Wang Lihong Visited Beijing Endorsement Seiko Table

The 130th anniversary of the professional watchmaking brand Seiko held a grand brand spokesperson conference in Beijing in late September, announcing that since 2011, international superstar Wang Lihong has acted as the spokesperson for Seiko watches in Asia. Endorsements will cross China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and other places. Wang Lihong personally endorsed the event in Beijing, China, and Mr. Shinji, President and CEO of Seiko, praised the cooperation between the two sides for ‘perfect match and complement each other’.

    Mr. Shinji Hattori, President and CEO of Seiko, said: ‘On the 130th anniversary of the establishment of Seiko brand, I am very happy that Mr. Wang Leehom has become a Seiko brand with multiple artistic identities, including singer, songwriter, actor, performer and director. The spokesperson. His multiple artistic talents, strengths and connotations coincide with the belief that Seiko is constantly moving forward in the field of professional watchmaking and is dedicated to the pursuit of perfection. It is believed that through the cooperation of both parties, the faith of each other will be more perfectly presented, and Seiko will be brought to one A whole new level. ‘

     Seiko, known as the king of oriental timepieces, and Mr. Leehom, the king of Asian pop music, worked together to be a classic confidante. Wang Lihong has been relentlessly committed to becoming a musician with rich content, personality and creativity, and is a well-known music talent in Asia. In the context of the Swiss watch industry, Seiko has created a watchmaking specialty different from Swiss style in the history of more than 100 years, and has a place in the world. The Chinese creative talent Wang Lihong, from his own talent and cultural literacy, made music that can cross national borders and shake people’s hearts, and has been recognized internationally. With similar characteristics, it is no wonder that Wang Leehom will become a spokesperson for Seiko.
    In order to perfectly present and promote the new watches of the Seiko Premier series, in January this year, Wang Leehom and famous Japanese directors and photographers shot new product promotional videos and print advertisements in Taipei. At the shooting scene, Wang Lihong releases his creative inspiration from time to time, and frequently conducts professional and in-depth discussions with directors and photographers to show the best picture. The cooperation between musical talents and Seiko, the pursuit of perfection and professionalism, is just like the consonants of the boy and the child in the endorsement song ‘Boya Juxian’. Wang Lihong wore the Premier series large chronograph watch that night. At 12 o’clock, there is a clear and conspicuous large double calendar window. The heavy dark dial with the three-dimensional cutting indexes and scales of the noble rose gold shows the three-dimensional of the ancient Greek temple Carved details, equipped with 1/5 seconds as the timing unit, can measure up to 60 minutes, sapphire crystal. It is a classic and practical fashion watch.

Langue Three-track Chronograph-fluo Hip Hop X2018sihh

Lange’s new masterpiece three-track chronograph. Many familiar models of high-end mechanical chronographs have the split second chronograph function, that is, the split-second chronograph can be achieved within 60 seconds; later, Lange carefully upgraded the split-second chronograph to double split chronograph That is, chasing seconds and chasing minutes, thus achieving the chase time within 30 minutes; this year, based on the double chase, the function of ‘chasing time’ was added to develop the triple split time. The ‘chasing time’ function is reflected in the 12 o’clock position of the dial, which is enough to achieve accurate timing of chasing time for up to 12 hours. Through the demonstration of the three-track chronograph function and the movement structure of the back of the case, you can fully appreciate the extremely delicate technology and workmanship of Lange.

Lange triple chronograph
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