Charlotte Casiraghi Becomes Montblanc’s Global Spokesperson

During the 25th Geneva International High-level Watch Salon (SIHH), Montblanc announced that equestrian champion, philanthropist, writer and producer Charlotte Casiraghi has become the global spokesperson for the brand. Her confidence, fashion and elegance complement Ms. Montblanc’s image.

Montblanc global spokesperson Charlotte Casiraghi

From Charlotte Casiraghi’s body, it seems that she can see the shadow of her grandmother, Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco: exquisite features, outstanding temperament, elegant aristocratic style, and graduated from the famous French university of Paris Bang University is more full of the confidence of modern women. She has worked as a journalist and editor for many international publications. She has also independently established magazines on environmental protection and fashion, and a film production company. This bold attitude in the workplace is exactly the best example of Ms. Bao Xi.

Obsessed with sports is another characteristic of Charlotte Casiraghi. Not only is he good at skating, skiing, swimming, but also has an extraordinary love for equestrian. He has participated in many international events such as the Equestrian World Championship Tour and more. In 2010 he served as Honorary Chairman of International Jump Monte Carlo. For her, equestrian gave her ‘strength of advancement, courage to fight, rare confidence and precious strength’, and taught her ‘learn humility.’ Not only that, but she is also a firm and enthusiastic philanthropist, and often supports the Monaco charity.

From fashion icons, female athletes, to pioneer entrepreneurs, and enthusiastic philanthropists, Charlotte Casiraghi has balanced multiple identities in life. Her charming style, beauty and personality charm perfectly represent the contemporary that Montblanc respects Ms. Bao Xi’s traits: independence, confidence, inspiration, and great talent.

Montblanc CEO Jerome Lambert and Charlotte Casiraghi

At the press conference dinner, Charlotte Casiraghi wore a Montblanc Bohème ladies’ watch elegantly. This series launched for contemporary women has a dazzling glory of tenderness and ability under her interpretation.