Extremely Coquettish Piaget Watches Lead ‘beijing Meets Seattle’

‘Beijing Meets Seattle’ is one of the hot movies right now. In the film, Tang Wei encounters the love of his uncle and makes people talk about it. In the play, the Piaget watch worn by Wen Wei Jia played by Tang Wei is also very eye-catching. Today I will introduce to you the costumes of the watch in this movie.
Beijing worship girl shines with jewellery on her chest
 At the beginning, Tang Wei in the film was a downright ‘gold worshiper’ or ‘lost gold girl.’ She wants to buy the best clothes, the most gorgeous jewelry, and enjoy the most expensive everything. At this time, she was like a pair of white gold necklaces worn on the neck, superb, exaggerated, proud and material.

 What best reflects her style of worship is naturally in the jewelry store that can best show the purchasing power. If you also want to experience the feeling of being a luxury shopping guide service, then a gorgeous dress is essential. Although Tang Wei’s face was sore and mean when we played the role of a gold worshiper, we couldn’t learn, but why not dress up as beautiful as every woman’s wish?

 There are two necklaces worn by Tang Wei this time. The first one is the Earl Possession ring pendant. The two rings are independent and surrounded by each other, which also seems to indicate the obsession of love. The gorgeous single diamond with the word ‘Possession’ engraved in platinum makes it more attractive. The second is the Piaget heart-shaped pendant, which is made of 18K white gold and is lined with 22 round diamonds. It is very romantic and exquisite, so that every woman wearing it can feel its tenderness.

‘Third party’ seeks true love and encounters a fork in life

 Tang Wei, who came to a foreign country, actually used her own child to make the biggest bet in her life. She believes that as long as she can give birth to a boy, she will definitely be able to live with her grandmother and live a real young grandma. But reality is often not so satisfactory. Suddenly one day, her ‘husband’ evaporates, and she is so destitute that she can only support her big belly and accept the help of Wu Xiubo, an uncle who does not seem to be so eye-catching before.

 A few simple lines outline a beautiful flower shape. This Tiffany Co. home necklace made of 18K gold will be perfectly played to the extreme. The hollow petals make people want to take off a piece to smell, and the 18K gold material does not make people feel too grand. Wear it, and the sweet smell of women must be in the air around you.

The goddess looks at Uncle Mu, and the lover finally becomes a family member
 After the birth was successful, Tang Wei, who had undergone a baptism in both body and mind, found out that after going around, True Love was around. At that time, the uncle of Mune had inadvertently struck her heartstrings with tenderness, thoughtfulness and care. At this time, Tang Wei’s accessories were replaced with elegant and noble watches, which truly showed the temperament of the ‘Goddess’.

 At the open-air banquet, Tang Wei and Wu Xiubo danced deeply. At this point, they don’t seem to need to speak anymore, just a look can explain everything. He and she in formal attire seemed to suddenly discover each other’s strengths. What is the final outcome of the film, will not be announced here. But we must be able to feel that the ‘Golden Worship Girl’ played by Tang Wei has been transformed completely.

 Piaget’s Limelight Magic Hour allows the wearer to choose the direction of the dial. When the oval dial is turned, the round dial will present 3 different aspects. Its size is 40 x 31 mm, with a rotating case in 18K rose gold set with 36 round diamonds, a dial set with 20 round diamonds, and an 18K rose gold hour dial. The movement is a combination of extraordinary creativity and technological achievement.

 At the end of the movie, Wen Jiajia finally found true love after some baptism in life. In fact, the value of love lies not in wealth, but in two hearts that love for love. I hope that the love of watch lovers will last forever under the witness of their watches.