Seagull Watch Shanghai After-sales Service

The Shanghai repair point on the ‘Seagull’ warranty card is now Chow Tai Fook Office.

Erhaigull watches were cancelled in Shanghai after more than a year ago.

Newspaper The domestic seagull watch has a good reputation among Shanghai citizens because of its high quality. However, Mr. Yang’s watch purchase experience last month has greatly reduced his enthusiasm for the Seagull watch. The newly purchased watch stopped in less than a month. The fact that there is no after-sales service point in Shanghai has forced him to send the watch to Tianjin factory. The reporter learned from the seller that Mr. Yang’s watch has been repaired, and ideally he will arrive at the end of April.

Nearly two thousand yuan seagull watch stopped in less than a month

On March 8th, Mr. Yang Yang fancy an automatic mechanical watch in Tmall’s ‘Seagull Watch Official Flagship Store’. Because the shipping cost is only 1880 yuan, he ordered it early in the day. Mr. Yang wore it immediately after receiving the watch, and there were no problems during the initial use. However, in early April, he found that the automatic mechanical watch stopped and the winding was useless, and the hand was still in motion.

Mr. Wu Yang said that although he did not deliberately protect the watch when wearing it, he absolutely did not ‘disorderly’, so he was surprised that the new watch stopped after less than a month of purchase. And when he wanted to contact the only service point in Shanghai on the warranty card, he was told that the service point no longer exists. ‘They told me that they no longer have a relationship with ‘Seagulls.’

There is no way, Mr. Yang can only send the watch to the seller in Beijing by mail. It has been more than half a month since he has not received the repaired watch, so he feels very helpless. ‘I originally wanted to support domestic products. If I knew that there was no after-sales service point in Shanghai, I would probably not buy it.’

Repairs need to be sent to Tianjin first

‘Room 1608, 800 Mall Road’, this is the Shanghai repair point that Mr. Yang saw on the warranty card, but when the reporter contacted the address yesterday, the other party made it clear that the cooperation relationship with Tianjin Seagull manufacturers had ended. It is reported that the address is now Chow Tai Fook Watch Shanghai Office.

The reporter then called the Tianjin Seagull Watch Group Sales Co., Ltd. after-sales phone, and the other party admitted that he did not renew his contract after finishing the contract with ‘Room 1608, 800 Shangcheng Road’ one or two years ago. ‘We do not have a repair shop in Shanghai right now. Regardless of whether Shanghai consumers buy seagull watches from a physical store or from our authorized Tmall store, if problems arise, they can be mailed to Huanhe South Road, Tianjin Airport Economic Zone. No. 199. ‘

The reporter also contacted Ms. Gong, the after-sales department of Beijing Tianshi Hengsheng Trading Co., Ltd., the only official ‘Seagull Watch Official Flagship Store’ authorized online in the mouth of Tianjin Seagull manufacturers. Ms. Gong told reporters that the company received Mr. Yang’s watch on April 12 and sent it to a Tianjin factory for repair the next day. The repair has now been completed. ‘On April 27th, we will be able to send this form to Shanghai, and it is estimated that we can reach Mr. Yang in two or three days.’

Miss Gong analyzed that the cause of the failure of the watch was the inflexibility of the automatic bearing rotation, which caused the winding to stop and stopped. She also said that the cause of this failure may be related to the environment and wearing habits of Mr. Yang wearing the watch. ‘We saw a lot of scratches on the case, indicating that there is an external force.’

‘Extended Investigation

Some domestic brand-name watches in Shanghai service points

Shanghai brand: Mr. Chen, responsible for sales of Shanghai New Century (002280) Watch Industry Co., Ltd., told reporters that Shanghai brand watches can still be purchased at the Henry Watch Store on Nanjing Road. If consumers find problems after purchasing, they can send them To 200 Yulin Road.

Plum card: The official website of Plum Watch shows that it has 19 stores in Shanghai. Citizens can choose to repair at the stores or send their watches to the office office on the 11th floor of Nanjing Land Plaza. The working hours are every Monday to Friday morning from 9 am to 6 pm.

Fiyta: Fiyta Watches has 5 physical stores in Shanghai. Consumers can also go to the counter to inquire about after-sales problems, or they can send the watch to the first floor of Longzhimeng Shopping Center No. 1018 in Changning District or Shanghai South Highway Henry World Watch Center on the 1st floor of Thousands Department Store No. 3459.