Mysterious Buyer Buys 1282 Diamonds The World’s Most Expensive Watch

At the Basel Watch Fair this year, a Hublot diamond watch with a price of USD 5 million (approximately RMB 31.53 million) was unveiled. It was bought by a mysterious Singapore buyer the next day. go. This watch, hailed as the world’s first and the most expensive watch, took the luxury to the extreme with the stun of those who had the pleasure to see its face: a total of 1282 diamonds, total diamond weight over 140 carats, of which 6 grandmothers Green diamonds each exceed 3 carats. From dials, straps, cases, and even hands to diamonds, diamonds, or diamonds! In order to make this watch, 17 experts spent 14 months … I am afraid it will be difficult for future generations to make a watch that exceeds its value. It is such a precious one. Diamond capacity is hard to exceed
In the traditional concept of high-end jewelry watches, from the design to the processing, the principle of “emphasis and set off existing gemstones” has been followed, but this Hublot jewelry watch is bold and completely contrary to it— — This time, diamonds that were supposed to play a supporting role stole the limelight.
From big to small, this jewellery watch designed for single women all shows off a theme: diamond, diamond, or diamond. The case is inlaid with 302 diamonds, the crown is inlaid with 12, the dial is inlaid with 179, and the strap is inlaid with 782 … Small details, such as hands, are also polished with diamonds, which reminds you at all times that it shines and is everywhere.
In fact, at the Basel Watch Fair last year, Hublot shocked four people with a Big Bang diamond tourbillon watch with 2 million euros and 638 square diamonds. Just when people thought it was an insurmountable diamond watch, Hublot said they would challenge it again. This year, they said they could do it, vowing to go to the end of luxury.
This time, the CEO of the brand, Jean Claude Beaver, spoke. Because the area of ​​the dial is limited, it is almost impossible to make a more expensive watch than this year. Therefore, this watch should be unique. It’s hard to surpass. Faced with the ever-increasing purchasing power of women in the world of watches, what this watch wants to express is that behind a $ 5 million astronomical watch, there is an extremely elegant woman. She has thousands of high-quality collections like a painting. High-quality diamond, it is a gorgeous diamond show, the charm shines only need to raise the wrist to complete.
Unique pinnacle
17 masters took 14 months
To guarantee the perfect “performance” of thousands of diamonds, what is needed is the craftsmanship of a skilled and experienced cutting master. From design to production, this watch used 17 masters, including 7 months of carving by 12 cutters, and 7 months of setting by 5 inlays, which took a total of 14 months. Diamond cutters participated in the initial design phase and sought out the diamond that best matched the complex structure of the case, dial and strap. It took just a year to just pick the largest diamonds from the rough across the globe, as well as the other 1,276 diamonds. Each diamond is carefully selected to ensure that each other’s quality and color are uniform. The selected diamonds are of the highest quality, with a clarity of VVS and a color that meets the top Wessel standards.
Then the diamonds need to be reprocessed one by one to ensure that they are perfectly integrated with the watch. GIA certified 6 emerald-shaped large diamonds are all cut by a master with 40 years of experience from New York to ensure that these diamonds have the same style and have the same cutting ‘signature’. The inlaying division also exerted his best efforts to fully demonstrate the most exquisite skills of the jewelry setting industry to ensure the perfect combination of watches and diamonds.
Of course, in addition to the luxurious appearance, it is also extremely complicated in terms of craftsmanship and functions. For example, the hands use diamond polished rhodium-plated hollowwork, the case back is embedded with a ring, the HUBLOT stamp is carved in 18K white gold, and it is equipped with the HUB1100 automatic winding mechanical movement The vibration frequency is 28,800 times per hour, and the power reserve is about 42 hours … This is not only a watch with its own appearance, but a watch that is perfect both inside and outside.
Technical Parameters
Limited 1 piece
A total of 1282 diamonds, more than 100 Kara diamonds
Case diameter 44mm, 18K white gold set with 302 square diamonds, totaling 27 carats
★ Table mirror Sapphire mirror with anti-reflective coating on the inside and outside, and metal HUBLOT logo
★ Crown 18K white gold with 12 square diamonds, a total of 0.67 carats, a rose-cut diamond, 1.06 carats
Dial 25.6mm in diameter, 18K white gold, 150 palladium, set with 179 square diamonds, totaling 8.75 carats
Power reserve: about 42 hours
★ Strap 18K white gold set with 782 square diamonds, totaling 45 carats, 6 emerald-cut diamonds, each over 3 carats, 18K white gold folding buckle