Audemars Piguet Date Moon Phase Watch 26385or.Oo.A088cr.01 Introduction

Audemars Piguet was founded by Jules Audemars and Edward Piguet in the remote Jurassic Valley in 1875. The local residents have mastered the entire watchmaking skills from design to production, and passed down from generation to generation, at the same time Constantly innovating and absorbing the achievements of scientific and technological progress in modern society, it is even more commendable that future generations and grandchildren inherit the family business and develop it. So far, the management right of the Audemars Piguet factory is still in the hands of the founder’s family.
  The Jules Audemars collection is named after one of the founders of Audemars Piguet, as a tribute to their great entrepreneurial spirit. At the SIHH 2011, the Jules Audemars system dated moon phase watch, this watch with a round case, set against a very thin bezel, not only the rose gold case looks particularly light, full of extraordinary elegance The noble feeling also maintains the spaciousness of the dial space, giving a relaxed and cheerful feeling visually, and clear and easy to read.
 The dial of this watch uses a simple bar-shaped scale, the dial layout is well-formed, the date display is at 3 o’clock, the day display is at 9 o’clock, the moon phase display is at 6 o’clock, and the AP logo is at 12 o’clock. The overall style of this watch is consistent with the style of the Audemars Piguet Audemars collection.
 The dial color of this watch has a layered and deep sense: the finely carved silver dial is matte polished, and the edges of the date, day display and moon phase display windows are polished and polished to match the snails on the surface. The shape of the thread decoration complements each other and adds a bright color to the dial; especially the celestial movement function, the poetic and picturesque patterns in the moon phase display frame are always fascinating.
 The movement hidden under the dial is not inferior. The watchmaker meticulously polishes the decoration and completes the assembly. Using clever mechanical principles, the calendar information is accurately reproduced. The bridges are polished and chamfered and polished. There are Geneva ripples; the board is polished with pearl dots. These details can only be seen when the case is opened, and then completely hidden. However, Audemars Piguet’s watchmakers will not ignore these fine decorations, and the master’s style will be revealed in subtle details.

 This series of watches faithfully reflects the history of Audemars Piguet, proud of tradition, but not too indulged in nostalgia. Reinterpret the old masterpieces from a modern point of view, focusing on simplicity and restraint, and abandon redundant and fancy decorations. The simple design and modern atmosphere create a distinguished and elegant watch.
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Hermes Store Opened In Shanghai Yaohan

On January 14, 2011, the new Hermès watch and jewelry store opened in Shanghai Yaohan. The new store covers an area of ​​100 square meters and specializes in Hermes watches and jewelry series. This is the second Hermès watch and jewelry store in China after the Beijing Wangfujing Department Store in January 2009.
    On the opening day, guests include the sixth generation of the Hermès family, Mr. GUILLAUME DE SEYNES-HERMÈS, global executive vice president of Hermès International Group, Mr. DANIEL TALENS, managing director of Hermès Watch Asia Pacific, Mr. Lei Rongfa, president of Hermès China, and Hermès Watch China General Manager Ms. Chen Keshi. Even more surprising is that a handsome horse appeared in the new store. More than 90 people were invited by the media and guests under the leadership of Hermès ‘first customer, Ma, to witness the opening of Hermes’ fourth watch and jewelry store in the world and feel the charm of the new store And admire the watches and jewelry in the store.
    The glass façade of the first Yaohan Hermes watch and jewelry store is decorated with frosted dots, adding dynamic vitality. Inside the spacious store door, the delicate and delicate layout perfectly blends contemporary architectural aesthetics with traditional style. The cherry wood display cabinets echo the orange-colored wood panels with the Hermès logo, complemented by elegant beige leather furniture, creating a warm and comfortable space and atmosphere.
    Upon entering Hermes’ wonderful store, guests first tasted Hermès’ classic watch series and experienced Hermès’ infinite creativity and ingenious craftsmanship on clocks. On the right side of the store, a tall cherry wood cabinet showcases Hermès’ high-end machinery and jewellery watches, penetrating a low-key and luxurious atmosphere.

    Opposite the clock area, there is an art installation composed of various colors of leather, and each piece of leather is colorful, which is specially prepared for customers to choose the appropriate leather strap. Behind the shop, a frosted glass sliding door is a more private space. The white walls and beige leather furniture provide a comfortable and cozy private area, which presents VIPs with sophisticated mechanical watches and limited high-end. Watch series.
    Finally, come to Hermès jewelry area. The classic silver jewelry and fine jewelry are pure and brilliant. In the comfortable and elegant area, customers can try on their favorite wedding ring and choose their favorite jewelry.
    This Hermès watch & jewelry store has a complete collection of Hermès watches, such as: H-our, Arceau, Cape Cod and Clipper. To celebrate the opening of this store, Hermès presents three selected timepieces made by talented watchmakers and design masters.
Full leather clock
    Demonstrating the superior quality of Hermes in the production of leather goods with a vivid attitude, this all-leather clock demonstrates the brand’s true color of leather goods through the superb ‘saddle stitch method’ and the layered full leather case. The all-leather clock was created as early as the 1930s, and it reappeared decades later. There is also the ‘H’ hand-wound key displaying the brand logo. Hermes inserts the movement in the center of 10 layers of leather with a red leather clock face. This precision clock follows the tradition of ‘high-level clocks’. All processes are carefully crafted by human hands, and the ‘saddle needle method’ that uses natural twine and superb craftsmanship around the clock face pushes the high-end leather technology to the extreme.

Arceau Perpetual Calendar Rose Gold Pocket Watch (limited to 24 pieces, only available in China)
    Arceau perpetual calendar rose gold pocket watch, heading forward in the field of watchmaking. Hermès Arceau series has time-hardened with its unique asymmetrical stirrup-shaped lugs and brisk italic Arabic numerals. It has become a timeless classic. Today, professional and skilled watchmakers are equipped with mechanical movements with perpetual calendar complex functions, showing a strange charm of a great classic.

Carré H (limited to 173 pieces)
    This is a model of contemporary design, a Hermès watch designed for celebrity travelers. The idea of ​​creation is like the hands of a watch. When they meet, they cross each other, pass by, then surpass each other. The idea of ​​the architect Marc Berthier and the creative thought of Pierre-Alexis Dumas, the artistic director of the Hermès brand, are such simple encounters. Two exquisite treasurers combine their expertise. Thanks to their joint cooperation and endless creativity, a rare treasure was born, which can be called the crystallization of thousands of refinements.

Real Shot Display Cartier Celestial Movement Perpetual Calendar Watch

Cartier will showcase a number of newly designed watches at the 2014 Geneva International Horological Fair, including the Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire watch with innovative design and amphitheater-shaped display windows. Unique perpetual calendar function.

 Watches have revolutionized the way and appearance of the perpetual calendar. Cartier made a special announcement and opened a new central display window for the perpetual calendar. The perpetual calendar display window of the celestial movement perpetual calendar watch is like an amphitheater, which makes reading extremely clear, and it is another watchmaking pioneering work.

 Traditional perpetual calendars display twelve months, seven days a week, date, and year in a small space with a diameter of a few centimeters, making reading difficult. The new perpetual calendar display window solves all problems.

 The functions of the perpetual calendar appear layer by layer: the week is on the first layer, the month is on the second layer, and the date is on the top. The delicate display windows are arranged in steps. As for the last function of the perpetual calendar-the year, it is indicated by a pointer on the case back whether it is a leap year.

 The Rotonde de Cartier Astrocalendaire watch is equipped with the 9459 MC movement, which is adjusted by the four small buttons on the side of the case.

Citizen Sponsored 2017/2018 Isu Figure Skating Grand Prix

As the longest-sponsored brand of the International Skating Federation, Citizen has accompanied the International Skating Federation for 35 years and will usher in the 100th anniversary of the brand in 2018. In the 2017/2018 season, Citizen will continue to be the official sponsor of six races, including the Canadian race that was completed in October, and the Grand Prix finals to be held at the Nagoya Sports Complex in Japan on December 7-10. And the end of the season-March 19-25, 2018, the 2018 ISU World Figure Skating Championships in Milan, Italy.

   In the finals, six players from each of the previous six series will compete in each category. Many world champions and outstanding athletes will be gathered together, divided into youth and adult groups to compete. ISU is the only international skating competition management organization recognized by the International Olympic Committee. It is responsible for the organization and management of international figure skating and speed skating events.

   The cooperation between Citizen and ISU began in 1982. ‘Congratulations to Citizen for being the official sponsor of the longest ISU collaboration,’ said Meryl Davis and Charlie White, gold medalists of the 2014 Winter Olympics and two-time world champion. ‘As athletes, we are pursuing technology every day. Perfection and precision; and as artists, we strive to present elegance and noble style on the ice. Citizen is a brand that perfectly reflects this delicate balance on its products, and is the ideal partner of ISU. Thank you sincerely As always, support. ‘

   Figure skaters continually challenge the limits of body and art, and this belief in excellence is in line with the innovation and precision that Citizen is pursuing. Just like the ‘Better Starts Now’ brand idea advocated by Citizen: This is a simple belief that no matter who you are, no matter what your achievements are, you are always convinced that there are still infinite possibilities to make the world better in the future. , And this is the beginning. In 2018, Citizen will celebrate its 100th anniversary, and Citizen will continue to bravely challenge itself and relentlessly strive for excellence.