Reproducing The Classic Style Piaget Piaget Limelight Gala Watch Gathered In Beijing

On March 30, 2015, Piaget, the world’s top watch and jewelry master, brought together the brand’s iconic LimelightGala jewelry watch family for the first time. The masterpiece appeared in Beijing. At the appreciation meeting, Piaget and Gong Li, a global brand spokesperson, released a wonderful short film, demonstrating documentary femininity.

The venue was carefully arranged and the Earl’s logo appeared on the screen.
The elegant atmosphere and soft lighting create an elegant atmosphere.

Gong Li’s wonderful short film of the LimelightGala watch.
Both sides of the decorative wall show the brand’s spokesman Gong Li, wearing the colorful style of Piaget watches.

  As another focal point of this event, Piaget also released a wonderful short film of LimelightGala watch performed by brand spokesman Gong Li. Gong Li’s graceful posture and the exquisite curves of LimelightGala flow between light and shadow. Her elegant and extraordinary temperament is on the screen in the Piaget jewelry watch.

An exquisite watch, displayed on both sides of the venue, is more charming under the light.
The asymmetrical sloppy curve is enough to round out the contours, exuding extreme beauty.
The classic LimelightGala watch interprets the fashion trend of modern women.
Black Roman numerals and simple hour and minute hands form the perfect match.
Various setting methods are combined with the design of the watch to set off the eye-catching light of the gem.

  Piaget pioneered the trend, transforming free inspiration into fascinating bright jewelry watches. The asymmetrical cymbal curve is enough to create a rounded outline. The dazzling beautiful diamonds extend along the bezel to the lugs and merge with the strap.

Summer watches, dotted with playful dragonflies.

In the spring watch, five butterflies danced among the flowers.

LimelightBloomingRose watch

  In addition, this event not only displayed LimelightGala series watches, but also many other Piaget watches, such as Piaget’s spring, summer, autumn and winter watches, LimelightBloomingRose watches, pillow watches, and so on.

With the introduction of brand professionals, we have a deeper understanding of the Piaget Piaget’s uniqueness.

  In the end, the staff presented the classic watches of Piaget jewellery watches to satisfy everyone’s desire to wear. A delicate watch feels more touching than the display in the window. Everyone was happy trying on and taking pictures.

Piaget has been constantly innovating, witnessing the legend of aesthetics.

Summary: The Piaget LimelightGala watch series interprets the classic timeless charm with a style that transcends time, which enriches the Limelight family of works. It has achieved another signature of Piaget and contemporary women, and will accompany them to harvest more extreme moments of their own. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

15th Chopard White Tie & Crown Prom

Woodside, UK-Sir Elton John and David Furnish have opened their old Windsor Villa for the 15th consecutive year, co-hosted with Chopard The legendary white tie and crown ball (White Tie & Tiara Ball).

 This exclusive and exclusive event has welcomed many distinguished guests, including many celebrities wearing Chopard’s works, such as Uma Thurman, Elizabeth Hurley, Eva Herzgova (Eva Herzigova), David Gandy, Samantha Barks, Natalie Imbruglia, and Freida Pinto. In addition, Chris Martin, Jerry Hall, Grace Jones, Lily Cole, Matthew Morrison And Boris Becker also attended the event.

 To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Elton John Aids Foundation, the organizers deliberately selected ‘love’ as the theme of the event. The theme chosen this year stems from the ‘Innate Love’ social media campaign launched by the Elton John AIDS Foundation on Valentine’s Day in February. The ball embodies the theme of ‘love’ in all aspects of its decoration: guests are trimmed into heart-shaped gardens in the villa’s charming garden to feel the beautiful atmosphere. Red has always been a symbol of love; the canopy that leads to the prom feast is decorated with a beating heart of red velvet, and a huge heart-shaped red neon light hangs in the air, which seems to welcome guests decorated with unique Chopard jewelry and watches ‘s arrival The colorful ‘love’ designed by classic vivid pop art is also part of the ball decoration. There is also a heart-shaped bar in front of the prom background, whose design is inspired by the video ‘Love is Instinct’ created by artist Ai Weiwei. ‘Heart’ and ‘Love’ have been selected by Chopard as the brand’s cultural theme many times; therefore, this theme selected by the prom is favored by Chopard.

 The guests enjoyed a well-prepared dinner, which included a fruit frozen dessert named ‘Full Spoonful of Love’ decorated with ‘love’, which catered to the theme of ‘love’. After the dinner was a loving auction organized for the Foundation; participating in the sale of boutique goods, including an Audi car signed by Gwyneth Paltrow, art works by Marc Quin, and Elton Share your lunch with David Beckham and of course get the unforgettable experience of the Cannes Film Festival, which is sponsored by Chopard and known for its luxury and charm. In addition to the auction, guests will make a silent declaration at the ball and have the opportunity to get a super brand gift basket composed of Chopard brand watches and other luxury items. The AIDS Charity Foundation (Elton John Aids Foundation) has raised more than 3 million pounds, thanks to the guests for their generous support.

 As night fell, the Cold Play debuted on the stage; they performed an exciting duo with Elton John; they chose the classic ‘Viva La Vida’ and ‘Your Song ‘.