January 14, 2011 To February 6, 2011 Jaquet Droz Exhibited In Geneva

Pierre Jaquet Droz, born in 1721 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, is a genius in mechanical terms, a true legend. In 1738, he had just founded the Manufacture of Haute Horlogerie Jaquet Droz, and immediately enjoyed a high reputation in the industry for his outstanding watch design and unique creative model.
 When Pierre Jaquet Droz opened his second watchmaking factory in London in 1774, his strategic courage and his ambitious vision attracted the attention of countless people, as if the sun was hanging above London Just as compelling. He was the first person who was not satisfied with the potential of the London market. He set his sights on China of that period. It gained an opportunity to directly enter the Forbidden City through London, and the Chinese market also ushered in its opportunity.

 In 1784, Pierre Jaquet Droz decided to move to Geneva, and his life could never leave the city’s art and culture. Soon, he and his adopted son, Jean-Frédéric Leschot, decided to establish the first true watch factory in Geneva together. The brand’s third factory specializes in the production of small batches of watches and watches and the export of luxury watches incorporating musical elements. Not only outstanding by automata, but also unique design.

 More than 225 years after the opening of this watch factory, Montres Jaquet Droz is in a fabulous place in Geneva, and it is unveiled in Cité du Temps for about three hundred years.
 All people participating in this event will have the opportunity to experience the cultural and artistic accumulation of Jaquet Droz over the past three hundred years, including cymbals, snuff boxes, table clocks, pocket watches and many other historic artworks, especially those from 1785 to the present A well-known work, the iconic Grande Seconde, the brand draws inspiration from it to create this series of glory.
 At the same time, this opportunity is very rare for anyone who has previously watched or had the opportunity to watch the Rede Grande Seconde SW Red Gold, SW Chrono, and Twelve Cities Ivory Enamel.

 In the end, the highlight of the exhibition is the Time Writing Machine, a perfect interpretation of Jaquet Droz’s automatic technology, which is still famous from the 18th century to the present.
For two centuries, Jaquet Droz has left a deep impression on the princes and nobles of Europe. In the early 21st century, Jaquet Droz, due to his ingenious craftsmanship, gave birth to a masterpiece, realizing the traveler’s ultimate dream of using words to record time.
 The exhibition was exhibited in Geneva from January 14, 2011 to February 6, 2011.
Cité du Temps-Pont de la Machine-1204 Genève-www.citedutemps.com
Source: JaquetDroz SA-www.jaquetdroz.com