Caroline A Letter From Roger W. Smith Studio, Isle Of Man

Dear friends and clients of Roger W. Smith Studio,
We had the best time of a decade and learned the necessary skills, including creating a completely handmade pocket watch with the help of George Daniels ‘Watchmaking’. Roger felt that adding visual effects to this great book would make Britain great Students in the watchmaking industry have benefited a lot now and in the future.
Therefore, we are pleased to announce the launch of our dedicated video channel on YouTube.
There are currently 5 playlists that can be seen by clicking on each of the titles below:

An Introduction-Here Roger gives a brief summary of his history and philosophy.

Series 2 movement-In this series of 3 videos, Roger discusses his Series 2 movement, why he designed and manufactured it, and interesting insights into coaxial escapements.

Watchmaking techniques-Finishing a set of hands-Here is the first video of his watchmaking techniques. Roger describes his hand-made process of completing his Series 2 watch with a series of detailed videos in 10 consecutive segments.
We think that even from this small part you will be surprised how much work it takes to create a real handmade watch. Over time, Roger intends to create videos about custom watches, dial making, and other handmade techniques.

Watches-This section contains pictures of Roger discussing personal watches in person. So far, it includes the unique new Series 2 Open Dial and the unique Grand Date Flying Tourbillion watch.
There is also a short video introducing his No. 2 pocket watch, which was filmed at the National Watch & Clock Museum Grand Complications Exhibit.

General information-Interview with Paul Moulton of Granada TV on Roger’s Grand Date Flying Tourbillion watch.
If you create your own account on YouTube, you can subscribe to the RWSmithwatches channel and receive email alerts when new videos are uploaded.
If you click on the ‘Subscribe’ button in the upper left corner of our channel page, it will alert you.
As always, thank you for your continued appreciation and support for Roger’s work. We hope you enjoy these videos.
sincere regards,
RogerW. Smith Ltd.
PO Box 67
Isle of Man
IM99 4LN
British Isles
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