Tag Heuer Carrera Pendulum Concept Watch

The springless mechanical escapement mechanism replaces the traditional springs with magnets or virtual springs. The first Carrera pendulum concept watch developed by the clockless movement oscillator for five years is fully demonstrated. TAG Heuer’s forward-looking and pioneering consciousness in the field of new technology: In this concept watch, magnets or virtual spring wires will replace traditional springs and form resonance, which can resist changes from external forces during the oscillation period. Four magnets The constant magnetic field generated can even last for decades without causing geometric deformation. Although the Carrera pendulum concept watch without a clockwork mechanical escapement has not yet come out, the Monaco V4 has been successfully achieved in mass production. With belts replacing traditional gears for power transmission, TAG Heuer’s concept watch seems to have a reason to look forward to since then-if all dreams can finally become a reality, then the long wait will become meaningful. The TAG Heuer Carrera pendulum concept watch will be completely loyal to Carrera’s unique design rules. It has sharp polished beveled edges and a double-sided black titanium steel curved case. Conceptual movement up to 43200 times / hour. And the ‘pulsation’ of this avant-garde movement will be presented through a special dial window at 9 o’clock