Baobo Shows Strong R & D Strength And Superb Craftsmanship

BLANCPAIN, the world’s oldest watch brand founded in 1735, once again demonstrated its strong R & D strength and exquisite craftsmanship. In the wave of chasing tourbillon in the watch altar, Bao platinum watch has always been The spirit of innovation, released the world’s first one-minute Carrousel movement. Caruso has the same performance as the tourbillon to offset the effect of gravity on the movement error, but the fundamental difference in the structure of the two makes Caruso a more complex and rare top technology. Blancpain’s ‘One Minute Flying Caruso’ wrote Carloso’s first title page in a one-minute rotation. The unprecedented flying structure also brought a visual shock different from the past. Its epoch-making innovation was also collected by the Beijing Palace Museum as the Forbidden City The first and only modern watch collection in the museum pushes the watchmaking craftsmanship to the national arts hall of cultural heritage.

   Also by fixing the escapement to the rotation of the frame to counteract the influence of gravity on travel accuracy, the altar has always had discussions and different views on the two top technologies of ‘tourbillon’ and ‘Caruso’, In particular, when the classic flying tourbillon of the Blancpain watch was first introduced in 1989, because of its eccentric design of the balance wheel, many people took the platinum platinum tourbillon, an innovative technology for achieving ultra-thin tourbillon movements. Carloso is mistaken for it. It is precisely for this reason that the ever-innovating Blancpain watch first created the “One-minute Flying Carrousel” in 2008, allowing the world to see the true difference between the tourbillon and Carrousel. On top of craftsmanship.
   At the Basel Watch Show, the annual event of the watch industry in 2008, Blancpain once again released the latest masterpiece in cooperation with Vincent Calabrese, a platinum watch flying Carrousel in one minute. Its innovative design shocked the watch industry, and also wrote many world first Records include the world’s first flying carussell, the world’s first one-minute carrousel, and the world’s first carrousel with a power reserve of 100 hours. Since then, Vincent Calabrese officially joined Blancpain watches and became an important member of the research and development department of Blancpain watches. In the future, Blancpain watches will have more amazing masterpieces of innovation.

   Blancpain’s latest one-minute flying Caluso movement Cal.225, an automatic movement consisting of 262 parts, with a 100-hour power reserve, is also Carloso’s best performance ever. The platinum watch incorporates the world’s first one-minute flying carrousel movement in a platinum case with a diameter of 43.5mm. The semi-hollow design on the face plate can reveal the delicate details of the wheel train, bridges and bridges in the movement. At 12 o’clock, you can see the amazing flying carrousel device in the window, and it also has a small second hand indicating performance. 100-hour power reserve indicator with needle-shaped fan-shaped needle ring at 6 o’clock. The power reserve status is displayed between the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ signs. At 9 o’clock, the arms are staggered to indicate the date. .

A great patented invention

   Caruso was originally invented by a Danish watchmaker Bahne Bonniksen in London in 1892. It is a rotatable frame structure to overcome the azimuth error of the watch. Originally, Bahne Bonniksen wanted to create a tourbillon It can also resist the influence of gravity, and the price is more acceptable. However, in fact, Carrousel’s more complicated watchmaking process structure has actually caused the opposite result, and has been ignored by watchmakers for a long time. And it is rarely re-developed by watch manufacturers. It took tens of minutes, or even hours, to rotate a carrousel in the early days. The revolutionary one-minute flying carrousel, which was developed by Blancpain, took only 60 seconds to make a revolution, which is a major breakthrough. The precious watchmaking workshops of Le Brassus in Blancpain watched the spirit of innovation and research and devoted great efforts to reproduce the Carrousel device in front of the world.

   In fact, Blancpain’s ‘One Minute Flying Carrousel’ is a new collaboration between Blancpain and watchmaker Vincent Calabrese. The cooperation between Blancpain and watchmaker Vincent Calabrese has spanned more than 20 years, starting from Cal.23, the world’s first 8-day power reserve flying tourbillon hand-wound caliber, in 1989. It is also the world’s first 8-day flying tourbillon self-winding movement Cal.25. This epoch-making classic masterpiece has written more than 5 world first records, including the world’s first flying tourbillon watch and the world’s first The tourbillon only travels by the minute, the world’s first 8-day power reserve tourbillon, the world’s first tourbillon using ball bearings, and the world’s thinnest tourbillon.
   What is the difference between ‘Caruso’ and ‘Tourbillon’? Carrousel (Carousel) originally meant ‘carousel’, just point out one of the most important differences between Carrousel and tourbillon. The four-wheeled car (the second hand wheel) in Carrousel’s rotating frame rotates with the entire frame, then Like a merry-go-round, quadruples in the tourbillon frame are fixed. Another big difference is the power transmission gear train. The tourbillon is only connected to the movement barrel by a single transmission gear train. If any of the mechanical structural links are disturbed, the tourbillon itself will stop rotating; Caruso is Two sets of transmission gear trains are connected to the barrel of the movement. The first set of gear trains provides the kinetic energy required for the escapement structure to operate. The other set of gear trains controls the speed of the carrousel frame. The two sets of gear trains support each other. To make Caruso more complex, the mechanical parts and structures required are more complex and diverse, and more stable.

   Baobo, which has always adhered to the spirit of the ‘A tradition of innovation’ brand, is the oldest watch brand in the world. Since its establishment in 1735, under the competition of many watch brands, insisting on the exquisite work of hand-decorating each watch is the main key of Baobo’s long-lasting establishment over 275 years.

Carrousel Volant Une Minute

   Blancpain added the first ‘One-minute Flying Carrousel’ to the Carrousel Volant Une Minute of the L-Evolution series. The board is made of sapphire crystal, allowing the Carrousel movement to fly in it, creating a strong visual effect. The front and back are also transparent sapphire crystals, and the movement of the movement suspended in the case can be viewed at 360 degrees.

It is equipped with Blancpain’s exclusive one-minute flying carrousel. When this extraordinary craft was first introduced in 2008, many technical aspects were unique in the world, making Carloso’s unique characteristics in the watchmaking difficult for other brands to copy.
   The L-Evolution Carrousel sapphire watch launched by Blancpain is completely contrary to the word complexity. It is equipped with Blancpain’s exclusive one-minute flying carrousel. When this extraordinary craft was first introduced in 2008, it not only made its way to the world in many levels (the world’s first one-minute flying caroline, the first caroline watch, or the The balance wheel in the case, and the longest power reserve of Caruso), its unique characteristics in the watch altar make it difficult for other brands to copy. It is worth looking forward to for global watch fans: Bao platinum has simplified this ultra-complex process comprehensively. It seems that any obstructive parts in the movement are screened out, allowing Caruso’s function to emit extreme light.

   Blancpain removes the splints and bridges that interfere with sight, greatly simplifying the appearance of the movement and highlighting the most important basic parts. The general practice will directly reduce the number of parts, keeping only a minimal amount of metal parts. The difficulty of this method is that the appearance of the movement is not simplified, but the reduction of metal parts allows the bridge and the splint to form a rivalry and a complex relationship, making the entire watch ‘intricate.’

   However, the best way to show the extreme craftsmanship of Carussell is to remove all splints and bridges. Make all unnecessary parts completely disappear. It’s simple, but the movement always needs ‘something’ to support and fix important parts. The answer lies in the sapphire splint. The standard splint and bridge of the movement are replaced by clear and transparent sapphires.

   This concept seems clear and understandable, but it is complicated and difficult to implement. Over the years, Blancpain has devoted itself to the innovative process, using sapphire as the material to replace the original splint and bridge of the movement, and developing new and revolutionary methods to ensure the high accuracy of perforation and hole trimming before further development. Movement. Although flying carrousel already exists (flying carrousel means that the rotating case is completely supported by the objects under the case, and there is no bridge plate on the upper layer), to develop a new movement, a new sapphire plywood and bridge plate must be created. In all respects, the platinum movement technology has once again created a new realm.

   In the end, the Carrousel movement seemed to float elegantly in the watch without any obstructions to the sight. The one-minute flight Carrousel’s configuration fully displays the watch’s spacious space. Surrounded by other important movement parts, including the barrel, transmission gear, and manual winding mechanism of the faucet instead of the traditional key winding mechanism. The sapphire splint, bridge and the sapphire case are closely fitted, and the perfect sculpting process is concentrated to the L-Evolution rose gold case with a diameter of 43.5mm. Through the transparent back case back, you can enjoy the beauty of the harmonious movement.

Swatch2016 ‘voice Of Freedom’ Series Help You Declare Freedom With Different Expressions

Everyone is a unique ‘limited edition’ in this world. Since it is said that he must be loyal to himself in this life, how can he hide his true personality and attitude from the invisible life? The true freedom lies in your heart, dare to express your unique personality, speak your true feelings and opinions, and dress your personality!

   Swatch’s autumn 2016 ‘Voice of Freedom’ series gets to your inner attitude, and uses different expressions to help you declare your belief in life of ‘freedom and unwillingness’!

‘Hip-Hop Rock School’

   ‘Hip-hop and rock are always artistic vehicles that express themselves and pursue freedom. Swatch sends two little British shorthair cats as the voice of freedom! [Hip-hop cool cat] with a baseball cap and sunglasses, stepping on hip- Hop’s hip-hop rhythm, shouting ‘Hey, what’s up!’, Give it a high-five, a rap and hip-hop improvisation! [Power Cat] is like drawing the iconic lightning of David Bowie, paying tribute to art rock, Express the voice of freedom in a gorgeous aria.

‘Fresh Literary Art’

   Unlike the straightforwardness of hip-hop rock, the expression of literary and fresh fans can be gentle. ‘Word game’ is the favorite trick of all literary fans! The classic red and white color matching, the clear-cut [Fanatic Endless] watch uses ‘4EVER’ to express friendship, and also uses ‘NEVER’ to mark its own boundaries. Never say no? Let it speak for you!

   In contrast, the classic black and white color scheme is more restrained, but the content of the expression can be implicit. No F-word! Words starting with “Fr”? Yes! This [Fritz] watch arranges and combines the emotional expressions that are not repeated seven days a week, “Fruits” or “Friends”, happy or angry, no ‘People’ will know your inner voice better than it!

Swatch ‘Voice of Freedom’ Series
Free and casual, want to stop!