Bulgari Bulgari Love Starts From B.Zero 1

Anyone who has experienced love knows that love can be difficult sometimes. But even so, nothing can be compared. Never loved is the biggest regret. We keep working hard, trying again and again, and hope that love will last forever. We want to create the longest love in the world, or write the most avid love story. However, each couple has their own unique story. They exchange jewellery and let the jewellery witness this exclusive uniqueness.

   The B.zero 1 series of ‘Classic · Newborn’ jewelry is the best embodiment of this kind of passion and enduring love and commitment, and even expresses the mistakes that occur in every love story-there is no more perfect gift than this! Engraved with the classic circular spiral of the B.zero 1 series, the new ‘Classic · New Life’ puts endless and unique Ai Yongming at the fingertips, which has made Bulgari another legend.

‘Classic · Newborn’ B.zero 1 Series Ring

‘Classic · Newborn’ B.zero 1 Necklace

   ‘Classic · New Life’. In the classic spiral of B.zero 1, Bvlgari refreshesly incorporates three materials of rose gold, white gold and gold at the same time, boldly uses geometric structure, showing elegant symmetry elegantly. Two pendants in white and rose gold are also available.

‘Classic · Newborn’ B.zero 1 Series Bracelet

‘Classic · Newborn’ B.zero 1 Series Bracelet

   The new B.zero 1 series not only cleverly combines different golds, it also has a surprising surprise: three bracelets in rose gold, white gold and gold are available, of which the rose gold and white gold versions are more diamond-studded, adding Shining charm.

Self-innovation Helps The Seagull ‘tengfei’

The reporter learned from the Municipal Intellectual Property Office that Tianjin Haiou Watch Group has taken the lead in international competition by virtue of its core technology with independent intellectual property rights, and has stepped out of a new way of transforming economic development with independent innovation. Way. As of the first quarter of this year, the Group has applied for 380 patents in 15 series and more than 400 varieties, accounting for about 50% of the total patent applications in the watch industry in the country, and more than 85% of independent intellectual property products.
According to reports, in the past two years, Seagull Watch Group has launched tourbillon watches, perpetual calendar watches and other high-end complicated structure mechanical watches with independent intellectual property rights. Recently, the group has also specially produced a commemorative wristwatch integrating historical facts, ornamentality and practicality, which is a gift for the 90th anniversary of the party. Relying on the world’s leading high-tech, the first four months of this year, the group achieved sales revenue of 698 million yuan, and exported seagull movements to European and American countries and Hong Kong and Macao regions.

Gloriously Blooming Glory, Who Is Behind The Hero Award? The 4th Hamilton Behind The Scenes Heroic Ceremony Is About To Open

Introduction: When a movie kicks off, when your heart moves with the plot, when you lament the hard work of the actors, do you ever know that there is a group of people who work quietly, but only at the end of the subtitles On, flash by?
   On November 5, 2015, the fourth Hamilton BTCA Awards Ceremony Behind the Scenes will be grandly opened in Beijing 798 Art District. The full name of Hamilton BTCA is Hamilton Behind The Camera Awards. It was sponsored and sponsored by Hamilton, a watch brand that advocates “careful and courageous” in 2006 in Hollywood, USA, in order to pay tribute to the silent filmmakers. In 2012, Hamilton joined hands with the international high-end magazine ELLEMEN to bring Hamilton’s behind-the-scenes heroes to China. This significant film event has had a profound impact on the growing Chinese film industry.

The first behind-the-scenes heroic ceremony of the Chinese version of the Chinese version, Ye Jintian, Jia Zhangke, Yu Nan, Yan Geling, four judges came to the stage to tell the story behind the scenes
   This year, well-known writer and screenwriter Mr. Liu Zhenyun will serve as the chairman of the 4th Hamilton BTCA Jury; well-known actor, director Mr. Chen Jianbin, actor Ms. Jiang Wenli, editor Ms. Du Yuan, and sound engineer Mr. Zhang Yang will serve as judges in this field. Who will win the crown of heroes this year? Let us wait and see!

Chairman of the jury, writer and screenwriter Mr. Liu Zhenyun

Member of the jury, actor and director Mr. Chen Jianbin

Member of the jury, actor Ms. Jiang Wenli

Member of the current jury, Ms. Du Yuan, a gold editor named ‘Gold Scissors’ by Zhang Yimou

Member of the jury, Mr. Zhang Yang, Jia Zhangke’s Royal Sound Engineer
   This time the Hamilton BTCA gathered, more than 20 movie stars such as Wu Xiubo, Deng Chao, Duan Yihong, Feng Shaofeng, Huang Yi and other famous movie stars will set foot on the red carpet of this ceremony, presenting behind the scenes heroes a trophy symbolizing the glory of the movie, Highest respect.
   This year’s Hamilton BTCA has set a total of 11 Chinese film awards. From September 2014 to June 2015, all films released in the Mainland will have the opportunity to win awards. Dozens of film journalists from media across the country will represent the audience as judges. The five short-listed films selected by them will be finalized by Mr. Liu Zhenyun and the jury.
   Over the years, Hamilton has insisted on ‘careful and daring to act’ and has provided huge support to the Hollywood film industry. It strives for the perfect combination of watches and characters in the movie, and even develops custom-made watches for film characters to enrich the character image exquisite. So far, the Hamilton Watch has appeared in more than 450 films, starting from the classic film ‘Frogman Undersea Station’ more than 60 years ago, to ‘Blue Hawaii’, ‘Beautiful Heart’, ‘Man in Black’ and ‘Superman Returns’ ” The Tiger Gallbladder ‘,’ Interstellar ‘and other, Hamilton watches have grown into a part of Hollywood culture.
   Thanks to the close cooperation with the film for a long time, Hamilton watches know that there are countless hard-working staff behind the film. To this end, Hamilton BTCA, a heroic behind-the-scenes heroic ceremony, was born to honor the staff behind the film’s selfless dedication and let people see their contributions. Hamilton’s behind-the-scenes hero event has been successfully held in Hollywood for seven times. Judy Foster, Anne Hathaway, Robert Pattinson … the well-known superstars have all come to this stage, but they are just invisible. In the dark, grandly launched their partners behind the scenes, let them feel the flowers and applause in front of the fluorescent lamp.
   In China, after three glories, the fourth Hamilton BTCA will arrive as scheduled and shine in Beijing. Let us look forward to this year’s Hamilton behind-the-scenes heroes ceremony, and pay tribute to these behind-the-scenes heroes who have made great contributions to the movie!

Sylvain Dolla, Global President of the 7th Hamilton behind the scenes Heroes Awards International Edition, presents Han to Best Director Award winner David O Russell’s ‘American Scam’ and awarding guest and actor Jeremy Renner Milton watch

Anne Hathaway Attends The Third Hamilton Behind The Scenes Heroes International

On November 5, 2015, Hamilton and ‘ELLEMEN’ will continue to work together to make the public understand the behind-the-scenes of the movie through Hamilton’s behind-the-scenes heroic ceremony and a more vivid, comprehensive and emotional film industry. Support heroes behind the scenes, support Chinese movies that have been going up