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Dunwen Watches Holds BALL Watch Exhibition
Demonstrate surpassing self

 The new BALL Watch Engineer Hydrocarbon Black watch is launched in Taiwan. At the same time, it is also on sale in the Dunwen Watch Store. The cabinet displays the extreme sports climbing characteristics of the watch. It coincides with the spirit of Dunwen Watches’ emphasis on ‘movement’. It also allowed watch fans to see the watch’s spokesperson, Alex Honnold, wearing the watch without any protective devices and ropes, climbing more than 7,000 feet with bare hands in less than 19 hours. Three peaks in Yosemite, California. The exhibition time of the event is from November to the end of December. Welcome watch fans to visit the scene and feel the unique style of ‘All Black’.

 BALL Watch Engineer Hydrocarbon Black

 BALL Watch Engineer Hydrocarbon Black (back)

 Ball Watch (BALL Watch) broke its own watchmaking specifications and developed a new Engineer Hydrocarbon Black series of Engineer Hydrocarbon Black. This striking ‘all black’ watch has a unique style, showing its unique personality. Tailor made by Alex Honnold.

 Alex Honnold has become the latest elite member of the Boer Explorers Club. It is one of the few most decisive and talented climbers in the contemporary era, and also the holder of many world climbing records. legend. This climbing sport must abandon all safety equipment and climbing aids, and solely rely on personal strength to climb the rock point to climb the mountain. Alex Honnold is very humble, and constantly challenges and surpasses himself. Each climb will always push the limit of adventure forward, so his popularity has far exceeded the scope of climbing.

 Alex Honnold, the holder of multiple world climbing records.

 Engineer Hydrocarbon Black is the first diamond-like carbon (DLC) watch in BALL Watch’s main engineer hydrocarbon series. BALL Watch is also one of the first watch brands to adopt DLC. This material not only makes the watch more difficult to be scratched, but also more durable. The titanium case keeps the watch with a diameter of 42 mm and a thickness of 13.25 mm comfortable and light. So when Alex Honnold wore the watch to climb amazing mountains one after another, because every item on his body had to be perfectly balanced to make him climb successfully.

 Engineer Hydrocarbon Black’s design deliberately avoids exaggerating details, and only features a stunning black dial and case with the same hue, chronograph rotating bezel and strap. The dial is clear at a glance, because the hour scale is inlaid with 3H self-luminous miniature gas lamps. This design is patented by BALL Watch and uses Swiss’s top lighting technology to allow the wearer to read the day and night. The other indicators and hands on the dial are equipped with 3H self-luminous miniature gas lamps, which provide up to 100 times the brightness of traditional luminous coatings without relying on any external light or energy. The green gas light on the dial and the yellow gas light on the hands form a unique luminous color, which further improves time legibility. The minute scale on the flange and the yellow gas light used by the second hand perfectly match the overall black.

 In addition to the diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating, BALL Watch first added an enhanced version of the luminous coating to the watch, which complements the rotating outer ring made of black ceramic. The number and scale of the chronograph ring will be illuminated, allowing the wearer to read clearly in the dark. The rotating outer ring made of ceramic enhances the watch’s endurance and reduces the effects of corrosion, scratches and ultraviolet light. The chronograph ring uses a one-way rotation system, even if the wearer accidentally touches it, it will not affect the correct preset timing.

 Any professional explorer who conquers a stone wall may also face various shocks. Therefore, Engineer Hydrocarbon Black has a newly patented ‘Springlock® System’ seismic system. This device was exclusively developed by Bolt to ensure accurate movement of the movement. The anti-vibration system absorbs external shock energy by using a ‘protective cover’. The external impact can make the timekeeping error of the general mechanical movement as high as about 60 seconds per day. The ‘spring balance’ anti-vibration system can effectively reduce the external impact by 66% and ensure the accuracy of the mechanical watch. The movement is certified by the Swiss Astronomical Observatory (COSC). In addition to the basic time display, the date display at the three o’clock position of the watch is set on a Cyclops magnifying glass on the sapphire crystal glass.

 Engineer Hydrocarbon Black is equipped with a newly patented ‘Spring Lock® System.’

 A patented, locked crown protection system complements the top case design and makes the watch more secure and accurate. All models of the Engineer Hydrocarbon series are equipped with this function to protect the movement directly connected to the crown and keep the movement from external influences. The construction of the watch also makes it magnetically resistant to 4,800A / m, shock-resistant to 5,000G, and water-resistant to 300 meters. Finally, the Engineer Hydrocarbon Black model is also paired with a black premium rubber strap to further exude its extraordinary sporty feel.

 This watch is inspired by Alex Honnold. He and Engineer Hydrocarbon Black share the same values: perseverance, challenge, precision, tenacity, excellence and humility. These are the characteristics of the BALL Watch brand.