal watch.
    Zenith, known for its high-frequency movements, has also set its sights on the field of flight in recent years, introducing a number of flight watches. This includes not only Zenith’s strength chronometer, but also inspiration and materials from history. Zenith takes the engraved pilot watches as a reminder of the past, and commemorates and inherits the brand’s cultural foothold. Although the style is not complicated, the historical charm contained in it is quite fascinating. Trend VII: Humanization of Sports Spirit
    The popularity of sports watches can not only be explained from the perspective of biology and engineering, it also meets the spiritual needs of people. Technology and functions can be outdated, and entertainment stars can be outdated, but the spirit of sports is eternal, and the older and more fragrant, American boxer Ali, trapeze ‘Jordan’, China’s ‘gymnastic prince’ Li Ning, ‘ The national idol ‘Zhuang Zedong is the best example.
    As more and more athletes endorse watch brands, in the field of watches, the sporting spirit conveyed by sports watches therefore seems less rigid and more humane. These athletes are the best interpretation of the spirit of sports that is brave and daring to compete in the arena. Now outside the arena, they cooperate with watch brands that match their sports style. Through this cooperation, this sports spirit is passed on to more People. Today, many internationally renowned athletes are the face of watch brands, including tennis girl Sharapova, the national professional basketball league NBA star LeBron James, ‘flying fish’ Michael Phelps, and so on. The reason why watch brands choose athletes as spokespersons is that, compared with film and television stars, athletes are elegant and stylish. They have won praise and recognition from unremitting efforts, and have shown their talents in the most honest way. Consumer distance. In addition, exercise is a very simple matter. Inviting athletes to be endorsers has indeed brought more positive influence to the brand. Relatively speaking, the media’s focus on movie stars is more focused on gossip, and for athletes, it is focused on reports of achievements and events, so it is safer to use athletes to endorse.
    In addition to signing sports stars as their spokespersons, many watch brands have also cooperated with them to launch limited edition watches, such as Hublot and the world’s first trapeze, Usain-Bolt, to launch a limited edition of the ‘King of Supreme Usain. Bolt’ For the time being, aside many of the ‘Flying Man’ elements of this watch, the material of the strap is particularly original and significant-from Usain. Bolt wore when he broke the world record at the 2008 Beijing Olympics Boots. Another Swiss watch brand, Morris Watch, has also collaborated with its spokesperson Sebastian Loeb to launch two limited edition watches in the Morpheus racing series this year. Sebastian Loeb is personally involved in the design and production of the Loeb limited edition, and is enthusiastically involved in the implementation of every detail.
  Today, our lives are full of all aspects-the more we are surrounded by material, the more we will be touched by non-material emotions. Movement is this kind of national sentiment across national borders, regardless of class. It conveys a positive and healthy attitude towards life and a spirit of bravery and tenacity. It is precisely because of these factors that the watches endorsed by sports stars have more reasons for us to buy. Trend eight: professionalization of sports watch movements
    The traditional sports watch gives the impression that it is nothing more than waterproof, dustproof, anti-fall and anti-wear. It seems that as long as the muscles are sufficient, it does not matter what kind of movement is installed. However, if you observe carefully, it is not difficult to find that the quality of the mechanical watch movement is now making a three-step leap: from the early quartz movement to the mechanical movement that is now almost a ‘water’; from the past rough Level, the parts seen through the sapphire caseback have been polished and modified; there are even many brands that have developed movements dedicated to sports watches, with functions ranging from the most basic three-hand calendar to timekeeping and time. Then there are tourbillons and three questions. It can be said that the specialization of sports watch movements has not only increased the consumer satisfaction index, but also stimulated the purchase desire of high-end consumers.
    If you pay careful attention, it is not difficult to find that many brands have invariably incorporated better movements into this year’s new sports watches. Just like the Omega Seahorse series Ocean Universe Chronograph, it is the latest 9301 coaxial chronograph movement, which is also the first chronograph movement among its own coaxial movements.
    The Breitling Aviation Chronograph Astronaut Watch also launched a new model this year after being discontinued for two years, and is equipped with the latest Breitling self-produced 02 movement. Although some people criticize the flight watch as not being a real sports watch, because it is mostly waterproof. It is also difficult to withstand collisions during sports, but compared with a formal three-hand watch or an almanac, who can not be classified as a sports model?
    The Patek Philippe Nautilus series also launched a stainless steel version 5726 this year. This is also the first time to use the calendar function in this series, which shows the importance PP attaches to sports watches. Ultra-thin Altiplano watches have always been Piaget’s best-selling models. The development of the movement to complement this series of watches is also one of Piaget’s priorities. But in addition to this overseas watch, Piaget is also focusing on creating polo watches and developing special movements for them. It can be seen that sports trends occupy an important position in each brand. Trend Nine: Sports style for women’s watches
    Tracing the fate of women and watches has always been traceable. At first, it was precisely because of the needs of women’s accessories that the birth of watches was born. Therefore, gorgeous and fashionable jewelry watches have always been the beauty of women’s watches in people’s impression. However, with the continuous expansion of women’s display space, women’s watch requirements are not under the diversity of men’s needs. In addition to gorgeous jewelry watches and intellectual formal watches, sports watches with full personality can better show the urban women’s Sun and vitality. Especially in the context of sports for all, watchmakers are not only thinking about the innovations and breakthroughs of men’s sports watches, but also dare not slack off in the innovation of women’s sports watches. From the Geneva International High-level Watch Salon in 2012 And the Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair, ladies’ sports watch market, you can watch it.
    The number of women’s sports watches launched this year has increased in number and style. At the same time, the design and craftsmanship also show the meticulousness and intentions of watchmakers. New materials such as ceramics and rubber have been widely used, especially ceramics, rubber, stainless steel, diamonds, gems, and other materials. On the one hand, they show sporty vitality, and on the other hand, they are unwilling to feminine elegance and fashion. In terms of function, although the ladies’ sports watch has a gorgeous outerwear, the professional performance has not been compromised, whether it is diving or timing, it is more professional. It can be seen that the ladies’ sports watches for the female consumer group have formed a unique style in the entire watch family, and found a new balance between men and women, sports and fashion.
    Every woman who loves life and sports needs more than just a sports watch. This is a foreseeable situation. Since the first women and women in the Olympic Games appeared on the arena and the voice of women also wanted to exercise, the female group can no longer be rejected outside the stadium. Therefore, we can say that women are at the top, women’s sports are at the top, and women’s sports watches are also at the top. Trend ten: luxury style of sports watches
   If you want to find one of the most unrelated to sports from the development trend of sports watches, it is the ‘luxury style’. It is more dominated by fashion trends rather than sports itself. I remember that two decades ago, the money for a high-end suit was enough to buy hundreds of ‘T-shirts’, but now the price of the two has reached a point that is completely disproportionate to the process. The phenomenon of upside down prices of casual leather shoes and formal leather shoes abounds, indicating that sports and leisure are the mainstream of today. In this case, it is not surprising that the overall grade of sports watches has risen all the way, and more and more watches with diamonds and complex movements have appeared.
    For domestic watch enthusiasts, sports and leisure always give people a feeling of being far away, seemingly incompatible with ‘luxury’. Especially for collectors who spend hundreds of thousands and millions to buy complex watches, even tens of thousands of sports watches, even if they are made with personality and quality, they have no reason to ‘degrade.’ . And the luxury of sports watches can meet the special needs of this part of consumers-personalized appearance plus complex functions and bright gems, there is no so-called low-key one is to create the most top-level consumer experience, so that customers Can’t bear the desire to look away from the dial an inch. At the same time, as a luxury product, getting better and better, more and more sophisticated, and more and more expensive also conforms to the law of its own development. Otherwise, how can it impress the Chinese people who want to become rich?

Complicated Functions Beauty Scheming Chanel & Bvlgari

Tourbillon on women’s watches is a big thing. Of course, it is difficult to make. This is undoubted, but high-level complex functions have always been the world of men’s watches. Today, women’s watches have to be made. It is bound to involve structural strategies. But since we are talking about women’s watches, maybe we can also temporarily relax our men’s political heads and simply appreciate the beauty of these models, because no matter what abacus you play behind, as long as it is a women’s watch, this is gone. Just talk about nothing.

CHANEL Premiere Flying Tourbillon

Chanel’s high-level complication table is not much at first, this tourbillon is their first flying tourbillon, but it is quite surprising that it is actually the first flying tourbillon of APRP.

CHANEL’s actions in complex functions in recent years have been much more active than in the past. The mysterious retrograde watch of J12 in 2010 and the camellia tourbillon of Premiere in 2012 are both annual models of the year; the display of the mysterious retrograde watch The method is very special, it is taken for granted to cause the topic, although it is a Camellia Tourbillon, although it is a flying tourbillon, but in the final analysis it is just a flying tourbillon. The ecology of the year will say so for its reason), but it has also caused quite a lot of discussion in the industry. The middle reason is actually worth discussing.

Chanel has maintained a cooperative relationship with APRP for a long time. The 3125 movement specially modified for Chanel and the mysterious retrograde watch not long ago are the results of two cooperations. This flying tourbillon is also specially designed by APRP for Chanel. of. Chanel’s high-level complication table was not much at first. This tourbillon is their first flying tourbillon. However, when I read the information, I found that it was actually the first flying tourbillon of APRP. Even Giulio Papi himself was against flying tourbillons. The reason for opposing flying tourbillons is that the accuracy of the front bridge tourbillon is difficult to request without the front table; Chanel’s expected accuracy here is a day difference of -2 to +8 seconds (in fact, it is already high), but Papi they hope to reach 0 ~ + 4 seconds, which has even exceeded the observatory certification. It is no wonder that they will retain the upper watch bridge with the tourbillon removed. Only this time at the request of Chanel, Papi finally decided To ‘overcome the fear of flying the tourbillon’.

Having said that, it is really good to say what special technology APRP uses in this, there are a few important ones: First, the ball bearing is fixed between the tourbillon frame and the base, on the one hand, the flying tourbillon The structural strength of the flywheel is relatively weak, and the ball bearing can increase its strength. On the other hand, this tourbillon device is quite large and requires more torque to drive. Due to the size of the watch itself, the barrel is not The method is too big, so they can only find a way to make the tourbillon with a smaller friction coefficient and higher rotation efficiency, and ball bearings are their solution.

迁 In order to adapt to the size of the barrel, they also reduced the frequency of the balance to 21,600vph, but this will sacrifice the accuracy of Papi Nitzi, so they increased the mass inertia of the balance to 11.5mg … cm2, try to make the performance of the movement meet their required level. Strictly speaking, the technology adopted by APRP here is not too rare, but the finished product and the aesthetics (especially the aesthetics) of the finished product are quite high, and I think this is also this type without reading information and no special The main reason for the agency to get unanimous praise.

CHANEL Premiere Flying Tourbillon

18K white gold material / Manual winding movement / Hour and minute display / Tourbillon device / Body and buckle with 228 diamonds, about 7.7 carats / Silk satin strap, Folding buckle / Sapphire crystal, Screw-down bottom Cover / Reference price: NT $ 7,398,000

陀 Camellia-shaped tourbillon device

The entire tourbillon device is extremely complicated, and a small flower-shaped cover plate is stacked on the flower-shaped outer frame; the original lightweight should be a major issue for such a device, but it only uses a lighter cover plate. Of nickel, the other frames are still steel.

钻 钻 Full diamond case

The case is full of diamonds, but there is no exaggeration. The steps on the side of the Premiere series are set with two round diamonds and square diamonds. The front and side of the crown are also two different diamonds.

Tape with folding buckle

The watch uses a silk belt with a folding buckle, and a diamond is set on the buckle. There are many models with this price and a crocodile belt. This can also be optional. Incidentally, the dial of the watch is made of high-tech precision ceramics.

BVLGARI Il Giardino Tropicale Di

Bvlgari’s past women’s watch product line is either a basic model at a low price or a highly decorative jewellery watch. It emphasizes that watchmaking technology products are almost as good as this. The introduction of this tourbillon may be a reminder of the next Bulgari. The women’s watch strategy will have new developments.

We mentioned here before that BVLGARI in 2013 was the most exciting year since DR & GG was incorporated into the brand in 2010. Individual watches are certainly promising, and more importantly, the overall planning begins. It has appeared, especially the part of the female watch that shows unprecedented ambitions, such as this enamel painted tourbillon to be introduced this time, making people start looking forward to the next step of Bulgari.

This enamel-painted tourbillon is unique in many ways. First of all, it is a rare high-order complication female watch for Bulgari. According to official sources, this is the first high-order complication female watch for Bulgari. According to the author’s personal memory, I can’t think of the second one; Bulgari’s past women’s watch product line is basically sold as jewelry, not the basic models of low and medium price or highly decorative jewelry watches It is emphasized that watchmaking technology products are almost the same, let alone complicated functions. The introduction of this tourbillon may be a reminder that the Bulgari women’s watch strategy will have new developments.

The automatic tourbillon movement BVL 263 on the watch basically belongs to the Gerald Genta system in the past, but Bvlgari also has a long history of using GG movements. During this period, the movement itself also experienced many evolutions. Compared with recent products, this movement should be closest to the BVL 465 equipped with the 2009 Sotirio tourbillon perpetual calendar; of course, 465 also has a retrograde perpetual calendar mechanism, but aside from this, the automatic tourbillon part It is exactly the same. There are several obvious changes. One is that it removed the original tourbillon bridge from the front and replaced it with a transparent sapphire crystal to fix the entire device from the front to make it look like a flying tourbillon. The strength is weakened, so the back bridge is slightly thickened as a reinforcement. In addition, the decoration of the splint is much more refined than before, especially the part of the automatic plate. The round hole dug in the middle allows it to expose the tourbillon when it is placed below. It is indeed a very careful design.

On the other hand, enamel painting is also a new attempt for Bulgari; surprisingly, Bulgari has not produced any enamel painting watches, which makes this one unique in its overall positioning. The model is basically filled with colored enamel, but the interposition of diamonds is very flexible, which changes the entire faceplate; some of the techniques of painting are also quite bright, and the depth of the color between adjacent color blocks is very rich. The theme of the painting is a parrot, which is also one of the Bulgari Icons. The entire picture (even the color of the strap) is reminiscent of the print ads of their home in the past two years (especially the one by Julian Moore). Series), the aesthetic taste is quite good, even if the watch itself is a masterpiece in the recent complicated female watches.

V BVLGARI Il Giardino Tropicale Di

18K rose gold material / BVL 263 self-winding movement / hour and minute display / tourbillon device / crocodile leather strap, general buckle / sapphire crystal, screw-in transparent bottom cover

Women’s watch tourbillon
The size of this tourbillon is actually not large. The previous models introduced only a small circle on the dial, but because this is a female watch, the diameter of the watch is only 37mm, so the tourbillon has a lot of weight on the surface.

Clever painting

The parrot, flowers and leaves are an independent frame, which are separated from the white background below. Most of the patterns on the frame are filled with enamel. Among them are the parts of the parrot feathers. The shades in the same color are very dark. Pretty.

Point colored gems

In addition to the diamonds on the face plate, colored gemstones are still a major focus of Bulgari. The crown of the model is set with a large red tourmaline, which has become another highlight of the model; in addition, the claw shape of the crown The base itself is also beautiful.