Geneva Show Again Adjustments What Do You Think?

A few days ago, the news about the adjustment of the 2017 Geneva High-end Watch Salon (SIHH, hereinafter referred to as the Geneva Watch Fair) was quickly spread in the industry and has been confirmed. There will be two major adjustments to the SIHH in 2017: 7 more participating brands will be added again, and it will be open to the public for one day. These two measures have undoubtedly released several signals for SIHH. SIHH is integrating the resources of independent watchmakers. It will not be clear what will happen in the future, but it is absorbing these high-quality resources to join. Will it eventually form a base with the Basel brand This kind of differentiated pattern is unknown, and the other is that SIHH is trying to open up. As for whether it really wants to open up or make a last resort decision due to the temporary downturn in the industry, only the insiders know.

Add another 7 brands
    In 2016, the 26th SIHH hosted by the Swiss Watchmaking Foundation added 9 independent watch brands. This is a big change for SIHH, which has not changed much for a long time. These 9 independent Watchmaking brands are nowadays famous in the circle of high-end watch players. This time, the organizing committee once again stated that SIHH will add 7 new participating brands in 2017, including 2 traditional watchmaking brands and 5 independent watchmaking brands.

Girard Perregaux 2016 and Athens Tourbillon

2 traditional brands 5 independent watch brands
    2 traditional watchmaking brands are Girard Perregaux and Athens of Kering Group, and 5 independent watchmaking brands are MCT, Ressece, Speake-Marin, Romain Jerome and Grönefeld. Among them, Girard Perregaux was one of the first brands to participate in SIHH. After being acquired by Kering, it left SIHH for several years and participated in the Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show with Athens. In 2017, Girard Perregaux will return to SIHH, Athens They will also leave Basel. As for the other 5 independent watchmaking brands, each of them has a very strong watchmaking standard and has a good ability to innovate. In addition to making their own watches, these brands also develop movements and innovative structures for other brands. In fact, there are many cooperative relationships with big brands.

From top to bottom: MCT, Speake-Marin, Ressece, Romain Jerome, and Grönefeld

    A few years ago, during the SIHH each year, independent watch brands also actually had a showroom for displaying their works, but they did not share a showroom with SIHH, so many people did n’t know that this dedicated to independent watch brands The GTE of the exhibition has fallen into a deadlock once every two years due to poor conditions. However, this exhibition is hosted by the Swiss Foundation for Fine Watchmaking. These independent watchmaker brands still hope to have the opportunity to show themselves, perhaps because of this. In consideration, SIHH opened up a new area in the showroom for independent watchmakers. Therefore, it is not so surprising to add 9 new independent watch brands this year, and it seems understandable to add another 5 next year. It may increase in the future, or independent watch brands may withdraw.
SIHH exhibiting brands will reach 31 in 2017
    In my opinion, the number of SIHH participating brands has increased to 31 (the original 15, plus 9 new additions this year, and 7 new additions next year), and they are all fine watchmaking brands, and the difference between Basel Watch Exhibition More prominent. The feeling is that SIHH seems to be more like setting its own benchmark and authority, representing the most outstanding standards and cutting-edge concepts of Switzerland’s watchmaking industry, while the Basel watch exhibition is more like a comprehensive exhibition The highlight lies in the brand’s own grasp, and entering SIHH is almost like a halo.
Helpless to open to the public all day?
    There is a very important difference between SIHH and BaselWorld. SIHH is a closed-door exhibition. Only when invited by the organizing committee is it eligible to enter and is not open to the public. BaselWorld is accessible by purchasing tickets. But this time, the Organizing Committee stated that SIHH in 2017 will have a public open day. As long as you buy tickets for 70-80 Swiss francs per person, you can enter the viewing, which is slightly higher than BaselWorld’s 65 Swiss francs.

    This is the first time SIHH has tried to open to the outside world, which means that more people will be able to access new SIHH products as soon as possible. If opening has great benefits, then why did it not open in the past and open now? Obviously, the sharp decline in the number of participants this year has also stimulated the organizing committee to a certain extent, and it also shows that the market is uncertain and needs to be changed. Therefore, opening up is an attempt. If it works, then it will continue to open up. If the effect is not obvious, it will end.
    However, it must be acknowledged that the main reason why BaselWorld becomes an annual event is that it is open. At this time, many people choose to stay in Basel, Switzerland for a few days. The event attracted many people. If SIHH is also open for one day, then it will be an opportunity for the public. With the high reputation built by SIHH over the years, I believe that many people will be willing to go there.
   Therefore, choosing to open at this time will undoubtedly help alleviate the more tense industry situation now.