A Unique Combination Of Metal Case Materials: Omega Launches The Hippocampus 300m Series Titanium Tantalum Limited Edition Watch

Last year 2018, the classic 300-meter diving series of the hippocampus introduced a stunning new look and technical standards. This year 2019, Omega has once again launched a new limited edition model with the same outstanding design and important history-the hippocampus diving 300m titanium tantalum limited edition watch. The original Seahorse Dive 300m watch introduced a unique metal called Tantalum in 1993. Tantalum, which is most commonly used in electronics and medical devices, is a bright blue-gray metal that is rarer than gold, harder than steel, and highly resistant to corrosion. In addition, the processing of tantalum is particularly difficult, so it is rarely used in the watch industry.

The flagship models of the Omega Seamaster 300m series when they came out in 1993 were launched in titanium and rose gold. Twenty-five years later, Omega’s new limited-edition 300-meter titanium and tantalum watch from the hippocampus combines the materials of titanium, tantalum and Sedna goldfish, which not only reproduces this glorious historical allusion, it is also a rare material style.

   The unique color of tantalum perfectly matches the revolutionary hippocampal diving 300m watch design and has become one of the favorite features of the original model. Today, Omega has reintroduced this rare metal, creating 2,500 limited edition watches.

   The new model is 42mm in diameter and features a frosted case and bracelet made of grade 2 titanium. The base of the bezel and the central link of the bracelet are made of tantalum, using its blue-gray color for subtle contrast. The titanium tantalum limited edition watch is also equipped with prominent 18KSedna ™ gold elements, which are located on the crown, bezel ring, conical helium valve, bracelet link, hour markers and hands. The side of the case also features an 18KSedna ™ gold plate engraved with the number of each limited edition watch.

Omega Seamaster 300m titanium tantalum limited edition watch, limited to 2,500 watches worldwide.

   On the surface, the wearer can taste the embossed engraved wave pattern on the gray titanium dial, which is another representative feature of the original 300-meter diving watch.

The Omega Seamaster Dive 300m Series Titanium Tantalum Limited Edition watch comes in a beautiful box with the 25th anniversary of the hippocampus.

   Turn the watch over to reveal the transparent bottom cover. The bottom cover is equipped with the 镌 lettering pattern and the Omega seahorse pattern-the Omega ‘NAIADLock’ screw-in locking system to ensure that all words and patterns remain in perfect position. Through the sapphire crystal on the bottom cover, the Omega Master Observatory 8806 movement is even more visible. This movement has been inspected and certified by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology Science (METAS) for the industry’s highest accuracy and performance and antimagnetic standards.