2017 Shanghai Longines Global Equestrian Championship And Guo Fucheng Enjoy Elegant Horsemanship Charm

April 29, 2017, Shanghai, the second day of the 2017 Shanghai Longines Global Equestrian Championship (Longines Global Champions Tour). Mr. Walter von Känel, Longines Global President, and Longines, the world-renowned Swiss watchmaker who has been named the title partner of the event for the fourth consecutive year, the official chronograph and designated watch, and President of Swatch Group China Ms. Chen Suzhen, Mr. Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, and Guo Fucheng, the elegant image ambassador of Longines, came to the scene to experience the elegant charm of the equestrian obstacle course. Taking this opportunity as an opportunity, Longines has carefully presented the famous craftsman and knight series watches, praising the brand’s 185-year-old Swiss watchmaking tradition, and a century of passion for equestrian sports.

   As the world’s highest-level five-star equestrian obstacle course, nearly 60 top domestic and foreign riders and more than 100 first-class horses from around the world have created a luxurious equestrian lineup for this event. Nearly 60 people including world-class celebrities Daniel Dussel, Christian Allman, Kent Farrington, Scott Brash, ‘Father of German Equestrian’ Rudeger Bilbaum, etc. Riders gather in the world’s top rankings to compete for the highest honor in equestrian obstacle course. At the same time, four Chinese riders, including Zhu Meimei, Erden Jirigala, Lai Yimin, and Liang Qiaoling, will also play their part and compete with many international riders.

   On the afternoon of April 29, the highly anticipated finals of the Longines Grand Prix opened, and the rider Liangju appeared one by one to present exciting exciting competitions to the audience. Mr. Huoke Nuo, President of Longines Global, and Guo Fucheng, Longines Elegant Ambassador, presented awards to the award-winning riders and awarded them Longines timepieces. In addition to Longines’ elegant ambassador Guo Fucheng appearing on the court, two elegant goddesses Wang Likun and Zhang Xueying, brand close friends Sun Yizhou, Ye Zuxin, Peng Guanying, and new generation popular idol Xu Weizhou also came to the scene to enjoy exciting moments.

   Adhering to its enthusiasm for equestrian sports, Longines also announced the ‘Longines Elegant Dress Award’ at the scene, conveying Longines’ ‘elegant attitude, true personality’ brand philosophy. On the day of the competition, star guest and famous actor Wang Likun presented awards to the award-winning guests and presented them with exquisite timepiece masterpieces from Longines, praising the seamless blending of equestrian sports and elegance.

Summary: Longines continues its enthusiasm for the equestrian sport and adheres to the Swiss watchmaking tradition and precision timing technology since 185, and has long served as the official timekeeper for various world equestrian events. In 1878. At that time, Longines produced a chronograph with a rider and his mount engraved on the case back. In 1912, Longines was the first official timekeeper for the International Equestrian Obstacle Race. Today, Longines has been widely involved in equestrian events such as obstacle course, flat horse race, endurance race, three-day race and so on.