Graff 2015 Basel Double Time Zone Tourbillon Overlord Moment

Graff MasterGRAFF Grand Date Dual Time Zone Tourbillon Diamond Watch combines floating tourbillon, dual time zone function and real-time conversion of midnight to display the super large date display. Three complex technologies are breathtaking. The watch uses the unique GRAFF Calibre 5 movement of the Graf luxury watch, showing the brainchild of an expert team who has devoted more than 2,000 hours of research.

 Graf MasterGRAFF Grand Date dual time zone tourbillon diamond watch, combining top watchmaking technology and extraordinary design, show the most gorgeous watch momentum

Among the many meticulously carved details, the most noticeable one is the bezel with diamonds and the dial and lugs with diamonds, which are carefully set with Graf’s unique diamond mosaic technology. Even more brilliant. The unique mosaic setting technology developed by Graf master craftsmen over a year has reproduced perfectly cut diamond facets. This patent brings together Graf’s expertise in sourcing rough, design and setting, creating a unique effect.
Michel Pitteloud, CEO of Graf Luxury Watches, said: ‘The MasterGRAFF Grand Date dual time zone tourbillon diamond watch is a truly rare iconic timepiece that combines the best Swiss watch technology with Graf’s superb gem setting technology. It’s extraordinary. ‘
He added: ‘GRAFF Calibre 5 brings together more than 2,000 hours of research and development from a team of experts, which perfectly demonstrates that Graf has always been committed to promoting innovation and excellence, bringing innovative masterpieces to the watch industry, so that each series can reach another peak. . ‘
At 12 o’clock, the watch is embellished with Graf Icon-shaped emeralds, demonstrating the brand’s insistence on details, and the transparent sapphire case back allows the wearer to appreciate the Graf Icon logo on the movement, which is unique.