The 20th Richard Mille Princess Rally

On June 1, the 20th RICHARD MILLE Princess Rally officially kicked off. In the next five days, a unique competition was staged on the winding asphalt track in the French countryside. The length of the race is 1,700 kilometers. For female car race enthusiasts, it is a once-in-a-lifetime event not to be missed.

· The 20th RICHARD MILLE Princess Rally
RICHARD MILLE’s best friend Aurora Straus participated in the competition
Carole Gratzmuller and co-pilot Elisa Noémie Laurent won the race. They drove Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, car number 56.

 On Place Vendôme, the famous bronze pillars are like a landscape, silhouetted against the morning light. At this time, 91 teams are ready to go. Meet them for the first time with more than 14 precision timed stages, with a total length of 303 kilometers, leading to Beauval. The sun shone on the ground, and Aurora Straus, a friend of the RICHARD MILLE brand and young American driver, was equally radiant.

RICHARD MILLE brand friend and young American driver Aurora Straus

 She is driving smoothly in car number 1, the red Porsche 356. There are 8 Porsches with the RICHARD MILLE logo on the body this time, for the special guests, Aurora
The Straus is one of them. As a 20-year-old Strauss, she is a frequent visitor to the Native American car race. For the past 3 years, she has competed with male drivers at the IMSA Horse Tire Sports Car Challenge. ‘In this rally, so many female riders moved forward with great concentration, which convinced me. The race was very fierce. Many female riders have participated in this rally for decades. I hope more players will go in the future. Participating in other international precision timing rally, I believe they will be pleasantly surprised to find that they can also perform a feint in this male-dominated field. This trip to France was very enjoyable, and at the same time accumulated some precision timing competitions Experience, but what strikes me the most is the heroines of women who have met along the way. From the arena to business to luxury, women’s experiences are always so similar as long as they are men. RICHARD
MILLE and I share the same belief, which is actively changing the views of these women, waving flags for women who love adventure and competition. This week, I am honored to meet some heroines of female high school, and the wonderful feeling of interpersonal communication will be remembered for life. The sisters are in the same heart. ‘

RICHARD MILLE brand friend and young American driver Aurora Straus

 From the fields near Orléans to the châteaux of the Loire
valley), the last stop on the first day of the trip is the Beauval Zoo. The next day, along the winding country road, I arrived at the destination Vichy, a famous spa. The weather was good and bad, drizzle formed a thin layer of water mist on the windshield, but the enthusiasm for the game was still high. Gorges
 de Chouvigny), with sharp turns and steep slopes. At the finish line, the Vichy Springs Park (Parc des
Sources of chestnut leaves reveal a ray of afternoon sun. At this point in the ranking, the top 5 are only 8 points apart.

 On the third day of the competition, from Vichy to Aix-les-Bains, the participating princesses had no time to stop and pick daisies by the road. In the Rhône Valley
valley), sometimes sunny and windy. Traveling from the Auvergne region to the Alps in one day, the fun of relaxing cruises instantly turns into the thrill of racing. The riders were on a track with an altitude of more than 1,000 meters, and several tracks were extremely high, including the Grand Columbia Stage, which reached an altitude of 1,501 meters. The next day was the longest part of the race, driving more than 400 kilometers, and arriving in Saint Tropez on the eve of the race. There are no less than 4 stages on this day. Starting from the Parquetout stage at an altitude of 1,382 meters, the slope on the north side exceeds 10% on average. Driving down from the Hautes-Alpes to Provence, the riders reach the legendary Route Napoléon. On the fifth and final day of the competition, we headed to Taradeau and Château
 SaintMartin, the predecessor of the RICHARD MILLE Princess Rally, the Paris-San Rafael Rallye
Paris-Saint-Raphaël’s birthplace) set up three precision timed stages, then circled back to Côte
d’ Azur) center. In the straight sprint phase of the finish line, only the difference of 2 minutes or 2 seconds can determine the top two in the overall ranking. After arriving in Saint-Tropez, the final competition is started in the countryside. Everything is full of suspense and breathtaking!

 Finally, in Saint-Tropez, speak the numbers on the stopwatch to determine the outcome. How did it end? This time it was Carole Gratzmuller’s fifth win and co-pilot Elisa Noémie Laurent’s third win. They drove Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, car number 56. When the final roar rang, the audience applauded 200 princesses with warm applause. ‘This week we have completed the 20th RICHARD MILLE Princess Rally in the most complete way. The heavens are beautiful, the intense competition continues until the outcome is determined, and the two winners perfectly explain the spirit of this event. This woman The exclusive event is to show that even the most famous men’s event has nothing to envy. ‘Viviane Zaniroli, the organizer of the event.

 Although the enthusiasm for the 20th competition has not faded, Viviane and her team have begun to plan the 21st competition, which is scheduled to be held on June 6-11 next year.

Outdoor Climbing Equipment Protrek 6 Rounds Radio Watch

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