Langue’s Fourth ‘pour Le Mérite’ Watch Introduction

Lange presents a special edition of 15 limited edition watches for the brand’s fourth ‘Pour le M & eacute; rite’, achieving the highest level of superb craftsmanship. The honey-colored gold case, the built-in sesame chain transmission and the tourbillon make the watch extremely precise and complicate.

The Saxon brand Lange presented Richard Lange TOURBILLON & ldquo; Pour le M & eacute; rite & rdquo; at the Geneva Fine Watch & Jewellery Show just in January. So far, Lange has created only four complex masterpieces with the honor of ‘Pour le M & eacute; rite’, equipped with sesame chain transmission. The outstanding mechanical structure ensures that the watch is driven with stable power throughout the entire power reserve time and maintains accurate travel time.

The inspiration of the watch comes from the exquisite ancestors, who pushed the extraordinary watchmaking technology to the extreme, and rushed to the peak of ‘HANDWERKSKUNST’. Saxon watchmakers have given the new look to traditional craftsmanship, carefully crafting dials and movements with original designs. The honey-colored gold case represents the brand’s unwavering determination for the technical excellence of the Lange watch owner. This innovative gold alloy has a Vickers hardness of up to 300 HV, which is much stronger than other alloys.

The dial made of the same material is decorated with a pattern called ‘Tremblage’, which is one of the traditional carving techniques. The engraver continuously loops the lining cutter in eight different directions to form a grainy texture similar to the three-dimensional forged finish. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can admire the 3/4 splint made of untreated German silver and adorned with a sunburst. The four-wheel bridge is decorated with engraved embossed engraving. This technique is different from the common gravure engraving in that the engraved engraving technique can three-dimensionally sculpt the pattern on the material, making the effect more beautiful.

This mini masterpiece is equipped with diamond endstones as tourbillon bearings. The watch’s patented stop-second mechanism allows the time setting to be accurate to the second. The circular window of the adjuster sees the movement parts that are rotating and swinging at the same time. In order to allow the watch owner to appreciate the pleasing mechanical operation, the adjacent hour dial also adopts a unique cutting design. At 1 to 6, the rotating dial displays Complete scale, and disappeared at 12 o’clock.
This extraordinary collection is limited to 15 pieces and is exclusively available at five Lange stores in Dresden, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong.