Chanel’s Mysterious Sales Performance And Business Planning

Bloomberg recently announced that Chanel’s boss’s net worth was more than double that announced by Forbes in March. The chairman of the investment bank even pointed out that Chanel’s market value was at the top of the industry. It rose so fast in one year. To put it differently, Chanel’s mysterious business plan is curious.

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Bloomberg valuation is more than double Forbes valuation

According to Bloomberg’s recent valuation, the net assets of Chanel’s bosses Alain Wertheimer and Gerard Wertheimer reached 19.2 billion U.S. dollars, more than double the Forbes valuation . Earlier, in the Forbes announcement of the world’s richest man in March, the two brothers ranked 145th in the world with a net worth of 8 billion US dollars, ranking France’s fifth richest man. Gilbert Harrison, the founder and chairman of investment bank Financo LLC, also pointed out that the market value of luxury goods groups is generally three or four times the annual income, so Chanel’s market value easily reaches $ 2 billion, which is at the top of the industry.

It is reported that Bloomberg needs to estimate the scale of their wealth and Chanel’s market value according to the annual performance report submitted by Chanel International BV, a subsidiary of Chanel SA, headquartered in the Netherlands, to Chanel International BV.

This performance report shows that Chanel International BV’s total revenue in 2011 was US $ 5.9 billion, an increase of 26% year-on-year, and EBITDA’s EBITDA profit reached US $ 1.4 billion. According to Chanel’s peers with five listed companies, L’Oreal (OREP.PA), Estee Lauder (NYSE: EL), Prada SpA, Moët-Hennessy-Louis-Vuitton Group (LVMH.PA) and Kering Group (KER .PA) ‘s corporate value as a percentage of total sales, corporate value to EBITDA ratio, and price-to-earnings ratio are three numerical values. The estimated market value of Chanel SA is $ 18.5 billion.

Low-key bosses never steal the limelight of designers

The two Chanel brand owners are extremely low-key

兰 The grandfathers of Alain Wildmore and Gérard Wildmore founded the Chanel perfume business in partnership with Ms. Chanel, and bought the Chanel brand completely from her. However, some people in the industry say that the two brothers are extremely low-key and basically do not accept interviews. Because the two bosses are too low-key, their news and information are basically not available in the media.

64-year-old Alan Wildmore is the chairman of the Chanel board of directors and currently lives in New York, USA. Geral Wildmore, who lives in Geneva, Switzerland, is 61 years old and is the chairman of the Chanel watch division. They each hold half of the group’s Equity. As helmsmen of family and private businesses, the two brothers maintain a family tradition of Chanel’s financial situation and their private life: low-key, although they will participate in Chanel’s fashion shows, it is difficult for people to capture their shadows because they are hidden in the four In the fifth row, it disappeared into the crowd as quickly as possible after the show, and almost never received media interviews to avoid stealing the style of Chanel and designer Karl Lagerfeld.

Maybe it is this low-key approach that won’t grab the limelight, which has won many ‘strength leaders’ to avoid unstable design style caused by frequent substitutions.

They seem to be more interested in wineries and horse racing than fashion. Hurun Report said the brothers owned many wineries in France, such as Margot red Rauzan-Segla and Château Canon in the San Emilio region. They also have champion horses such as Goldikova, the only horse race in history to win the three-time Breeder’s Cup-the Mile Race. In 1993, their horse racing ‘Kotashan’ won the title of ‘American Horse King of the Year’, which is one of the highest honors in horse racing. According to reports, Alan also enjoys collecting antiques.

Mysterious business planning

莱 Black-Leverley Chanel Handbag Ad

As a luxury brand with the same reputation as Louis Vuitton and Gucci, Chanel still has a mysterious sales performance and business plan because it still maintains family control and has not been publicly listed.

Although the specific operation is not disclosed, in the industry, Chanel’s success as a luxury product lies in its focus and persistence for nearly a century. Chanel’s target customers are elegant, fashionable women with spending power. Because of customer focus and customer concentration, in terms of marketing, Chanel focuses more on leading fashion, and using fashion to lead the reputation of consumers.

From the death of Coco-Chanel in 1971 to the beginning of the 1980s, the main designer of the Chanel brand has been changed several times, but basically they have made Chanel clothing stand still. Things didn’t change until Karl Lagerfeld became Chanel’s chief designer in January 1983. Until now, although Chanel’s innovative works have continued, but the general style has not changed. It can be said that the brand still adheres to tradition. The black 2.55 classic chain bag has been loved by consumers for many years, and the status of hot selling has remained unchanged.

It can be seen that Chanel does not simply define target consumers according to age, but pays more attention to consumers’ attitudes, lifestyles and consumption appreciation. Some luxury brands, although their business has grown rapidly in China, have become “owning XX brands equal to having wealth and face” due to marketing orientation and marketing methods, and are sought after by high-income people, although they meet some consumption Demand for showing off wealth, but the brand connotation has been ignored. Chanel is very smart on this point. After nearly a century, it is still mysterious and follows the tradition. Without the follow-up luxury brand’s ‘Go to Logo’ activity, history is the best selling point. It knows this.

2012 Geneva Watch Fair Quick News Technology Complex Watches Lead The Trend

Recognized as the ‘Oscar Ceremony in the Watch Industry’ & mdash; & mdash; The Geneva Haute Horlogerie was grandly held on January 16th, Switzerland time. In 2011, when the global economic environment was still unclear, sales of the Swiss watch industry reached a record high. The global watch industry first broke out of the depression and recovered strongly. And this year’s Geneva watch exhibition, the new technology complex models became the focus of the first day.

Despite the global economic instability, the performance of the Swiss watchmaking industry in 2011 was quite strong. According to the latest annual report released by the Swiss watchmaking industry, the amount of Swiss watch exports in the first 11 months of 2011 exceeded the historical record and reached 17.7 billion Swiss francs (18.6 billion U.S. dollars). According to industry analysts, the Chinese market has considerable data on this contribution. & ldquo; According to forecasts, the Swiss watchmaking industry in 2011 will exceed 19 billion Swiss francs, exceeding the record of 17 billion Swiss francs set in 2008. ‘The chairman of the Swiss Watch Industry Association, Jean-Daniel Pasche, said in an interview with the Swiss media.

At the Geneva watch fair this year, the up-and-coming Cartier performed well. Its classic watch series Cartier Tank released a new version of Tank Anglaise, and Cartier global CEO Bernard Fornas also called it a surprise.
On its 4 days Geneva watch exhibition, this is just one of many wonderful watches. Since 2009, the Geneva watch fair will be held from March to January in the same period as the Basel watch fair. It is completely out of the Geneva watch fair sheltered by the Basel watch fair, with high quality and limited visitors. The star watch exhibition of the Basel Chamber. The 18 watch brands participating in this year are the same as last year, of which 13 brands are from Richemont Group, and the remaining 5 brands are high-quality independent watch brands. Officials expect this year to reach 12,000 visitors.

瑞士 In 2009, the Swiss watchmaking industry entered a depression, and in 2011 it was able to recover strongly. The most important factor was the timely transfer of Asian markets. Compared with 2010, Swiss exports to the Chinese market increased by 51% in 2011, and the Hong Kong market alone accounted for 3.6 billion Swiss francs, a year-on-year increase of approximately 29%. Despite the surge in global gold prices last year, the export volume of Swiss gold watches has still increased by 24.3%. ‘For Swiss gold watches, the increase in gold prices will not constitute an obstacle to sales, as this is the most stable investment in gold. ‘Pasche analyzes.
历 Richemont Group, which has many luxury watch brands, also experienced rapid growth last year. In terms of watch sales alone, Richemont achieved sales of 1.77 billion euros in 2011, an increase of almost 31% compared to 1.35 billion euros in the previous year.

Ld ‘The global economy is not optimistic in 2012. This sense of insecurity makes rich people more willing to invest in complex, high-tech watches. & rdquo; At the show, Steven Forsey, one of the founders of GREUBEL FOREY, analyzed in an interview with ‘First Financial Daily’. At this year’s Geneva watch fair, GRUEBEL FOREY, which has always stood at the cutting edge of technology, has made new moves. Compared with last year, GF only released the platinum version of the original watch as a new product. This year the brand released two new works: the difficult four-body tourbillon flipped to the back Quadruple Tourbillon Secret and the first time adding fashion elements on the dial & mdash ; & mdash; Tourbillon 24 Secondes Contemporain of Royal Blue Metal has a lot to offer.