2017 Worth Looking Forward To Mido Watch

It’s March days and everything is recovering. It’s often said that ‘the year’s plan lies in spring’. Have you planned your small goals in 2017? Some people want to buy a house, some people want to take off the bill, and I want to own a watch. In the few really good accessories, only a few items can always accompany you. You will say bracelets and rings. Of course, for girls, necklaces and earrings are indispensable and rich in content. The mechanical watch is the ‘little lover’ on the wrist of a man and the ‘boyfriend’ on the wrist of a girl. So, what watches can you look forward to in 2017, and what kind of answer will Mido give?
Life is never monochrome
   Among the various men and women, in the busy streets and lanes, different paces intertwine the rhythm of life. People are working hard and discovering the wonderfulness of it. Some people rejoice, some are sad, some are enthusiastic, and some are as cold as ice. You see, life is never monochrome. At the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show 2017, Mido will launch a new Belem Sairee Collection series of ultra-thin couples in rose gold and gold, with double tones, emphasizing quality, and also echoing the attitude of urban life.

Mido Belem Celli M027.407.22.010.00 watch


Watch price: New product not priced
Watch diameter: 39 mm
Watch thickness: — —
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel PVD rose gold plated gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: In 2016, the Mido Berencelli collection ushered in its 40th anniversary celebration. The brand launched the Berencelli Collection series with homage to the classic design, which was a great success. The new Belem Série Collection rose gold and gold ultra-thin watch continues the design essence of last year’s model, inspired by Milan’s neoclassical architecture Emmanuel II Arcade, and added PVD rose gold plated / The stainless steel bracelet design and pure and smooth lines give the watch a natural and wonderful time charm.
Mido Berencelli Collection M027. Watch

Watch price: New product not priced
Watch diameter: 33 mm
Watch thickness: — —
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel PVD rose gold plated gold
Water resistance: 30 meters
Details of the watch: The magnificent double tone is a solid color model of the Belem Sairee Collection series that was not steel or gold in the past, adding a worthy choice. It has the low-key nature of stainless steel, and the warmth and luxury of rose gold. It is also presented in the form of couples’ watches. Men’s and women’s watches are harmoniously matched to create a unique wrist style. The “6” position of the dial engraved the “Baroncelli Heritage” logo of the Berencelli Collection, with a built-in 1192 fully automatic mechanical movement. A lot of outstanding details will undoubtedly make the Berencelli Collection rose gold in ultra-thin. Couples watch, become the Mido watch worth looking forward to this year.
Women’s watches are different

   The reason why a female watch is a female watch is not just that the size is more friendly to women. The most important thing is for women to see the beauty they want. Mido’s forthcoming new work-Belem Selich’s long kinetic energy mother-of-pearl real diamond ladies watch-is doing its best to show the elegance of women. For women, letting her make up her mind to buy a single item she likes must be that it has a special appeal that makes her see the beauty. The master of Mido watchmaking cleverly crafted 25 white mother-of-pearl in the center of the dial, showing a three-dimensional checkered pattern. Around it, Mido has carefully selected 51 dazzling diamonds arranged in an oval shape.
Mido Berencelli M007. watch

Watch price: New product not priced
Watch diameter: 33 mm
Watch thickness: — —
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Details of the watch: This dial is not randomly selected. The Belem Selich long kinetic pearl mother-of-pearl real diamond watch is inspired by the Rennes Opera House. Classical architecture gives the watch a permanent artistic value. The watch incorporates the Caliber 80 fully automatic mechanical movement, which provides up to 80 hours of kinetic energy storage. The beautiful appearance combines practical performance, and obviously, she is different.
Summary: What kind of watch is your ideal choice? Exquisite, cost-effective, stylish and individual? I think the upcoming Mido Berencelli series will meet your needs. Are you ready to meet your ‘lover’ on your wrist?

Swiss Radar Brand Spokesperson Andy Murray Interview

Radar HyperChrome series watch launch conference (second from left: Mr. Wan Zhifei, vice president of Radar China); second from right: Andy Murray, global brand spokesperson; right: Matthias, global president of the brand -Breschan Interview with Andy Murray
1. What brought you and RADO together and what motivated you to agree to become RADO global brand ambassador?
What is the opportunity for you to come together with the radar table and become the global brand spokesperson for R radar table?
     Radar and tennis are actually very related. The brand has sponsored many well-known tennis events long ago. I have participated in many of these events. Because the radar has always been concerned about and involved in tennis, they know the sport very well, and understand the hard work and hardships of tennis players. I feel very happy to be supported by such a group of people who are passionate about tennis. My cooperation with RADO started after the French Open this year. After the cooperation began, I won the gold medal in the Olympic men’s singles and the first place in the US Open, so it can really be said that the radar table brought me good luck!
2. What kind / style of watch do you prefer for daily wear? How do you select the watches to match your attire for different occasions?
What type of watch do you prefer in your daily life? Which watch would you choose to suit the dress requirements of different occasions?
     Sports are basically my daily style. So I would like to wear a watch that can match sports style, and it must be very comfortable and light. It seems that the Radar brands / partner-brands / rado watch HyperChrome series watches that I wear now meet all my needs!
3. Generally, how you deal with the challenges brought by unpredictable competition and intensely aggressive rivals?
How do you usually deal with the challenges of fast-changing playing fields and strong opponents?
     The men’s tennis are as good as clouds, and the competition is very fierce. Each of my opponents is very strong and has its own characteristics. I think to win, we must constantly challenge and break through ourselves, and constantly improve our technology. Only by constantly improving your ability can you not be surpassed by others. For the past four years, I have been ranked fourth in the world. Then I have been working hard to improve my world ranking. Although it took a long time, I finally succeeded because of persistence! So I think that continuous improvement is the most important thing to keep in mind.
4. As an Olympic Champion and U.S Open Champion, do you value them differently?
As the Olympic tennis men’s singles champion and the US Open men’s singles winner, how do these two trophies mean anything to you?
     Both trophies are meaningful, but the angles are different. For tennis, winning a Grand Slam is more important than an Olympic gold medal. However, the Olympic Games has its own special significance. It is a major event in the world sports world and the world as a whole, and this year it is held in London, which is even more significant. So these two trophies are equally important and have different meanings: one is a big event in the tennis world, and the other is the pinnacle of the sports world.
5. What’s your impression of Shanghai? What do you think of your fans in Shanghai?
What’s your impression of Shanghai? What impressions did Shanghai fans leave on you?
     I like Shanghai very much. This year is my fifth year in Shanghai to participate in the competition. I like the playing field in Shanghai. The playing field is beautiful. The city itself is also charming and gracious. There are delicious restaurants, hotels are very comfortable, and I feel comfortable every time I come to Shanghai. I’m glad to be back in this city again.

Revisit The Classic Six Famous Glashütte Original Watch Recommendations

The tradition of Glashütte’s watchmaking technology has always been to develop its own movement, and this is an absolute advantage in the currently highly competitive watchmaking industry. Glashütte As early as 1845, the famous watchmaker Alange established a watch production base in the town of Glashütte in eastern Germany, funded by the German government. However, after two world wars, Glashütte’s watch manufacturing industry was suddenly cut off from the world. Until recently, Glashütte’s company has undergone reorganization before fighting. Today I will recommend several classic Glashütte watches.

Glashütte PanoMaticlunar Series 90-02-02-02-04 Belt Watch

Watch Series: PanoClassic
Movement Type: Automatic
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: crocodile leather
Table diameter: 39.4 mm
Hong Kong quote: HK $ 95,000
Watch details:
Comment: The design of the watch deviates from the central dial, which is the entry model in this series, with simple and simple characteristics. And with hours, minutes, seconds, date display, moon phase profit and loss and 42-hour power reserve, stainless steel case with black alligator leather strap, both beautiful and elegant and practical value. A half-moon-shaped moon phase display device at 2 o’clock and a large date display window composed of two independent face plates at 4 o’clock. The dial and the second hand overlap each other. Gold sleeves, blue steel screws, triangular studs, compensating screw balances, plates, and traditional components such as Glashütte’s unique escapement wheel splint make this watch perfect and of excellent quality.

Glashütte SenatorMeissen 100-10-01-01-04 watch

Watch Series: Senator
Movement Type: Automatic
Gender: Men
Case material: 18K rose gold
Strap material: crocodile leather
Table diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: 188,000
Watch details:
Comment: The MEISSEN enamel watch uses a Cal. 100-11 self-winding movement with a power reserve of up to 55 hours. The hand-painted double sword blue trademark is a perfect combination of Glashütte and Mason. Colored enamel ceramic dial, 18K rose gold case with black crocodile leather strap, the watch is elegant and elegant. Only people with real connotation can control it.

Glashütte PanoClassic 93-01-03-03-04 watch

Watch Series: PanoClassic
Movement Type: Automatic
Gender: Men
Case material: 950 white gold
Strap material: crocodile leather
Watch details:
Comment: This watch uses the newly created Cal.93 automatic movement, made of 950 white gold, with hours, minutes, date, tourbillon second hand display and 48-hour power reserve. The main design inspiration is inherited from Gera The flying tourbillon craftsmanship made by the master watchmaker Alfred Helwig of Suti differs from the ordinary watch in that the tourbillon device is located at 7 o’clock, with a one-minute tourbillon performance, and the big date window at 3 o’clock. The dial adopts an asymmetrical design that is off-center, with blue steel hands, and the internal delicate carvings are in sharp contrast with the 950 platinum hand-engraved buttonline dial.

Glashütte SENATORCHRONOMETER 58-01-01-01-04 watch

Watch Series: Senator
Movement type: manual mechanical
Case material: 18K rose gold
Strap material: crocodile leather
Table diameter: 42 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 252,000
Watch details:
Comment: The self-winding Cal. 90-02 self-winding movement produced by Glashütte is used, and the eccentric dial is used, that is, the design that the hours, minutes, and seconds are separated on the dial is spatially separated. It has always been Glashutte. Watchmaking has a long tradition. This method of displaying time was previously used on timing tools. In the display of time, the accuracy of the minutes and seconds is much more important than the hours.

Glashütte PanoinverseXL 66-04-04-02-05 watch

Watch Series: PanoXL42mmCollection
Movement type: manual mechanical
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: crocodile leather
Domestic public price: ¥ 115,500
Watch details: glashutte / 5692 /
Comment: Double gooseneck-type fine-tuning structure, eccentric movement design, highlighting the mechanical rhythm, transparent ruby, blue steel screw movement, exquisite but not exquisite, delicate ripple polished plywood is 18K white gold case, elegant and luxurious.

Summary: To produce the most precise and practical timepieces is the common goal of all watchmakers in Glashütte, so their focus is not on making complex timepieces, but on developing precision and durable timepieces. They strive to improve the errors of the timepieces they produce. Rate, and this principle is still adhered to by the Glashütte watch industry.

Shocking Aesthetics Picture Of Roger Dubuis Excalibur 42 Automatic Platinum Watch Skp Limited Edition

Bold lines, unique character and eye-catching design are a feast of watches presented by the Swiss high-end watch brand Roger Dubuis Excalibur King Series, which is intoxicated by the domineering and shock of the brand ‘King series’ Among the aesthetics of timepieces. With a bold approach to watchmaking, Roger Dubuis and Beijing SKP have teamed up to create a limited edition of Roger Dubuis EXCALIBUR 42 automatic platinum watch SKP, limited to 8 pieces worldwide.

   The 42mm 18K white gold case is exquisite and cool, complementing the exclusive groove design bezel of the Excalibur King series. After careful treatment by the brand, it shows a delicate and full texture, which is very beautiful.

   The crown ‘groove’ is exactly the same as the design of the bezel, which not only improves the overall aesthetics of the watch, but also makes the operation smooth and easy. The crown is engraved with the Roger Dubuis logo, showing the brand’s exclusive style.

   Roger Dubuis Excalibur’s unique series of radial Roman numerals, carefully inlaid with hollow light gray frames, in addition to its classic and elegant charm, it also gives a sense of freedom, publicity and uninhibited. The hour and minute two-hand design makes the black dial more simple and fashionable, which is highly recognizable by the brand King series dial. The watch also has the Geneva mark, which guarantees the precise movement and excellent quality of the watch.

   Equipped with Roger Dubuis’ RD622 self-winding movement, with a swing of 4 Hz and a power reserve of 52 hours. Through the sapphire glass back cover, you can see the splint and the brand-made pearl tortoise, which is full of ornamental. The SKP logo is engraved on the movement’s splint. In addition, the 18K white gold case back is also engraved with the X / 8 limited number, showing the nobility and uniqueness of the watch.

   Fully textured black alligator leather strap, mature and generous. Equipped with 18K white gold folding clasp and brand logo engraved on the outside, showing the exclusive style of the brand watch.

   Roger Dubuis EXCALIBUR 42 self-winding platinum watch SKP limited edition reloaded, continued to write the legend of the Excalibur King series. Its shocking aesthetics and eye-catching design appearance are extremely creative. Equipped with the movement engraved with the Geneva mark, the brand’s self-produced movement guarantees the demand for high-end wristwatches with superior accuracy.

Focus On The Forefront Of Parmigiani’s Booth In Geneva 2013

The 23rd Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH for short) will be held in Geneva from January 21st to 25th, which will also become the major event of high-end watches in 2013 First stop. The watch watch home will send a special editor to Geneva to bring you the most cutting-edge and most intuitive brand show.

The main entrance of the Parmigiani Pavilion

There are still many people in the Parmigiani Pavilion, mainly foreign media and workers.

Talking compatriots are sitting in the corner of the Parmigiani Pavilion.

One of Parmigiani’s new highlights this year.

One of Parmigiani’s new highlights this year.

One of Parmigiani’s new highlights this year.

One of Parmigiani’s new highlights this year.

One of Parmigiani’s new highlights this year.

Nice staff by Parmigiani.

   During the SIHH period, netizens can fully understand all the information of the Parmigiani booth through this link. The watch home will present a rolling update mode supplemented by pictures as the main text. Please pay attention to it. (Picture, text / watch home Mao Zhuang Yang Fan)

Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2013:

Copyright statement: This article is the exclusive original manuscript of the watch house, the copyright belongs to the watch house. Reproduction and quotation in all forms is prohibited, otherwise legal liability will be investigated.

Natural And Elegant Grand Seiko Launches Two New Elegance Women’s Watches

GrandSeiko (Crown Blue Lion) Ms. Mechanical series is constantly expanding. The new Caliber9S27 movement has a slim profile and powerful performance, which provides the possibility to create new designs.


   Both new watches in this collection are in a distinctive GrandSeiko style. Created in 1967, the 62GS watch features a bezel-free structure, sharp-angled hands and a highly polished surface. The design of the new watch follows tradition, combining the unique look of this GrandSeiko’s groundbreaking work with a fresh, feminine and feminine atmosphere.

   Both new watches belong to the Elegance collection and will be available in all GrandSeiko boutiques, select Seiko boutiques, and other retail partners worldwide from October.

Soft and charming arc

   The exquisite new case has long and smooth lines and a smooth and round surface, which makes the watch appear curved and organic, as if carved out of nature. The ring-free case and arched sapphire crystal create a supple arc that perfectly fits the wrist.

Case with diamonds and polishing

   From the side, the improvement of the case is the most obvious. The diamonds are perfectly aligned and set on a hand-finished Zaratsu, flawless surface. Although the edge of the case is soft to the touch, it has a sharp look and is full of brilliance, which complements the sparkling diamonds on both sides.

Elegant dial design (STGK011)

   The dial design reflects Japanese craftsmanship. The dial is decorated with snowflake texture, and two pairs of diamonds are set at 12 o’clock. The leaf-shaped hour-markers and cone-shaped hour and minute hands are polished to ensure beautiful and easy to read.

Silver dial with soft gloss and translucent texture

   This is an exquisite and beautiful color scheme, suitable for all clothing and occasions. The dial is decorated with fine textures, exuding subtle light and elegant femininity.

Dial showing Japanese craftsmanship (STGK013)

   The mother-of-pearl dial is dark purple, a color that has been a status symbol since ancient Japan. The unique texture and deep color make the dial infinitely changeable; every time you watch, you can get a new experience.

Caliber9S27 movement

   The GrandSeikoCaliber 9S27 self-winding movement achieves a delicate balance between high performance and slim profile, which is a real achievement for true manufacturers. The diameter and thickness of the movement are only 19.4 mm and 4.49 mm, respectively, but it can maintain the error between +8 seconds / day to -3 seconds / day, and can provide up to 50 hours of power reserve. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Shanghai ‘little’ Women Who Like To Wear Big Watches Have Something Different This Time

Some time ago, I heard that the TV drama ‘Beijing Canton’ was released in great enthusiasm. I feel that Zhu Yawen, who is stubborn and angry, and Ma Yi, who is a splendid little tiger tooth, should be very interesting, and then I will try it out. Looked at the mentality, although the plot is not as solid as Ma Yizhen’s previous TV series, but the win is easy. Ma Yizhen is one of the few actors I personally like. I first knew that she was in the TV series ‘Struggle’. It is also from this drama that several names such as Tong Dawei, Article, Ma Yizhen, Li Xiaolu, and Wang Luodan have been left deep. impression. Although Ma Yi has performed a lot of film and television works, but I like her urban life works best, I feel that this should also be the most suitable for her. This ‘small’ woman in Shanghai always uses witty and interesting methods under the topic of big society. ‘Depressurize’ peers who are under the ‘hot waters’ of the ‘wave’.

‘Shanghai Kitahiro Can’t Believe in Tears’ Promotional Photo

   Of course, one more thing that surprised me is that she is also very active in charity. In 2003, Ma Yijun joined the China Bone Marrow Bank as the ‘Chinese Ambassador of Love’; in 2009, she was awarded the ‘China International Green Person of the Year’; in 2011, she took a public welfare photo, calling for attention to children with leukemia, and at the same time said ‘free lunch’ ‘Craft project; the most recent one was that on October 22 this year,’ UNICEF ‘appointed Ma Yizhen as China’s ambassador. There are many other things. Although she is not a big name in the charity world, but among the many stars, she is considered to be doing well. This is another aspect of my appreciation of her.

Mayi during the struggle

    The ‘Struggle’ in 2007 was just a generation when the post-80s generation stepped into society and became active. The post-80s generation was a very interesting topic group at that time and today. For the indulgence of love and hatred, obedience and rebellion, youth is so beautiful, but destiny mocks naked dreams relentlessly. It was also in this drama that I noticed this ‘tiger tooth girl’ Ma Yizheng who can smile so brightly. The subsequent ‘Marriage Defense’, ‘Adolescence Hits Menopause’, ‘Twin City Life’, etc., are all dramas after she married the article in 2008, and more of them were ‘struggles’ after 80s to form a family. Afterwards joy and sorrow. Of course, in the context of the society at the time, buying a house was a ‘hard indicator’ of marriage. I was embarrassed to see my mother-in-law without a house. Of course, there were relationships between mother-in-law, emotional crisis, and heterosexuality. These are all emerging in the new era. Coming question. These dramas have made Ma Yizhen more and more clear in public impressions, and she also understands what she wants to express. So that when she was in a hurry to marry last year, public opinion soon calmed down (apart from malicious public opinion), except for ‘obedience’ and some ‘aggressiveness’.

Still from Kitakamihiro

   The name of ‘Beijing Canton’ is very nice, and it is also a hot topic in today’s society. When the public mentality and public opinion are all under the sway of ‘escaping from Beijing, Canton’, this drama has given the inspirational struggle story against the trend. What’s even more interesting is that a new ‘battle situation’ has been added to the play to hide marriage for hard work. Although the whole drama is very different from the previous work starring Yiyi Ma, her role in the past is in a large environment of a small family and a relatively narrow relationship, and this time the relationship is obviously more complicated, but fortunately The thing is, Mayi is still that Mayi.

About 5 years ago

   Although Ma Yizhen is a typical southern ‘little’ girl, she is born with natural grace and subtlety in her bones, but her actual character will also have a bright side of the northerners. I don’t know if Ma Yizhen is a big watch fan, but she always wears a watch. Outside of the drama, we often see her wearing a watch. Many people must say, ‘It’s not unusual, there are more people wearing watches on TV.’ This is also true, but Ma Yizheng has a very obvious feature before wearing watches, that is, she loves to wear big watches, whether it is To participate in the event or go to the show, most of the watches she wears are ‘big’ watches, and the Internet has consistently teased ‘wearing big watches’. I joked that she wore big watches to show her hands. Ma Yixun has brought many watches, but not many watch brand activities. In 2009, Ma Yixun participated in the opening of the Omega Beijing flagship store. At that time, Omega released a new 160th anniversary constellation series watch, although this watch is very close to Ma Yixuan. , But it does not match her personality, according to habits, the constellation is a bit smaller for her.

Ma Yizheng at the release of ‘Little Dad’ in 2013

   In 2013, Ma Yichen’s watch has become a lot ‘small’. At the time of the new drama ‘Little Dad’, which was directed by her and the article at the time, she had changed her style. The watch was not as big as it used to be, but relatively For most women’s watches, this dial is still eye-catching.

Still from Kitakamihiro

Still from Kitakamihiro

Frank Muller’s CASABLANCA watch is a blue dial in the play

   In the new drama ‘Beijing Canton’, she does not wear too many lenses, but in the few pictures that can be seen clearly, she can still tell at a glance that she is wearing a famous Swiss watchmaking Brand Frank Muller (Famous Mulan), this brand’s watch is very leapfrogging, with outstanding shape and color matching until function, make this brand extraordinary charm. It needs to be acknowledged that the high-level watchmaking series and models of Famulan are remarkable. However, its entry-level and low-end models are not as good as buying a Montblanc masterpiece inheriting the rose gold perpetual calendar. . In the play, Ma Yijun wore a ladies’ watch of the CASABLANCA series. Obviously, the size is not as exaggerated as in the past, but it is just right. And there is no news that Ma Yizhen and Famouran have commercial cooperation, so this is likely to be her own watch. From exaggerated large watches in the past, to slightly larger watches that are decent but without losing personality, to today’s exquisite and moderate watches, they have also witnessed Ma Yizhen’s growth from publicity to mature performing arts.

Chronoswiss Ruibao Watch, How About Ruibao Watch?

Friends who like German watches may know Ruibao watches. Ruibao is a watch brand in Munich, Germany, although not as famous as Lange, Glashütte Original, Nomos, and Zeppelin. But it is also a brand recommended by many watch friends in major watch forums. Let’s introduce it to you!

Chronoswiss brand introduction
   Chronoswiss watches are made by watchmaker G.R.Lang
Mr. was founded in Munich in 1983. Ruibao is a pure family business that still retains its brand independence. The Ruibao people behind the brand have a lot of accumulation, and in each watch they have poured their expertise and watchmaking passion. We pay attention to manual craftsmanship, such as century-old open fire enamel and dial engraving technology are inherited here.
   Ruibao is a rising star in the world’s high-end watch industry. It is compatible with the precision of Swiss traditional watchmaking technology and the rigorous national spirit of Germany. , Elegant sterling silver faceplate, magnificent and detailed coin-shaped bezel, signature onion-shaped crown, classic one-hand timing function, etc.

How about a Ruibao watch?
   The pursuit of excellence: Chronoswiss manufactures high-quality mechanical chronographs using only components from select Swiss suppliers. The chronographs have a veritable ‘Swiss Made’ title. Many models use special movements. Attention to detail and the pursuit of precision make Ruibao stand out.
   The real name: After the revolution in quartz watches, as the co-founder of the revival of mechanical watches, Ruibao was one of the few watch brands that continued to use mechanical movements. Ruibao’s watch is convincing with its clear design concept and exquisite appearance: the classic onion crown is unique. The patented stainless steel spin lock that tightly connects the lugs to the bracelet and the side knurled bezel are also two major features of the Swiss watch.
   Noble craftsmanship: engraving refers to sculpting and interlacing geometric shapes and patterns on metal. This extremely demanding process ranges from 16 to 18
In the century, it was only used in the handicrafts of European royalty and aristocracy. The ingenious watchmaker has developed a high-precision engraving and engraving machine that can be operated only by hand strength to decorate the dial and case.
   This kind of complicated and near-lost craft can be seen in the slightest effort, the delicate texture changes a lot, which greatly enriches the design creativity. The curved engraving and engraving machine used in the working room of Ruibao Dial requires watchmakers to operate with stable arms, and to draw exquisite classical and refined patterns on the case, dial or even the movement.

How much is a Ruibao watch?
   Ruibao is a rising star in the world’s high-end watch industry. The product uses the Swiss top ETA movement and Swiss Enicar and Marvin movements, and has been improved. The manufacturing process follows the traditional German watchmaking process and is the crystallization of the essence of Swiss and German watchmaking. Therefore, the price of watches is also more expensive, usually ranging from 10,000 to 300,000!
Ruibao watch brand concept
   Time is our most important asset and the source of life for watches. Chronoswiss has always exerted infinite creativity to create a unique watch for every watch enthusiast and collector with superb craftsmanship. Each Ruibao watch embodies the brand’s eager pursuit of precision machinery and aesthetics, which is perfect in terms of function and look and feel. It is as irreplaceable as time.
Ruibao watch series
Timemaster series


   Ruibao Watch official website: www.chronoswiss.com

Louis Vuitton Tambour Damier Cobalt Watch

Inspired by the famous Damier checkered canvas, Louis Vuitton launched the new Tambour Damier Cobalt watch series for the brand’s symbolic Tambour watch family. The Louis Vuitton V-shaped logo highlights the wearer’s heritage as a family member in the watch industry and brings precise value interpretations: sport, fashion and connectivity.

   Historic checkered 标识 eye-catching V logo

   As one of the most recognizable graphic designs in leather history, Damier plaid canvas is simple, vivid and masculine. Inspired by the watchmakers at La Fabrique du Temps in Louis Vuitton, the Cobalt Damier canvas pattern is faithfully reproduced on this chronograph dial.
   Gaston-Louis Vuitton’s beloved ‘V’ logo is the finishing touch on the dial and flange. The vertical and horizontal grid pattern inspires the artisans of La Fabrique du Temps in the fine watchmaking workshop of Louis Vuitton.
   Two designs complement each other


   One of the watches in the Tambour Damier Cobalt watch series is made of stainless steel, the dial is decorated with contrasting red and white patterns, and is further enhanced by the sky blue second hand. Eye-catching characters with rubber straps for true sporty content.
   The other watch is also made of stainless steel, and the case with a diameter of 46 mm fits naturally into the midnight blue PVD coating. With rose gold color, highlight the beauty of harmonious light and dark contrast.
   The sapphire crystal case back is engraved with a special edition ‘LV’ abbreviation letter, and the automatic movement inside can be seen at a glance. The new Tambour watches are equipped with interchangeable straps, powered by Louis Vuitton’s innovative patented system, and can be replaced without tools. Create a personal style for every occasion.
   Louis Vuitton Tambour Damier Cobalt

Stainless steel case
46 mm diameter
Dial with screen-printed ‘V’ and Damier plaid canvas pattern
Hollow-out fluorescent hour and second hands
Self-winding movement
Functions: date, hour, minute, second display and timing
Replaceable strap with Louis Vuitton patented system, original strap made of two-tone rubber
Water-resistant to 100 meters
   Louis Vuitton Tambour Damier Cobalt Blue & Gold Chronograph

Stainless steel case with blue PVD coating, rose gold buttons and lugs
46 mm diameter
Dial with screen-printed ‘V’ and Damier plaid canvas pattern
Hollow-out fluorescent hour and second hands
Automatic movement with transparent case back
Functions: date, hour, minute, second display and timing
Replaceable strap with patented Louis Vuitton system, original strap made of two-tone alligator leather
Water-resistant to 100 meters-

Romantic Teaser: Citizen Rose Gold Pair Watch

Citizen AS5044-59A & ES5044-50A, the dial and bracelet of the watch are all rose gold in stainless steel, and the classic design is full of elegance. Sapphire glass, wear-resistant and clearly shows the sweet moments. The simple white dial with rose gold hour markers, and the Roman numerals at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock highlight the elegant atmosphere of this couple watch.

In terms of functions, this pair of watches uses a light kinetic wave movement. Absorbs any visible light source and converts it into kinetic energy to drive the watch, eliminating the trouble of regularly replacing the battery, and effectively avoiding the environmental pollution caused by ordinary quartz batteries. In the current low-carbon lifestyle is increasingly popular, light kinetic technology makes love also It can keep up with the trend of ‘environmental protection’; and the use of radio wave technology enables this pair of watches to automatically receive signals and check the time, accurately recording the minutes, seconds and seconds that belong to love. In addition, intimate functions such as waterproofing 10 atmospheres, indication of low battery energy, prevention of overcharging, and display of received signal strength are also readily available. What’s more worth mentioning is that this pair of watches also has high-end and practical perpetual calendar function. Even if time passes, witnessing true love lasts forever, which is the meaning of time to love.