Ocean Charm Hermès Clipper Series Watch

Since the launch of the first watch by Hermes in 1928, you can see the determination of the brand. Under the premise of timelessness, Hermes has always adhered to the concept of ‘competing with time and not competing with brands.’ , With a cautious pace to the development of advanced mechanical watches. Hermès has made it step by step. Starting from the good design side, we can see the brand’s usual texture on the dial, movement, and strap of the watch. Compete with time, not with brands
Hermès currently has a total of 14 different product lines. Starting from the outward expansion of its own leather products, it has not achieved any achievements so far. Taking silk products as an example, it has formed alliances with the world’s top textile and printing and dyeing factories. Or cooperate with independent operating merchants. Even if the intermediate process has gone through war, its solid cooperation is still so far. However, it is this respect and mutual trust that makes more workshops with excellent craftsmanship willing to work for Hermès. Various attitudes It also implements Hermès’ pursuit of watches.
Porthole inspired bezel design
In 1981, Hermès officially launched the Clipper watch. The model was created by the brand’s most senior designer Henri d ‘Origny. The bezel-like bezel and the H-shaped strap on behalf of the brand make it instantly recognizable. The biggest feature of the ship’s portholes is that they are mostly circular based on mechanical principles. When external pressure is applied, the external force can be evenly distributed to each part. Under the condition that the perimeter is fixed, the circular area is also larger than that of other shapes. Large, and when the weather is bad, it is an important medium for sailors to observe the outside world. It can use such a representative maritime element on the watch. At that time, the majority of attention received remains the same, and it is the brand’s tribute to the 19th century sailing boat. Nostalgia.
This series of watches is inextricably linked to the ocean. Since its launch, it has been a constant winner of Hermès global sales. The Clipper, a fast and easy-to-manage barque, has inspired designers to draw inspiration from the sea, and has also extended The diversified series of watches Yunwen Yunwu, from the basic three-pin, two-time power reserve watches, jewelry watches, to diving watches and chronographs, etc., have unique appearance and Function, if it is offensive, such as the two-place time power reserve watch, the clear pointer-type two-place time display and power reserve are helpful for rapid interpretation. If diving performance is considered, it can be turned to unidirectional rotation The bezel, the widened bezel also has a chronograph scale, and at the same time, the outer periphery of the bezel is also added with a zigzag design, which is more convenient for the wearer to operate, and the screw-in crown and push handle also adhere to the waterproofness of the diving watch.
On the straps that Hermès excels in, in addition to leather straps, the use of stainless steel straps and rubber straps is also outstanding. Especially recently, both the straps and the dials have brand new colors. They are all Clipper series straps. Comes with colorful vitality. It has been 28 years since the launch of the Clipper series. It appears to Hermès as a basic model and has a wide range of plasticity. No matter what direction or the significance of the model, you can find the most suitable positioning in the design surface that keeps pace with the times. Innovative face tone
爱 Since Hermès acquired part of the equity of the top professional movement factory Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier, and released the first self-made movement in 2008, the brand’s journey in professional watchmaking has therefore become more robust and the works have continued. At the 2010 Basel Watch and Clock Fair, Hermes also continued the brand’s creative style, with the theme of ‘waves of light’, cleverly selected the brand’s key ‘CACH’ series, including the annual main representative Clipper series, and Arceau, Cape Cod and H-our series, the watch to be introduced this time is the diving chronograph stopwatch in the Clipper series, 44mm and 36mm models, respectively, combining titanium alloy and stainless steel, its material characteristics are light and strong, as for the color of the rubber strap, Between bold orange and classic black, a brand-new brown strap was created. In addition, the newly designed stainless steel band was composed of the ‘H’ -shaped band symbolizing Hermès. , But also in the brand’s characteristics. Hermès continues to grow and develop on the way of watchmaking, and is committed to implementing its watchmaking vision, combining time, exquisite craftsmanship and patience, just to make a precious and excellent timekeeping object.