The Key Words Of ‘fulian 4’ Are Two Words: Super!

Today is destined to be an extraordinary day because. . . Three more days of ‘Avengers 4’ will be released! Xiao Ha’s friend also picked up the Chinese fan festival of ‘Reunion 4’, what a Marvel girl beloved by God! I’m sore. Xiao Ha watched the live broadcast of the ceremony on the other end of the computer. The ‘Marvel F4’ composed of Captain America, Thor, Hawkeye, and Ant-Man won the scene of Marvel Girls screaming. However, which super hero ultimately led the superheroes to save the world? -‘Marvel F4′ is certainly not spoiler! but! Xiaoha read a lot of netizens’ speculations about ‘Reunion 4’, and boldly summarized here, I think this super hero is likely to be ‘Dr. Strange’! Because it is reported that London is one of the important filming locations in the film, and only the Strange Doctor lives in London, which should be regarded as an important clue! Dr. Strange’s Italian ‘Famous Foal’ is another clue to help him become a super hero. Huracán made a series of difficult movements in the altitude of hundreds of meters. He turned backwards for three and a half weeks and turned 360 degrees. The movements were beautiful and smooth. Then more than 4 million cars fell by the lake, and the entire vehicle structure was intact! How to lie without Huracán? How can we successfully open the door to save the world without Huracán? Like many Lamborghini owners, Dr. Strange is a bold, ambitious and pioneering figure who can perform well beyond ordinary in the face of huge challenges. And what kind of watch should be chosen to match such a handsome super hero? As you may not know, in the distant watch country of Switzerland, a watch brand has collaborated with Dr. Strange’s favorite car Lamborghini to launch an Excalibur Huracán series watch. Wow! What kind of super power does it have to play with a supercar? This watch must not be ordinary. The material must be very subversive. The design must be bold and avant-garde. It must look more complicated. To sum them up, maybe only Excalibur Huracán can meet the requirements. Then again, from the mechanical structure to the avant-garde design and even the innovative materials, this unique temperament, there is a sense of wood, and Dr. Strange is the same as the ordinary temperament? Keke, knock on the blackboard, Xiaoha has to make a point (the reading time is about 3 minutes below), let’s take a look at the design of this watch. Keyword 1: Hexagons say that the most free souls are hidden in hexagons, and a new research report has been published in the scientific journal Natural Communication, NASA It is said that a surprising scene appears near Saturn’s north pole: As summer approaches, another hexagonal vortex appears above Saturn’s famous hexagonal vortex. Saturn’s arctic hexagons in the rotation, is there a kind of magic magic of love drops? In addition to this huge hexagon in outer space, on earth, hexagons seem to be a geometry that is particularly favored by nature. Graphics, hive, snowflakes ️ … Yes, even the core aesthetic elements of Lamborghini are it. In the forward air outlet, the rear exhaust, the engine compartment and the instrument panel, it has played a solid, lightweight, high-tech essence. So in Roger Dubuis’s watch, in addition to the mystery, the hexagonal elements imply light weight, high technology, new materials … Keyword 2: How important is stability to the car? The important thing is that you don’t need to say that you know how important it is. (As if to say a nonsense but still need to help the glasses) Lamborghini low wind resistance wedge / streamlined, low center of gravity can ensure its high-speed stability. The Roger Dubuis watch’s flat movement, flat case, and lugs naturally sag and fit the wrist, which also ensures stability when worn. * Detailed animation key word 3: Engine You have never thought about the experience of wearing the engine in your hand? But this time, Roger Dubuis can do it for you. The 12-degree tilt balance in the Roger Dubuis movement is a metaphor for the cylinders with V-shaped included angles. The X-shaped splint in the center of the dial is like the bracket of the engine compartment, ensuring the stable operation of core power components below. It’s awesome to put the passion and speed of the game on a watch! Keyword 4: Stealth special shaped rim skeleton, lightweight and air-permeable, which helps huge brake discs and powerful brake calipers quickly dissipate huge heat during work, and will become completely transparent and empty during fast travel Nothing. Roger Dubuis’s self-winding rotor, light two-way operation, quickly responds to even gentle movements, bringing efficient winding, and the visual illusion of transparency and invisibility during fast operation is exactly the same as the rim. Keyword 5: Lightweight skeleton Lamborghini’s lightweight body uses a large number of skeletal weight reduction technologies and carbon fiber materials. Roger Dubuis is presented on a 45 mm diameter case with a perspective structure. The ultra-hard, ultra-light, high-tech new material from the ‘standard body equipment’ carbon fiber of the supercar, the case itself is also hollowed out. The ‘skeletal design’ is especially light. Keyword 6: Quickly remove the nut on the wheel rim, with a special shape for quick and easy removal. The appearance of the Roger Dubuis crown is also inspired by super running, with special grooves added to increase the resistance to fingers for easy operation. Keyword 7: Special straps In the two existing models, the limited edition 88 pieces of Excalibur Huracán Performante are paired with rubber straps printed with the unique texture of Pirelli P Zero TrofeoTM R high-performance tires on the back. ▲ Excalibur Huracán Performante The other model uses a dual-material strap with a black rubber frame inlaid with gray Alcantara® fabric and black stitching, which secures the watch comfortably and securely on the wrist It is also reminiscent of the firm grip of Pirelli’s professional racing tires, which stabilizes the irritable ‘Buffalo’ on the track. What’s more exciting for watch fans is the quick release device of the watch’s strap. It can be quickly removed and replaced with just a slight press, just like the battle-hardened mechanics on the F1 arena for racing. Changing tires, precision and smoothness flow like music, full of sense of accomplishment, and the beauty of accidental harvest … Lamborghini’s Huracán also requires the operation of the runway, gasoline and concentration to enjoy, but Roger Dubuis’s Excalibur Huracán is at his disposal Yes, Marvel fans, it’s time to find a way to put on an Excalibur Huracán to watch ‘Reunion 4. Endgame’. Imagine if you might have the opportunity to wear a super watch, drive a super sports car, and become a superhero to save the world. It doesn’t feel too cool! Edit: Grace, Evelyn | Visual & Graphics: Sun Pictures: From Brands (Some From The Web)