Casio Oceanus Added New Flagship

Casio, which is dedicated to the research and development of original electronic technology, is equipped with innovative LSI technology in the watch, bringing historic breakthroughs in the global timekeeping field. It has been forward-looking creativity, innovative ideas, and leading for many years. The timepiece industry continues to break through.
CASIO OCEANUS, as the representative of Casio’s top technology, has always been the most advanced cutting-edge product in the Casio watch brand. OCEANUS originated from the name of the ancient god of the sea, like a star of aquamarine, elegant and mysterious. With its elegant and slim body, the watch has a very elegant design that is memorable. The latest season’s product OCW-S2400 is available in blue and rose gold. It is elegant in style, equipped with a new intelligent operating system, and has a slim body. It is a new flagship in the Poseidon series, creating an elegant gentleman and profound content for men. Quality image.
OCW-S2400 has elegant streamlined design, five motors independently driven and equipped with “pull” and “turn” electronic crown, which can simply set the world time, with both versatility and ease of operation. Smart Access’s new concept of ‘watch in watch’ is perfectly reflected in this watch. The two small dials in the dial, one represents the basic time, and the other small dial can realize the use of world time and countdown functions in the dial. Full-automatic calendar luminous function, 100 meters waterproof function makes this OCW-S2400 more reflect deep-sea inspiration, with solar power, 6 global radio wave receiving functions, tough movement (automatic correction of pointer position + multiple protection structure of the movement) ) And other functions. The watch adopts a double-sided non-reflective coating sapphire glass, which has a strong texture and high abrasion resistance. The crystal clear surface reflects the elegant light. Titanium alloy and titanium carbide case hardened case strap makes the wearing more comfortable. The whole strap is composed of various independent parts, which are made by precision machining links, making the watch show top quality. Another OCW-S2400-7A bezel in the same series is embellished with rose gold and equipped with a mother-of-pearl dial, like the sparkling sea surface under the sun, mysterious and elegant.

New Elegant Sporty Tasting Tudor 1926 Series Steel Watch

Before the start of the Basel watch exhibition this year, Tudor took the lead to reveal to everyone the spokesperson of its new brand-Jay Chou, which brought surprises to his watch friends and his fans. Although the brand had previously asked for a Chinese celebrity endorsement, it was not expected that the brand chose Jay Chou as the new flaunt of Tudor’s ‘born to dare to act’. Along with the appearance of the brand’s spokesperson, a new series called 1926 was also announced. This series is designed to pay tribute to the brand’s early history. The retro-inspired dome-shaped design and the dial embossed with delicate embossed patterns in the center are really bright. Let’s take a look at the steel chain white plate model as an example: (watch model: M91550)

Jay Chou

   In 2001, a rapper song ‘Nunchaku’ combining Chinese and Western music elements brought this ‘unique’ musician to our sight. At that time, it seemed that such a new style of music was very personal and favored by many young people. With the passage of time, the humming and singing method that was previously considered to be ‘unclear’ has been accepted as the genre (Chinese style, etc.) has continued to widen, affecting a generation of Chinese and becoming the later recognized ‘Asia King of Pop. ‘ Debuting as a singer-songwriter, but also an actor, director, screenwriter, producer, and businessman, he is not confined to one identity, and does not seek to integrate with Tudor ‘born to dare to act’. Global spokesperson.

   The founder of the brand, Hans Wilsdorf, registered the ‘The Tudor’ trademark in 1926 and founded Tudor. The 1926 series is a commemoration of this special year. The launch of the new timepiece series undoubtedly symbolizes the brand’s history, and the classic design interprets the brand’s mission of precision watchmaking. Different from previous models, this series of watches is not only introduced for a single group. The dial has a variety of styles and comes in four sizes (28, 36, 39, and 41 mm), which is unisex. Highlight the brand concept of Tudor: affordable prices, exquisite craftsmanship and excellent quality.
Watch real shot display:

Tudor 1926 steel watch

   The case of this watch is made of stainless steel, the overall lines are smooth and rich, and the lugs are natural. The front side is polished and the side is frosted. The texture is outstanding. The lugs are thinner than other Tudor models, reflecting its elegant side.

  The dial is specially treated to show the embossed net structure, and the indexes and hands are gold, showing quality and luxury. The Arabic numeral scales are round and blend with the overall temperament. The simple and exquisite disk surface, combined with the elegant willow-shaped hands, is elegant and unique, leaving a deep impression.

   At the 3 hour mark position, there is a calendar display window, which adds practical functions to the watch.

   The back cover, like the previous Tudor style, uses a dense bottom design to ensure the safety of the internal movement. It is equipped with ETA 2824 movement, and the 28 mm model is equipped with 2671 classic ladies movement, which makes the movement more accurate.

   Seven-row stainless steel chain links are soft and natural in texture and comfortable to wear. The connecting part in the middle is polished and the sides are frosted, showing two kinds of enjoyment. The buckle is equipped with a safety discount, which can be worn through simple operations.

Tudor 1926 steel watch

Summary: The classic design and ingenious design allow the 1926 series watch to show another style of Tudor, not only sports models, but also elegant side, giving newer meaning. In addition to different size settings, there are also black plate and polished rose gold models to choose from. If you like this watch, then pay attention to it!