Casio G-shock New Watch Ocean Ren Chi 骋

G-SHOCK In the Casio product series, it has always been known for its powerful, fashionable and cool models, and has been sought after by loyal fans. The Gulfman GW-9100Y, which was launched in China in July 2008, is based on its name. The translation is ‘fisherman’. It is naturally one of its characteristics to ride in the ocean. Compared with other G-SHOCK series products, the appearance of the watch body continues its cool feeling, and it also takes care of the feel and specially designed a special groove strap, which has made great progress in overall performance. The focus of this evaluation is mainly to examine its superior performance equal to the ocean.
1.Shockproof and waterproof function
    It has been 20 years since the birth of Casio’s first G-Shock in 1983. Therefore, technological innovation, each generation of G-Shock will have different updates and changes, and the technology carried by the Gulfman GW-9100Y is self-evident. . After the first G-Shock was created, ‘sturdy’ has become a concept possessed by every model. The clay figure GW-9100Y fully shows its shock resistance. The entire watch body, from the frame to the The back cover is even subtle to the screw, which uses the most tough metal titanium on the planet. It is light and tough, even if it is used in harsh environments.
     Because this watch is designed for people who love sailing or water sports in general, the waterproof function is naturally no problem. 200 meters of water resistance, enough to let you bravely move forward on the ocean without fear of wind and waves. And there is no need to worry that it will rust if it touches some water, because the titanium application of the entire body is rust-proof, light and not easy to rust. In addition, the design of the groove on the surface of the strap can maintain the gap between the wrist and the strap to allow the water to fully evaporate and prevent sweat from staying. This anti-rust treatment is also reflected in the case back cover. The case back cover uses a once-formed forged metal, and the metal surface is treated with titanium. This kind of intentional design, everything, perfect shockproof and waterproof function, people can’t pick out the flaws, let the sports passion gallop.
2. Radio wave receiving and solar technology
     Shock resistance is a function that any G-Shock watch should have, and GULFMAN combines advanced radio and solar technology. So how to accept radio waves and how to use solar technology are issues that we cannot avoid when using GW-9100Y. GW-9100Y GW-9100Y receives radio waves from the Shangqiu Radio Tower in Henan, China. It is automatically received five times a day, and the time is automatically calibrated without manual work. The time is also accurate and error-free. In addition, the added solar technology makes it not only receive sunlight and convert it into electricity only in sunny places, even in low light conditions, and it does not need to replace the battery, which effectively reduces power consumption.
3. Unique marine features
     As the GW-100Y thoroughly implements the concept of the ocean, whether it is a unique shape design or a powerful function, it is equal to the ocean. The outstanding solar technology and the extra-long stopwatch function related to marine sports are the best manifestations of this feature. The GW-9100Y has a very long stopwatch that can measure 1000 hours in total and is accurate to 1 / 100th of a second. Whether it’s a tense racing race or any other marine sport, the accuracy of the stopwatch will definitely let you Satisfy the functional requirements, so that you can move forward without fear of storms.
    Also look at the mascot pattern on the back of GULFMAN. With ‘Sea Turtle’ as the mascot pattern, its marine concept can be seen clearly, it goes without saying. The pattern is engraved on the back of the watch using a special process. What’s interesting is the image of the turtle. It has an electric wave receiver on its back and a brush in its hand. It is extremely cute. The concept of radio wave reception and rust prevention is also very clear.
    In addition to the above functions, the fully automatic electronic backlight, stopwatch (accurate to 1 / 100th of a second), world time, countdown, multi-function alarm, resin strap, and ultra-long stopwatch 1000 hours make the GW-9100Y perfect. Fully automatic electronic backlight, as long as you gently turn your wrist to start the automatic, easy to read time in low light environment. . As one of the G-SHOCK series, the price-performance ratio of GW-9100Y is still very good. The consistent black temptation, simple operation and humanized design are all reasons for purchase.