Introduction To The Iwc Portofino Hand-made Eight-day Bracelet Watch

IWC IWC Portofino hands eight-day chain
IWC IWC Portofino Hand Eight Day Chain
Stainless steel case, 45 mm in diameter, equipped with the famous 59210 eight-day chain hand-wound movement, power reserve of 192 hours, small seconds with dial stop function, dial style is very ‘Portuguese’, waterproof 30 meters
Keywords: entry-level version 2.0, Chinese market models, ultra-thin and comfortable, 1950s style, two places
Music effect: vinyl record
Product style: classic, nostalgic
Main series: Portofino
New quantity: 4 models (optional black and white dial)
Editor’s Choice Watch: Wave Fino 8th Hand
Commentary: Today’s IWC’s pavilion is arranged as a Hollywood location, and the conference site is like an old-fashioned movie theater. The entire new product release process is very short and prominent, because there are only 4 watches in a series of Portofino. Portofino is a small fishing village in Italy. Known during the time of Caesar, it became one of the most frequented resorts by Hollywood stars in the 1950s. The nostalgic theme, coupled with IWC’s own hand-wound movement, constitutes two major selling points of the uncomplicated Portofino series. The brand also hinted that there will be big moves in mid-2011, let us wait and see.

Fresh White Pottery Minimalist Rado Swiss Radar Watch Leads The New Trend Of Summer White Pottery Watches

In the hot summer, it is difficult to have a hot summer. In this season, the summer white pottery series of RADO Swiss Radar brings a touch of pure white elegance, so that women can take off the burden and go light. Whether it is the unique touch design of the Isa series, or the ingenious and shining of the Haoxing diamond series, it is the extraordinary new material of the diamond tyrant series, or the unique and soft lines of the really thin series. Watches are leading the trend of minimalism to new trends. The time-honored design and elegant style allow women to feel a little quiet in the hustle and bustle of summer, exuding pure charming charm.

 Pure beauty shines-RADO Swiss radar watch Haoxing diamond series watch

 RADO Swiss Rado watch Haoxing Diamond series watch adopts high-tech ceramic single structure case. The white and pure dial is set with top Wesselton diamonds. It is not easy to wear, light and elegant, charming and exquisite. Fusion makes you charming. This diamond watch is specially created for modern women. Its function coincides with the needs of modern urban life, allowing women to display endless charm at any time, whether it is office, lunch or modern dinner, and shine throughout the summer.

 Simple and pure, extraordinary and extraordinary-RADO watch

 The RADO Swiss Rado watch is extremely simple and charming. The white dial highlights the pure and elegant texture, the scale is clear and easy to read, and it sets off the elegant Roman numerals. With a simple high-tech ceramic strap, it has a stylish and balanced design. And functional practicality. This watch inherits the classic and simple circular design, which contrasts sharply with the angular high-tech ceramic strap. Between the squares and the circles, the time is extraordinary, and it is the first choice for fresh and unrestrained women in summer.

 Thin as cicada wings, elegant and bright-RADO Swiss radar watch really thin series

 Simple ultra-thin watches are not suitable for thick makeup, and the lighter the eyebrows, the more charm. The Rado True Thin Series watch uses a unique ultra-thin movement. The golden hands on the bright dial, the golden round decoration and the golden moment are integrated into one, interweaving a unique three-dimensional sense. And the brightly cut beautiful diamonds inlaid at all times make the dial look like a beautiful and bright moon, complementing the sparkling summer, adding a touch of refreshment to the wrist.

 Fresh and pleasant to the touch-Rado Swiss radar high-tech ceramic touch watch

 RADO is a series of high-tech ceramic touch watches with unique touch technology. It can adjust the time easily with a single touch. , The whole body white is more prominent and naturally minimalist style. Innovative technology combined with a touching touch, perfectly interprets your fresh and pleasant personality without losing your unique personality in the hot summer sun.