Retrospecting The History Of Watchmaking, Engraved With The Passing Of Time, Longines 185th Anniversary Timepiece Show Landed In Beijing Taimiao

In 2017, the famous Swiss watchmaker Longines celebrated its 185th anniversary. During this time of celebration, ‘Engraved Time Flows: Longines Watch’s 185th Anniversary Timepiece Exhibition’ opened elegantly in the long-established Beijing Taimiao from November 18th to 19th. More than a hundred rare watches in this exhibition spanning the 1860s to the early 21st century are all from the Longines Museum in Sommia, Switzerland, where Longines originated, and combined with watchmaking Tradition, adventure, sports, elegance and other exhibition themes, to Chinese watch enthusiasts to tell the love of Longines since the 185th anniversary of the Swiss watchmaking tradition and classic elegant attitude.
   2017 marks the 185th anniversary of Longines. Since the birth of Sommia in Switzerland in 1832, Longines has gone through nearly two centuries of watchmaking. From the beginning of the Swiss town to today in more than 150 countries around the world, for Longines, it has been 185 years of tradition and innovation. To celebrate this moment of celebration, Longines carefully selected dozens of historical watches and rare exhibits, and unveiled ‘Engraved Time Flowing: Longines’ 185th Anniversary Timepiece Exhibition’ at the Beijing Taimiao from November 18th to 19th. , Showing the longing for the unremitting pursuit of elegance, tradition and excellence.
   In the watchmaking tradition exhibition area, dozens of Longines watch pocket watches produced in the 19th and 20th centuries are masterpieces of Longines’ long Swiss watchmaking journey. The highlights here include a silver pocket watch produced in 1878, equipped with Longines’ first chronograph movement 20H; a silver watch equipped with a 13.33Z movement, showing Longines. The precise performance of the first chronograph movement introduced; and a gold minute repeater watch specially made for China in the early 20th century.

   The expo area showcases the glorious history of Longines’ pioneering pioneering feats of the era. From the early 20th century, Longines relied on precise and excellent timing technology to navigate the time for explorers, accompany them to explore high altitudes, polar regions, and oceans, and constantly challenge human limits. Spectators will walk here to model the ‘God of St. Louis’ piloted by the pilot Charles Lambert, who has accompanied Lambert to complete the first single-person transatlantic flight feat in human history. The co-developed chronograph navigation watch jointly developed by Longines and Lianba. It used to be equipped with the on-board timer of the Zeppelin airship, and the rare exhibits such as the precision timer accompanied by the French bipolar expedition ‘Paul Emil Victor delegation.’ Will be presented one by one to tell the audience the historical legend.

   In the sports exhibition area, watch enthusiasts will be presented with Longines ultra-quartz watches, chronographs equipped with the famous Longines 13ZN movement, as well as rare exhibits such as the 24-law sub-calibration designed for timing sports events. Longines sports timing history. Since the 20th century, Longines has timed many prestigious sports events around the world with precision timing technology, such as equestrian, gymnastics, alpine skiing, the French Open, archery, and more.

   The elegant exhibition area includes many exquisite Longines historical timepieces, inviting the audience to experience the changes of the times, and the long-lasting elegant design style of Longines. The eye-catching works in the exhibits include magnificent models such as gold enamel pendants inlaid with pearls, platinum ladies’ watches inlaid with sapphires and diamonds, and a series of Longines advertisements with historical value and elegant aesthetics. History poster.

   This elegant timepiece exhibition unveiled in Beijing’s Taimiao Temple is one-to-one corresponding to the layout of the Longines Museum in Sommia, Switzerland. It aims to invite the audience to immerse themselves in the long time of 185 and experience the longines together. Pure watchmaking tradition and classic elegance. ‘Engraved Time: Longines’ 185th Anniversary Exhibition’ will be open to the public from November 18th to 19th.

Leading Global Ceo Jeff Weiner Wears Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Watch Fortune Magazine

The global CEO of JeffWeiner LinkedIn (Social Networking) wore an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watch when he appeared on the August 11, 2014 issue of Fortune Magazine. According to the picture observation, he should wear the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series 15300 stainless steel watch.

The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak tree worn by Jeff Weiner on his wrist looks very suitable for him. The article related to him in this issue is titled ‘LessonsfromJeffWeiner, LinkedIn’s Networker-in-Chief’. Written by contributor Adam Lashinsky. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

Hublot Pays Tribute To Blockchain Technology And Launches New Big Bang Watch

September 19, 2018-HUBLOT has always adhered to the concept of ‘being first, unique and different’, and has launched a number of industry-leading technologies and achievements, including the iconic Big Bang watches, scratch-resistant 18K alloy magic gold, colorful ceramic materials, the first cooperation in the field of football and so on. It can be seen that innovation is the foundation and gene of Hublot brand development.

 Hublot also continues to explore and experiment in the field of digital technology. In June of this year, Hublot’s New York Fifth Avenue store launched the world’s first online store, bringing online exclusive experience services. In addition, Hublot’s e-commerce business is about to begin, and it will be the first to sell online watch bands in the US market. At the same time, Hublot also focuses on the field of blockchain technology and officially brings important cooperation with this advanced digital field.
 Blockchain technology is undoubtedly a creative invention. Since its birth, it has been widely used as a distributed digital public ledger, facilitating electronic information transmission and creating a new Internet hub system. Blockchain technology has created a new type of Internet backbone by allowing digital information distribution. This technology has been widely recognized for its originality and has huge application potential in many areas such as enterprise solutions and identity authentication, which will revolutionize various industry standards. Digital technology blends pioneering spirit, and blockchain technology can be called a hot technology tool today.

 Today, Hublot specially launched the new Big Bang series watch, fully showing the essence of the watch industry and digital technology industry. The new watch combines the iconic design of the Hublot Big Bang series with elements of blockchain technology. It pays tribute to the Big Bang series and blockchain technology, with a limited collection of 210 pieces.
 The industry change brought about by the new Big Bang watch is the combination of Swiss superb watchmaking technology and digital technology, which achieves the ‘art of fusion’.

Under the leadership of HUBLOT Hublot’s global board chairman Jean-Claude Biver and CEO Ricardo Guadalupe, HUBLOT Hublot is on its way to success. The launch of Big Bang, Supreme King, Classic Fusion and handed down represents a constant challenge and innovation to tradition. As a model of innovation in the Swiss watchmaking industry, Hublot is the first high-end watch brand to perfectly integrate precious metals with natural rubber, revolutionizing the launch of the Big Bang series. Once launched, this series has won multiple industry awards. Since then, from home-made high-complex watches to collaborations with Ferrari, the FIFA World Cup, the Miami Heat, and the Los Angeles Lakers, Hublot has quickly gained worldwide fame with the concept of ‘Art of Fusion.’ The constant exploration of the future never stops. At present, Hublot has 750 retail counters and 70 boutique stores worldwide, including Geneva, Cannes, Saint-Tropez, Paris, London, Berlin, Moscow, New York, Miami, Beverly Hills, La Vegas, Atlanta, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo Ginza …