Bauchelet Cfb A2000 Automatic Winding Movement Promotes Brand Development Towards A Better Future

The new self-made CFB A2000 self-winding movement from Baucher Lay is unveiled, showing the brand’s watchmaking technology level and going to the next level; the CFB A2000 movement can extend different timepiece styles and drive new function combinations. It lays a solid foundation for the development of Bucherer’s future timepiece technology.
   Bucherer, based in Lucerne, Switzerland, has always adhered to the creative and innovative approach, and its self-made movement lineup has continued to grow. After years of research and development, the CFB A2000 automatic winding movement officially debuted this year. The team at the Bucherer watch factory is responsible for design and production. Wait for all procedures; CFB A2000 movement is the basis of the entire movement series, shouldering the responsibility of promoting the brand’s future watchmaking technology development.


Cutting-edge design
   Bucherer launched the CFB A1000 movement a few years ago, becoming the first watch brand to mass-produce this type of oscillating automatic movement at the time, and developed a new CFB A2000 movement based on the CFB A1000. The CFB A1000 movement is also wound by an outer oscillating weight. The structure of the movement is simple and compact, which has won the first technology and aesthetics of Bao Qilai; the Geneva stripes of the movement plywood and balance wheel are beautifully decorated. A tribute to watchmaking tradition.
Accurate performance is not bad
   The meticulous polishing and finishing process complements the superb technical performance: the assembly of the movement’s escapement system can adjust the hairspring parts by itself, so that the length of the hairspring remains the same and the performance is very accurate; Fine-tuned components on the four balance arms adjust to maintain the accuracy and stability of the movement.

Promote the innovation of timepiece technology
   The CFB A2000 automatic movement has the basic movement characteristics. In addition to enhancing the function of the timepiece, it can also be extended with different functional modules. It contains the driving force to promote the innovation of watchmaking technology. The watchmaker in the R & D department of Bucherer is now The grumbling is intensively developing a series of additional functions. The first movement of the CFB A2000 series, the CFB A2050, has been applied to the new Maliron Peripheral watch, with functions such as hours, minutes, small seconds, and 3 o’clock date display.