“Heuer Globetrotter” Theme Exhibition: 400 Works And 10 Exhibitions

TAG Heuer celebrates 150 years of glorious development of the brand with 400 works and its collectors in an unprecedented exhibition: Heuer Globetrotter

   From September 16th to September 30th, a total of 400 works will be displayed at the same time with 10 special themes-classic TAG Heuer in Paris, design in Tokyo, racing in Venice, diving in Dubai, etc., to promote TAG Heue (Tiger Heuer) Extraordinary avant-garde spirit.
   Miami was hit hard by Hurricane Emma and the Miami Globetrotters exhibition will be postponed. It is hoped that Florida can quickly complete the reconstruction work after the disaster. We will also set a new date for the exhibition as soon as possible.

   With more than 150 years of history, TAG Heuer is an excellent example of watchmaking. The brand combines tradition and avant-garde spirit with unique craftsmanship and relies on innovation to sculpt time to create a timeless classic.
   From the TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 watch and its subversive square design, to the invention of more accurate racing chronographs, or the first signing of a revolutionary promotional ad with the legendary F1 racing driver Elton Senna in 1985 TAG Heue has written a brilliant chapter in the history of development.

   Guided by this spirit, TAG Heuer launched an unprecedented event from September 16 to September 30: ten flagship stores hold ten exhibitions at the same time. 400 watches reunited for the Globetrotters show. These unique watches are loaned out by the collectors of the Watchmaking Museum and will give the public the opportunity to explore the rich heritage of TAG Heuer.
   From pocket watches to on-board timers, including many patents that have significant innovations in the history of the brand and in the industry, TAG Heuer will showcase the achievements of the brand in the watchmaking industry in its glorious development Timepiece.

Fate Of Rolex And The Ocean’s Legend

Rolex has been inextricably linked to the ocean since the brand was born. From the birth of the Oyster in 1926 to the extreme test of the waterproof performance of the Oyster by Mercedes Gleitze during the crossing of the English Channel in 1927, until more precision waterproof With the introduction of watches, Rolex has always occupied an unparalleled leading position in the watch manufacturing industry, especially in the field of waterproof watches, fulfilling its commitment as a leader in watchmaking, and is committed to supporting the human marine cause and deep sea research.
Rolex watches witness a deep sea breakthrough 50 years ago
    On January 23, 1960, U.S. Navy Captain Don Walsh and Swiss inventor Jacques Piccard drove the Trieste, a deep-sea submersible, into the Mariana Trench. Challenger Abyss at the center of Mariana Trench (about 200 miles from Guam, Pacific). Rolex and the U.S. Navy submersible make history together-outside this Swiss-designed and manufactured submersible, a Rolex watch is fixed. This third-generation Rolex Oyster prototype Deep Sea Special watch has been specially designed to easily withstand a huge pressure equivalent to 8 tons per square inch on the challenger’s abyss of more than 10,916 meters.
Deep Sea Submarine Trieste
   Trieste and the two forward-looking explorers surfaced after eight and a half hours. They successfully created a record of the depth of the submersible (manned or unmanned) and witnessed This record Rolex Deep Sea Special watch still maintains perfect performance in the process. A few days later, Picard wrote in a telegram to Rolex’s headquarters in Switzerland: ‘I am honored to announce that Rolex watches also keep their normal timekeeping at 11,000 meters underwater, as precise and excellent as land.’
   This expedition into unknown waters successfully rewritten the history of human conquest of the ocean. Fifty years later, this record has not been broken, and the depth of dive is unattainable. As a result, it has become a landmark event for mankind to explore the deep-sea world, and it has also greatly strengthened humanity’s awareness of protecting the ocean.
Milestones created by Rolex in the diving watch field include:
    Born in 1953, the submarine type has evolved from the most original waterproof performance to a waterproof depth of 100 meters, and today it has been increased to 300 meters;
    The Oyster Prototype Deep Sea Special watch, launched in 1960, can withstand the tremendous pressure on the deepest surface of the earth;
    Introduced in 1967, the Sea-Dweller is water-resistant to 610 meters and equipped with helium-exhaust flaps to protect the watch during deep-sea diving;
    The Sea-Dweller 4000, introduced in 1978, increased water resistance to 1,220 meters (4,000 feet);
    Launched in 2008, the Rolex DEEPSEA is revolutionary as never before, with an incredible water-resistant depth of 3,900 meters.
Rolex brings deep sea creature experience to Chinese audience
    In April 2010, with the support of Rolex, a three-year ‘Deep Ocean’ tour exhibition opened in Mainland China.
    The ‘Deep Ocean’ exhibition was first held at the National Museum of History in Paris in 2007. After that, it visited Hong Kong, Luanda, Taipei, Taichung, and Pingtung. It is the first in the world to reveal the mysteries of the deep sea and explore marine life. The theme of the large-scale exhibition, which includes pictures, videos and biological specimens taken from the deep sea, presents the audience with a breathtaking and spectacular deep-sea world.
‘Treasures of the Deep Ocean’ integrates education, scientific research and visual enjoyment. It has three meanings. Through a series of real deep-sea pictures and videos, and realistic sound effects specially created for the deep-sea environment, visitors feel the mystery as if they are in the underwater world Unknown domain of humanity. Not only can they admire the magnificence and magnificence of the deep sea, they can also see wonderful rare creatures. These precious creatures were captured by oceanographers for deep-sea diving missions and used for scientific purposes. They are coated with resin glue to maintain their original shape and color, or they are turned into lifelike specimens by special methods developed by the French National History Museum’s herbarium, and then stored in a marine environment Only in the aquarium finally appeared to the public.

   Another purpose of holding this exhibition is to stimulate people’s feelings for the unfamiliar deep sea through the interaction of vision and images, so as to arouse everyone’s awareness of protecting the ocean. During the exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to meet real deep-sea creatures, and understand that these precious lives are facing the threat of extinction. Such an exhibition will inevitably effectively draw people’s attention to the marine crisis and awaken everyone’s attention to the protection of marine resources.