Gold Watches In The Eyes Of Successful Men 15 Gold Watches With Highlights

Specially selected 15 gold watches with highlights, analyzed the design and function of each watch, summarized the highlights, and gave our reminders. Formal watch
On the one hand, the classic three-hand model is still considered the most gentlemanly and safest. On the other hand, sports watches such as Earl Polo Fifty Five, Blancpain 50, and IWC Aquatime have also begun to enter the room, and wearing it to dinner is even more standard.
Zenith 1995 Remake
¥ 120,000
Design: nostalgic style, black dial plus ultra-thin, very low-key.
Function: Swiss Observatory certification table with high accuracy.
Highlights: Classic watch, no one can see your true identity and wealth level when wearing it.
Reminder: Don’t bring it when sweating, the president will rust. Langer 1815
¥ 160,000
Design: blue steel hands, German silver plywood, pure German descent, more tough and delicate.
Function: Equipped with sesame chain movement, sesame chain is a particularly small transmission device similar to a bicycle chain, which is more accurate.
Highlights: This year’s Geneva watch exhibition star models, replica watches masterpieces.
Reminder: Be better with it, the more delicate the watch, the more coquettish.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Slim
¥ 109,000
Design: minimalist two hands plus small seconds, ultra-thin movement only 1.85mm. The dial is enlarged to 38mm, which is more fashionable. .
Function: The back of the case is transparent, you can observe the movement of the exquisite movement.
Highlights: It’s a classic. The earliest watch you know looks like this.
Reminder: It fits your wrist very well, but you still have to remember to remove it when washing your hands.
Jacques de twelve city time display
¥ 267,000
Design: There is only one minute hand, which is always displayed by the 12 o’clock window. Black ‘grandfeu’ grand enamel dial.
Function: Time display for 12 cities.
Highlights: Very good business watch, enough for global travel.
Reminder: Precious metals are easy to scratch, so do n’t wear them everyday. Girard Perregaux 1966 Full Calendar
¥ 160,000
Design: Contains complex functions, but the dial is very simple and looks very comfortable.
Function: Full calendar, including calendar, week, month. There is also a moon phase function.
Highlights: both internal and external, cost-effective.
Reminder: Do not wear when exercising. Montblanc Timewalker Automatic Chronograph
¥ 122.49 thousand
Design: unique avant-garde, lugs and hands are hollow.
Function: chronograph.
Highlights: Wear it when you attend a dinner, you will look more interesting than others.
Reminder: Be sure to press Stop and then reset to zero, otherwise the movement will be easily damaged. Ti Bvlgari Sotirio Bulgari Date Retrograde Watch
¥ 132,000
Design: Minimal, leaving only the 12 o’clock position, the lugs are retracted inward, and the entire watch is like an hourglass.
Function: Date retrograde.
Highlights: An openable gold cover is added to the transparent bottom cover, which can protect the movement without affecting the viewing.
Reminder: It is very heavy, remember to tighten the strap tightly. Patek Philippe Ref. 5130R
¥ 348,800
Design: Although it is a world timepiece, the eyebrows are very clear, and the ring design of the hour hand is very unique.
Function: It can display 24 time zone time, first use the crown to adjust the hour and minute hand to the correct time in the current time zone at 12 o’clock, and then just switch the time zone by pressing the ten o’clock position, the hour and minute hand will jump to the local Time is up.
Highlights: The world’s most easy-to-operate timepiece, it’s not too much to choose it as the best business watch.
Reminder: Don’t keep playing, nothing, no watch can stand this kind of trouble.
High-end sports watch
Few major manufacturers can’t produce high-end sports watches. Advanced sports watches are higher in water resistance, design and ruggedness than regular sports watches. The most popular now is red gold with black ceramic and rubber straps. It is increasingly adding complication. In particular, the pursuit of new materials, emphasis on high-tech, titanium, forged carbon, PVD, tantalum and other materials are often used. Because it is extremely masculine, it has won the favor of sports stars.
Hublot Big Bang
¥ 172,000
Design: mix and match ceramic, rose gold and rubber, 44mm oversized dial.
Function: chronograph with central seconds function and date display.
Highlights: Very masculine, wearing it will definitely become the highlight of Party.
Reminder: Don’t wear it to sauna. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore
¥ 354,000
Design: The unique octagonal shell and the embedded screws are revolutionary designs, and the hand-carved exclusive oversized checkered decoration.
Function: chronograph, power reserve 60 hours, waterproof depth up to 100 meters.
Highlights: Representative of high-end sports watches.
Reminder: Think about your fitness before you buy it.
Minjiang Siddenton
¥ 316,000
Design: Large calendar display window, make the date clear and easy to read. Equipped with an anti-magnetic soft iron isolation plate to protect the movement from magnetic interference.
Function: diving watch, automatic chronograph, water-resistant to about 150 meters.
Highlights: VC is the only sports series of VC, and the most affordable series. A typical yacht watch that balances diving and swimming.
Reminder: It also comes with a rubber band, so you can wear it both for diving and dinner.
米 Omega Constellation Dual Eagle Coaxial Chronograph
¥ 155,200
Design: The dial is lined with carbon fiber texture, and more details of the watch are also covered with black rubber. The back of the strap is embossed, making it more comfortable to wear.
Function: high ball watch, chronograph.
Highlights: Exclusive coaxial escapement system, which improves the accuracy while extending the life.
Reminder: Yes, it is earthquake resistant, but try not to wear it to swim.
IWC Aquatimer
¥ 163,000
Design: As a full-featured sports watch, it is still elegant and comfortable.
Function: diving watch, chronograph.
Highlights: For any occasion, a typical representative of the Mix style, you can wear it directly to the evening dress.
Reminder: Be careful it bulges out of your French shirt cuffs.
Chopard 1000 Miglia
¥ 81,000
Design: The straps bear the texture of the famous Dunlop racing tires of the 1960s, and the dial is the classic red and white racing logo. Swiss official chronometer certified automatic winding movement
Features: racing watch, chronograph
Highlights: It is a classic racing watch. The round case and tire pattern strap represent the heritage of mechanical spirit.
Reminder: Don’t wear it in formal clothes.
    Blancpain 5 噚
¥ 239.5 thousand
Design: The oversized hour markers and hands ensure the best readability of the watch, and the unique luminous technology guarantees clear readings in the deep sea.
Function: diving watch, chronograph
Highlights: Unlike ordinary diving watches, it can operate freely at a depth of 300 meters.
Reminder: It was born for undersea agents and has semi-military uses. Do n’t let it overdo it.