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Beijing, August 1, 2018-Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen is renowned worldwide for its innovative spirit and original technology. In the past 150 years, it has presented many classic watches and watches. Superb craftsmanship. Today, the IWC China Touring Exhibition opens in Beijing’s Fangcao flagship store. A full range of antiques made their debut in China, together with the new 150th Anniversary Series special edition watch to decode the legend of fine watchmaking.
   This tour brings together a full range of IWC watches and dozens of antique timepieces, including the famous Jones Hunter pocket watch named after the founder, the first digital time-shifting Pallweber pocket watch; the first IWC wristwatch exclusive wristwatch Watch, the first IWC IWC pocket watch in Portugal (model: 325), the first watch equipped with the Pellaton automatic winding system, the earliest engineer series watch with anti-magnetic function, the first diving dedicated watch The IWC Marine Timepiece and the first simple and luxurious IWC Portofino watch; it also brings the perpetual calendar mechanism designed and created by IWC watch master Kurt Klaus. Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon Watch. Every antique timepiece tells a legend, an era, an innovation and infinite passion.
   The IWC China Antiques Tour Exhibition kicked off in Beijing’s Fangcao flagship store, which will be open to the public until August 12th. Subsequently, the exhibition will also be on display at IWC Shanghai’s Nanjing West Road flagship store from September 10th to September 23rd, sharing with watch enthusiasts 150 years of IWC’s journey in fine watchmaking. Looking forward to your arrival!
Introduction to Touring Antique Timepieces (Part)

IWC Hunter Pocket Watch-Jones R Movement (1874)

18K red gold case with Jones R movement, manually wound.
    The Jones movement, named after the brand’s founder Florentine A. Jones, was the first batch of IWC-made movements, featuring elongated slow and slow hands and 3/4 large bridges. , Was exported to New York and installed in the watch case produced in the United States. As of the end of the 1870s, IWC produced about 22,000 works with Jones movements.

IWC Hunter’s Pocket Watch – Poberberg Movement (1886)

14K red gold case, powered by Pobber III movement, manually wound.
    In the summer of 1884, the first batch of timekeeping figures with time-of-flight digits appeared. Time is displayed on the disk in a very modern way. About 20,000 Powell Parker pocket watches were produced.

IWC Large Pilot’s Watch-Model: 431 (1940)

Stainless steel case with 19-ream 52T movement, 6 mm thick, hand-wound.
    In 1936, the first IWC Pilot’s Watch was born. Four years later, 1,000 large pilot watches manufactured in accordance with the watch watch standard came out, with a diameter of 55 mm, making it the largest watch ever made by IWC. Luminous hands and digital hour markers are embedded on the black dial, which can be read clearly in the dark; an extended strap with double-loop buckle can be worn outside the flight suit.

IWC Portuguese Watch-Model: 325 (1954)

Stainless steel case with 17-ring 98 movement, 4 mm thick.
   Originating from the unique demand for nautical chronographs in the Portuguese market, in 1939, the first watches equipped with the 74 type pocket watch movement were introduced (later used the 98 type movement), with a diameter of 41.5 mm. It not only led the wave of large-scale watches, but also laid the foundation for the IWC “Portugal” series.

IWC Portofino – Model: 5251 (1984)

18K yellow gold case with 16¾-calibre 9521 movement, manually wound.
   In the early 1980s, IWC continued the traditional style of its classic round gold case, and launched the Portofino series to resist the quartz crisis with the return of traditional mechanical pocket watches. This ‘pocket watch’ brings simplicity and luxury together, which is also the origin of the name ‘Portofino’, which seems to evoke the simple and unique fishing village style of the legendary Italian town.

IWC Express Tourbillon Perpetual Calendar – Model: 3752 (1998)

18K yellow gold case with 76061 movement, manually wound.
   In 1985, IWC expressed the birth of the Vinci perpetual calendar watch (model: 3750), which was an important work in the revival of mechanical watches in the early 1980s. Its complex perpetual calendar device was designed and created by IWC watchmaker Kurt Klaus to achieve convenient one-click adjustment. It is equipped with a unique digital year and can run accurately for 500 years. This Da Vinci perpetual calendar tourbillon watch is equipped with both the perpetual calendar and the ‘tourbillon’ high-end watchmaking complication functions, and it is worthy of the name of Da Vinci’s genius in terms of technology or in any aspect.

Curly High And Widowed – 2013sihh Daily Table Recommendation

A lot of time before the home of watches introduced the most expensive, dazzling, and most complicated watches released by SIHH this year. Although these watches have made everyone visually satisfied, but when we When I was quiet, I found that those top-level works belong to very few people, so we recommend today a few daily watches launched by top brands that shine on SIHH. Sometimes the height is not necessarily low. .
 For a long time, formal watches are not only synonymous with classic minimalist watches, but also a symbol of the design skills of major brands. But nowadays, the concept of ‘formal watch’ has been so tarnished and ambiguous. The original simple concept makes it difficult for us to express it in one sentence. So what exactly is a formal watch? Formal watches are exactly what the name implies: they are watches that are worn with formal wear. Formal watches can be divided into formal tables and daily work tables. What we are going to talk about today is the daily work table (referred to as daily table). What kind of formal watch is considered a daily watch?
 As a daily watch, it should have the following characteristics: First, it must have a movement that is accurate, stable and excellent in performance to ensure the accuracy of the watch.
 Second, it is best to use a non-precious metal case. Of course, with the continuous emergence of new materials, in addition to stainless steel, titanium, ceramic, rubber and other materials are also good choices. Because in the daily work, our watch will inevitably have some bumps. Because the gold case is much softer than other material cases, it will easily leave scratches on the case, making the gold watch very ugly. Other materials are not so obvious.
 Thirdly, it is best to wind the watch automatically. I believe that busy office workers rarely get up every day to experience the thrill of winding the watch.
 Fourth, it is best to have a power reserve of more than two days, so that we can rest on six days. When this watch is not worn, there is no need to readjust the time on Monday. If the watch does not have a power reserve of more than two days, it is best to choose a watch with an energy display function.
 Fifth, the function can neither be single nor complicated. If a watch only has a timepiece function, it is obviously not practical, and at least it must have a calendar. But if you add the complex functions of tourbillon, perpetual calendar, and stopwatch, they are flashy, so as a daily watch, there are at most four functions sufficient: ordinary timepiece, calendar (preferably large calendar), energy display and Two places.
 Sixth, a leather strap is best, because a leather strap is softer and lighter than a metal strap, it will be more comfortable in daily wear, and it will not burden the wrist. We do n’t even feel its presence, and the leather strap matches a suit , Will also make men appear more elegant. At this time, some people can’t help but ask, what to do in summer when sweating corrodes the leather surface. Nowadays, with the diversification of lifestyles, rubber and canvas are good choices.
 Seventh, the size of the daily watch varies from person to person, but it should not be so large that the entire case is filled with your wrist. It is best to see the strap parts at both ends of the case when your hand is facing up, exposing 1 To 1.5cm.
 Eighth, there is a general waterproof function. Let’s take a look at which watches on this year’s SIHH roughly meet these eight standards.

Watch name: Baume & Mercier Clifton M0A10057
Movement model: Dubois Dépraz 9000 automatic movement
Case material: stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 43 mm
Watch functions: moon phase display; day of the week display; month display; date displayed by the central hand; 42 hours of power reserve
Waterproof function: about 50 meters
Domestic public price: ¥ 32,900
A brief review of the watch: This watch not only meets the eight criteria I mentioned earlier, but also adds the moon phase function, which is an unexpected surprise. With the development of the times, the size of the formal watch is also changing, so Baume and Mercier expanded the case size to 43 mm in time. It is said that this size is already large, but it is not obtrusive after wearing it, and it is very comfortable. I really have to admire Director Pan’s design skills!

Watch name: IWC Ingenieur (engineer) series dual time zone titanium watch IW326403
Movement model: 35720 automatic winding movement
Case material: titanium
Strap material: black rubber
Case diameter: 45 mm
Watch functions: Adjust the hour hand in hours; 24-hour time display; 42-hour power reserve
Waterproof function: about 120 meters
Domestic public price: unknown
A brief review of watches: When Vacheron Constantin launched the leather strap horizontally and horizontally a few years ago, I said that the trend of sports watch dressing came, and I personally strongly respect this trend because everyone wants to spend less. More work, so when I saw this watch this year, I said that this is what I want. The movement is stable, the structure is sturdy, it can work and move, and there is a practical dual time zone (the gospel of flying people in the sky). The key is that this watch is really light. In this age of increasing outfits, weight control is really very important.

Watch name: Montblanc Timewalker series UTC World Standard Time watch 109137
Movement model: Calibre MB 4810/405 automatic winding movement
Case material: stainless steel case with titanium bezel
Strap material: black embossed calfskin orange stitching strap
Case diameter: 42 mm
Watch functions: 24-hour circle on the edge of the dial with day and night display; second time zone display; calendar display; 42-hour power reserve
Waterproof function: about 30 meters
Domestic public price: 27,500
A brief review of the watch: We know that as a dual time zone watch, the most important thing is to be able to adjust it quickly, and this watch only needs to pull the crown outward for a period, and the hour hand in the second time zone can be adjusted separately. The adjustment is advanced one hour at a time, and the second time zone hand is painted in eye-catching red, which is a humane design, while the red stitching on the strap allows you to maintain your unique personality while being elegant.

Watch name: Panerai Luminor 1950 series bronze diving watch PAM00507
Movement model: P.9002 automatic winding movement
Case material: Frosted bronze
Strap material: Leather strap with Panerai Logo engraved with a trapezoidal matte titanium buckle. Includes a spare strap and a stainless steel screwdriver.
Case diameter: 47 mm
Watch functions: calendar display; power reserve display; counterclockwise unidirectional rotating bezel to calculate dive time
Number of watches: 1000
Waterproof function: about 300 meters
Domestic public price: unknown
A brief comment on watches: Some people can’t help but ask Panerai to make daily watches is too big, let alone 47mm. But as I said before, the case size varies from person to person, and someone will definitely be suitable for large watches, and its function is in line with standards. Of course, there is a more important reason why I recommend it as a daily watch. This is a watch that you must wear every day, because only if you wear it every day, you can form another green on your bronze case as soon as possible. Patina.

Watch name: Ralph Lauren Sporting World Time Watch
Movement model: RL939 automatic winding movement
Case material: matte steel
Strap material: cobalt blue alligator leather strap
Case diameter: 45 mm
Watch functions: calendar display; world time display; second time zone display; power reserve display
Number of watches: 1000
Waterproof function: about 100 meters
Domestic public price: unknown
A brief comment on the watch: Lav Lauren can be regarded as a newcomer in the watch industry, but we can see from this watch that Lav Lauren’s infinite love for hunting, sailing and equestrian. The blue strap with the same color dial, plus comprehensive features and a low-key brand will definitely make you different.