Chronoswiss Ruibao Watch, How About Ruibao Watch?

Friends who like German watches may know Ruibao watches. Ruibao is a watch brand in Munich, Germany, although not as famous as Lange, Glashütte Original, Nomos, and Zeppelin. But it is also a brand recommended by many watch friends in major watch forums. Let’s introduce it to you!

Chronoswiss brand introduction
   Chronoswiss watches are made by watchmaker G.R.Lang
Mr. was founded in Munich in 1983. Ruibao is a pure family business that still retains its brand independence. The Ruibao people behind the brand have a lot of accumulation, and in each watch they have poured their expertise and watchmaking passion. We pay attention to manual craftsmanship, such as century-old open fire enamel and dial engraving technology are inherited here.
   Ruibao is a rising star in the world’s high-end watch industry. It is compatible with the precision of Swiss traditional watchmaking technology and the rigorous national spirit of Germany. , Elegant sterling silver faceplate, magnificent and detailed coin-shaped bezel, signature onion-shaped crown, classic one-hand timing function, etc.

How about a Ruibao watch?
   The pursuit of excellence: Chronoswiss manufactures high-quality mechanical chronographs using only components from select Swiss suppliers. The chronographs have a veritable ‘Swiss Made’ title. Many models use special movements. Attention to detail and the pursuit of precision make Ruibao stand out.
   The real name: After the revolution in quartz watches, as the co-founder of the revival of mechanical watches, Ruibao was one of the few watch brands that continued to use mechanical movements. Ruibao’s watch is convincing with its clear design concept and exquisite appearance: the classic onion crown is unique. The patented stainless steel spin lock that tightly connects the lugs to the bracelet and the side knurled bezel are also two major features of the Swiss watch.
   Noble craftsmanship: engraving refers to sculpting and interlacing geometric shapes and patterns on metal. This extremely demanding process ranges from 16 to 18
In the century, it was only used in the handicrafts of European royalty and aristocracy. The ingenious watchmaker has developed a high-precision engraving and engraving machine that can be operated only by hand strength to decorate the dial and case.
   This kind of complicated and near-lost craft can be seen in the slightest effort, the delicate texture changes a lot, which greatly enriches the design creativity. The curved engraving and engraving machine used in the working room of Ruibao Dial requires watchmakers to operate with stable arms, and to draw exquisite classical and refined patterns on the case, dial or even the movement.

How much is a Ruibao watch?
   Ruibao is a rising star in the world’s high-end watch industry. The product uses the Swiss top ETA movement and Swiss Enicar and Marvin movements, and has been improved. The manufacturing process follows the traditional German watchmaking process and is the crystallization of the essence of Swiss and German watchmaking. Therefore, the price of watches is also more expensive, usually ranging from 10,000 to 300,000!
Ruibao watch brand concept
   Time is our most important asset and the source of life for watches. Chronoswiss has always exerted infinite creativity to create a unique watch for every watch enthusiast and collector with superb craftsmanship. Each Ruibao watch embodies the brand’s eager pursuit of precision machinery and aesthetics, which is perfect in terms of function and look and feel. It is as irreplaceable as time.
Ruibao watch series
Timemaster series


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