Feeling Heritage And Innovation Rolex Week Calendar 40 Shanghai Exhibition Event Recruitment

The Oyster Perpetual Day of the Week calendar is well-received by celebrities and prominent figures, and therefore enjoys the reputation of ‘the table of heads of state’. At this year’s Baselworld 2015, Rolex presents its new Oyster Perpetual Weekly Calendar 40 watch, available in 950 platinum, 18ct yellow, white gold or eternal rose gold. The essence of reinterpretation.

   The latest generation of 3255 mechanical movement, with 14 patents, is excellent in precision, power reserve, shock resistance, anti-magnetic, convenient and reliable, easy to use, and very reliable. This movement is equipped with a special Chronergy escapement newly designed by Rolex, which is energy efficient, reliable and reliable.
   Today’s Watch House is proud to inform you that on the upcoming December 19, Watch House will host a special preview of Rolex’s weekly calendar 40 new products, which will be located in the “Rolex World • World” on the Bund in Shanghai. (The Rolex Experience), please see the registration details below.

    This event is located in the “Rolex World • World” in Shanghai. It integrates brand history, sponsored event theme exhibitions, classic watch displays and watch sales. This exhibition gathers Rolex classic heritage style, bringing visitors a real name Annual new product appreciation and full interactive brand experience.
Rolex 2015 week calendar 40 exhibition details:
Activity time: December 19, 2015 at 11:00 am (check-in starts at 10:30)
Address of Exhibition: 1st Floor, No. 27 Zhongshan East First Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Registration method: scan the official WeChat QR code of the watch home to register, or manually enter the WeChat account: xbiao2013 Follow registration (requires name, mobile phone number, location)

Langue’s Fourth ‘pour Le Mérite’ Watch Introduction

Lange presents a special edition of 15 limited edition watches for the brand’s fourth ‘Pour le M & eacute; rite’, achieving the highest level of superb craftsmanship. The honey-colored gold case, the built-in sesame chain transmission and the tourbillon make the watch extremely precise and complicate.

The Saxon brand Lange presented Richard Lange TOURBILLON & ldquo; Pour le M & eacute; rite & rdquo; at the Geneva Fine Watch & Jewellery Show just in January. So far, Lange has created only four complex masterpieces with the honor of ‘Pour le M & eacute; rite’, equipped with sesame chain transmission. The outstanding mechanical structure ensures that the watch is driven with stable power throughout the entire power reserve time and maintains accurate travel time.

The inspiration of the watch comes from the exquisite ancestors, who pushed the extraordinary watchmaking technology to the extreme, and rushed to the peak of ‘HANDWERKSKUNST’. Saxon watchmakers have given the new look to traditional craftsmanship, carefully crafting dials and movements with original designs. The honey-colored gold case represents the brand’s unwavering determination for the technical excellence of the Lange watch owner. This innovative gold alloy has a Vickers hardness of up to 300 HV, which is much stronger than other alloys.

The dial made of the same material is decorated with a pattern called ‘Tremblage’, which is one of the traditional carving techniques. The engraver continuously loops the lining cutter in eight different directions to form a grainy texture similar to the three-dimensional forged finish. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can admire the 3/4 splint made of untreated German silver and adorned with a sunburst. The four-wheel bridge is decorated with engraved embossed engraving. This technique is different from the common gravure engraving in that the engraved engraving technique can three-dimensionally sculpt the pattern on the material, making the effect more beautiful.

This mini masterpiece is equipped with diamond endstones as tourbillon bearings. The watch’s patented stop-second mechanism allows the time setting to be accurate to the second. The circular window of the adjuster sees the movement parts that are rotating and swinging at the same time. In order to allow the watch owner to appreciate the pleasing mechanical operation, the adjacent hour dial also adopts a unique cutting design. At 1 to 6, the rotating dial displays Complete scale, and disappeared at 12 o’clock.
This extraordinary collection is limited to 15 pieces and is exclusively available at five Lange stores in Dresden, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong.

Charlotte Casiraghi Becomes Montblanc’s Global Spokesperson

During the 25th Geneva International High-level Watch Salon (SIHH), Montblanc announced that equestrian champion, philanthropist, writer and producer Charlotte Casiraghi has become the global spokesperson for the brand. Her confidence, fashion and elegance complement Ms. Montblanc’s image.

Montblanc global spokesperson Charlotte Casiraghi

From Charlotte Casiraghi’s body, it seems that she can see the shadow of her grandmother, Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco: exquisite features, outstanding temperament, elegant aristocratic style, and graduated from the famous French university of Paris Bang University is more full of the confidence of modern women. She has worked as a journalist and editor for many international publications. She has also independently established magazines on environmental protection and fashion, and a film production company. This bold attitude in the workplace is exactly the best example of Ms. Bao Xi.

Obsessed with sports is another characteristic of Charlotte Casiraghi. Not only is he good at skating, skiing, swimming, but also has an extraordinary love for equestrian. He has participated in many international events such as the Equestrian World Championship Tour and more. In 2010 he served as Honorary Chairman of International Jump Monte Carlo. For her, equestrian gave her ‘strength of advancement, courage to fight, rare confidence and precious strength’, and taught her ‘learn humility.’ Not only that, but she is also a firm and enthusiastic philanthropist, and often supports the Monaco charity.

From fashion icons, female athletes, to pioneer entrepreneurs, and enthusiastic philanthropists, Charlotte Casiraghi has balanced multiple identities in life. Her charming style, beauty and personality charm perfectly represent the contemporary that Montblanc respects Ms. Bao Xi’s traits: independence, confidence, inspiration, and great talent.

Montblanc CEO Jerome Lambert and Charlotte Casiraghi

At the press conference dinner, Charlotte Casiraghi wore a Montblanc Bohème ladies’ watch elegantly. This series launched for contemporary women has a dazzling glory of tenderness and ability under her interpretation.

The Display System Of Mechanical Watches

The key part of the auxiliary drive in mechanical watches is the display system. To put it plainly, how time is displayed. To explain the display system in professional words, the meaning is to allow the mechanical watch to calculate the time output mode, usually with the hour, minute and second hands to achieve. The second wheel is directly connected to the main drive train, while the minute and hour wheels are branched off from the main drive train. The wearer directly drives the minute and hour wheels through the set of dial hands, so as to quickly adjust the position indicated by the hour and minute hands to achieve the correct time display required.
Big three stitches
   The most common mechanical watch display is commonly known as the ‘big three hands’, which refers to the hour wheel, minute wheel and second wheel are coaxially set at the center of the movement, and the hour, minute and second hands are installed, three length Different hands to indicate the hours, minutes and seconds, respectively. The hour hand is the shortest and thickest hand, working at a speed of one revolution every 12 hours. The minute hand is longer and thinner than the hour hand, working at a speed of one revolution per hour. The thinnest and longest is the second hand, which works at a speed of one revolution per minute, and it is the most conspicuous hand and the busiest hand. The second wheel connected to it is directly controlled by the speed control system to control its rotation speed. Therefore, the second is the timing basis of the mechanical watch, which directly affects the accuracy of the mechanical watch.
Display system
   We have said that the main drive chain includes the drive train, drive train, escapement and vibration system, and the display system is connected to the main drive chain and integrated into it. In addition to the most basic display wheel train-hour wheel, minute wheel and second wheel, it also includes a straddle wheel that is responsible for changing the rotation speed. The span wheel is formed by integrally fixing the span wheel piece and the span gear shaft. It sets the well-known minute wheel that rotates once every 1 hour and the hour wheel that rotates once every 12 hours converted by the cross gear ratio. The basic transmission forms of the movement are divided according to the position where the two wheels meshing with the box wheel of the prime mover are set at the movement. Movement center) two categories. Then the transmission method of the display system is correspondingly divided into two types-the center two-wheel display system and the partial two-wheel display system, and the core to distinguish the two types of display systems is the friction wheel mechanism.

ETA2892 partial two-wheel movement
Friction wheel mechanism
   The main characteristic of the friction wheel splitter mechanism is that the wheel splitter forms a friction relationship with the mated parts, which means that the two are integrated through an elastic structure and have a certain frictional torque. When the input torque is less than the friction torque, the two rotate synchronously; when the input torque is greater than the friction torque, one of the parts will be driven separately with respect to the part that cooperates with it. When the movement is running normally, the minute wheel rotates synchronously with the gear on the main transmission chain through the friction mechanism, and its rotation speed is one revolution per hour. When the time needs to be adjusted, the minute wheel is driven by the dial wheel train. Due to the friction relationship, this action will not affect the normal operation of the main drive in the movement. After the adjustment time is over, the two will rotate together through frictional cooperation.
Center two-wheel display system
   The center two-wheeled display system’s friction minute wheel mechanism includes two parts-the center two wheel and the minute wheel.
   The center two round top E is processed into a taper step. The middle and lower part B of the split wheel has a certain elastic thin wall and a groove recess, and the two form a friction fit relationship in these two regions. The A and B positions of the center two wheels are matched with jewel bearings, so that this wheel is controlled. The position C is processed to connect the shaft teeth with the box wheel; the position D gear is connected to the main drive train. The A position of the split wheel is an inner hole that matches the center second wheel. The C position is machined to connect the shaft teeth with the main drive chain; the D position is used to assemble the minute hand.

Center two-wheel display friction wheel
Partial wheel display system
   The position of the sub-wheel A in the partial-wheel display system is an inner hole matched with the support shaft. The tapered step in the B position and the three elastic inner claws in the C position of the split wheel piece cooperate to form a friction relationship, and the effect is consistent with the friction split wheel mechanism of the center two-wheel display system. The D position is used to assemble the minute hand. The difference between the two-wheel friction split wheel mechanism and the center two wheel is that the function of the split wheel is equal to that of the center wheel in the movement. The split wheel is connected to the main transmission chain.

Partial wheel display friction wheel diagram
Colorful time display

1. The watchmaker of independent watchmaking brand URWEAK-Baumgartner’s unique secret is the satellite dice hour display. This design was born in the 1990s and has been for more than ten years. The feature of this technology is that the dice showing the hour number can rotate and revolve under the setting of the turntable. There are three dice that can be rotated on the turntable. Each side of the dice has 4 hours printed on it. Its regularity is that the difference of 4 numbers is 3, that is, a group of 1, 4, 7, 10, a group of 2, 5, 8, 11, and a group of 3, 6, 9, and 12. The minutes are displayed in a retrograde manner, and the two display the time through a linkage mechanism. In addition to the time display, the satellite display system can also be extended to the annual calendar display function. There are 12 months and the corresponding calendar is up to 31 days. This correspondence has a very tacit internal correlation with the 12 hours and 60 minutes. URWEAK implemented the coexistence display mode of satellite time and satellite almanac with CR-1001 Zeit Device;

2. Harry Winston opus11, an innovative design by French watchmaker Denis Giguet, has a very special time display, which fully reflects the designer’s concept of ‘deconstructing time’. The appearance of this watch is composed of three parts. The semicircular area in the upper left corner displays the minute, the semicircular area in the lower right corner is the base of the balance spring system, and the largest transparent circular area is the biggest highlight of this watch— ‘moving time display mechanism.’ ‘. The so-called traveling type refers to the display of time by a decomposed time digital disk carried by the satellite trains in motion. Each satellite train contains three pairs of irregular faces and is engraved with pre-calculated hours. These four satellite gear trains are located on a rotatable turntable at the same time. After rigorous planetary gear train calculations, one side of each satellite gear train is combined with each other and presented in the center of the dial to display the hour at that time. When the hour changes, the 24 literally set rotations on the four satellite trains are as if a group of small fishes shake their tails and disperse in a panic, waiting for the next meeting. The characteristic of the ‘walking time display mechanism’ is that the time display is composed of a time display digital dial in motion, and the biggest difficulty of this mechanism is the use of spatial solid gears, which is a small cone that I have been studying recently Gear linkage system;

3. The brand HYT combined mechanical watchmaking and liquid machinery at the 2012 Baselworld Watch Show to launch the world’s first hydraulically powered mechanical watch HYT H1. This movement was jointly developed by Bruno Moutarlier and the watchmaking team Chronode SA. The ‘hydraulic time display mechanism’ displays the flow of the fluorescent liquid for the hour controlled by the reservoir and the piston. The reservoir is used to store the fluorescent liquid for displaying the hour, and the piston provides the power for promoting the fluorescent liquid for the hour display. The hour fluorescent liquid flows out from the 6 o’clock position and the concave scale of the bezel indicates the hour digital display time. Two reservoirs are set at the 6 o’clock position. When one of the reservoirs is compressed, the other expands to form a liquid running in the catheter. With the continuous change of time, the volume of the fluorescent liquid in the tube increases accordingly. The meeting point of the two liquids is exactly the position of the hour at that time. When the time reaches 6:00, the fluorescent liquid will return in the form of a retrograde jump. initial position. This type of time display is definitely a unique initiative. The use of liquids provides engineers with more extensive thinking space for the development of mechanical watches. The successful experience of the hydraulic time display tells us that the design concept and design elements of mechanical watches can From any field, use the old saying ‘only the unexpected, not impossible’.
Author’s comment: The display of mechanical watches has a very important role as the output of time. With the evolution of the times and technological innovation, more and more imaginations have emerged, and an incredible way of displaying time has appeared. The reason is that many watchmakers will use the most direct time display of the watch as a stage for their own interpretation. The dial system corresponding to the novel display system is becoming more and more complicated, and it is gradually increasing in terms of design difficulty. .

Mysterious Buyer Buys 1282 Diamonds The World’s Most Expensive Watch

At the Basel Watch Fair this year, a Hublot diamond watch with a price of USD 5 million (approximately RMB 31.53 million) was unveiled. It was bought by a mysterious Singapore buyer the next day. go. This watch, hailed as the world’s first and the most expensive watch, took the luxury to the extreme with the stun of those who had the pleasure to see its face: a total of 1282 diamonds, total diamond weight over 140 carats, of which 6 grandmothers Green diamonds each exceed 3 carats. From dials, straps, cases, and even hands to diamonds, diamonds, or diamonds! In order to make this watch, 17 experts spent 14 months … I am afraid it will be difficult for future generations to make a watch that exceeds its value. It is such a precious one. Diamond capacity is hard to exceed
In the traditional concept of high-end jewelry watches, from the design to the processing, the principle of “emphasis and set off existing gemstones” has been followed, but this Hublot jewelry watch is bold and completely contrary to it— — This time, diamonds that were supposed to play a supporting role stole the limelight.
From big to small, this jewellery watch designed for single women all shows off a theme: diamond, diamond, or diamond. The case is inlaid with 302 diamonds, the crown is inlaid with 12, the dial is inlaid with 179, and the strap is inlaid with 782 … Small details, such as hands, are also polished with diamonds, which reminds you at all times that it shines and is everywhere.
In fact, at the Basel Watch Fair last year, Hublot shocked four people with a Big Bang diamond tourbillon watch with 2 million euros and 638 square diamonds. Just when people thought it was an insurmountable diamond watch, Hublot said they would challenge it again. This year, they said they could do it, vowing to go to the end of luxury.
This time, the CEO of the brand, Jean Claude Beaver, spoke. Because the area of ​​the dial is limited, it is almost impossible to make a more expensive watch than this year. Therefore, this watch should be unique. It’s hard to surpass. Faced with the ever-increasing purchasing power of women in the world of watches, what this watch wants to express is that behind a $ 5 million astronomical watch, there is an extremely elegant woman. She has thousands of high-quality collections like a painting. High-quality diamond, it is a gorgeous diamond show, the charm shines only need to raise the wrist to complete.
Unique pinnacle
17 masters took 14 months
To guarantee the perfect “performance” of thousands of diamonds, what is needed is the craftsmanship of a skilled and experienced cutting master. From design to production, this watch used 17 masters, including 7 months of carving by 12 cutters, and 7 months of setting by 5 inlays, which took a total of 14 months. Diamond cutters participated in the initial design phase and sought out the diamond that best matched the complex structure of the case, dial and strap. It took just a year to just pick the largest diamonds from the rough across the globe, as well as the other 1,276 diamonds. Each diamond is carefully selected to ensure that each other’s quality and color are uniform. The selected diamonds are of the highest quality, with a clarity of VVS and a color that meets the top Wessel standards.
Then the diamonds need to be reprocessed one by one to ensure that they are perfectly integrated with the watch. GIA certified 6 emerald-shaped large diamonds are all cut by a master with 40 years of experience from New York to ensure that these diamonds have the same style and have the same cutting ‘signature’. The inlaying division also exerted his best efforts to fully demonstrate the most exquisite skills of the jewelry setting industry to ensure the perfect combination of watches and diamonds.
Of course, in addition to the luxurious appearance, it is also extremely complicated in terms of craftsmanship and functions. For example, the hands use diamond polished rhodium-plated hollowwork, the case back is embedded with a ring, the HUBLOT stamp is carved in 18K white gold, and it is equipped with the HUB1100 automatic winding mechanical movement The vibration frequency is 28,800 times per hour, and the power reserve is about 42 hours … This is not only a watch with its own appearance, but a watch that is perfect both inside and outside.
Technical Parameters
Limited 1 piece
A total of 1282 diamonds, more than 100 Kara diamonds
Case diameter 44mm, 18K white gold set with 302 square diamonds, totaling 27 carats
★ Table mirror Sapphire mirror with anti-reflective coating on the inside and outside, and metal HUBLOT logo
★ Crown 18K white gold with 12 square diamonds, a total of 0.67 carats, a rose-cut diamond, 1.06 carats
Dial 25.6mm in diameter, 18K white gold, 150 palladium, set with 179 square diamonds, totaling 8.75 carats
Power reserve: about 42 hours
★ Strap 18K white gold set with 782 square diamonds, totaling 45 carats, 6 emerald-cut diamonds, each over 3 carats, 18K white gold folding buckle

Why Do Lexus Es Car Owners Have A “Wide And Horizontal” Heart?

When it comes to ‘Across the World’, I believe that many friends who like Hong Kong movies must remember that in the early 1990s, this classic film starring Chow Yun Fat, Leslie Cheung, Chung Chu Hong and directed by Wu Yusen was even praised The pinnacle of Hong Kong romantic police action films! ‘Across the Sea’ expresses the fluid beauty, especially the waltz on Chow Yun Fat’s wheelchair, which is a classic lens in the history of Hong Kong cinema. In the watch industry, Vacheron Constantin has an Overseas series, which translates the Chinese word for ‘wide and horizontal’, which is also very clever in my opinion. ‘Men should be everywhere’, which has also become a common saying of many watch lovers. In 1972, Audemars Piguet launched the Royal Oak series, setting the pace for luxury sports watches. Subsequently, Patek Philippe launched its own Nautilus series, and Vacheron Constantin launched the 222 series, which is the predecessor of the vertical and horizontal series. As a result, the luxury sports watch series of the three major brands of the world’s top watches have been laid out, and have been popular all over the world. Today’s Vacheron Constantin series has undergone three generations, the classic Maltese cross bezel, you can identify it at a glance. Different from the second generation, the Maltese crosses currently sold in the vertical and horizontal series are 6 teeth, while the second generation is 8 teeth. In addition, the third generation of vertical and horizontal series watches provide quick release function of the strap, and provide three straps: steel strap, crocodile strap, and adhesive tape for replacement. You know, when you buy a watch, you can provide the brand with three straps in the original factory. In my impression, I only have the Vacheron Constantin series. The advantages of the three straps are also very obvious. The combination of steel strap and dial is the most classic and can be worn in all seasons. The alligator strap is a configuration that a top brand should have, and it is more comfortable to wear in autumn and winter. Adhesive tape is the choice of sports. In terms of comfort, it should be the best of the three straps, especially suitable for summer wear. Therefore, friends who purchase the Vacheron Constantin Vertical and Horizontal series can enjoy three different wearing effects, which should also be regarded as one of the important selling points of the series. In addition, this generation of Vacheron Constantin has a “Geneva mark” across the whole system, which not only represents the pure origin, but also represents the world’s top precision. When it comes to the automotive industry, it can be the same as the Vacheron Constantin vertical and horizontal series. ‘One series can have three options.’ The most popular is the Lexus ES. As the Lexus brand’s best-selling model in China, the Lexus ES has three models: ES200, ES260 and ES300h. In terms of price range, the ES200 is an entry-level model equipped with a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine, and the price is less than 300,000. The ES260 uses a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated engine and has an F SPORT version to choose from. It is obviously the main sport. The ES300h is the model that best reflects Lexus hybrid technology. It can achieve the perfect balance of power and fuel consumption, while enjoying the official six-year or 150,000 km free warranty and maintenance policy. Today, the Lexus ES in the terminal market is still in a difficult situation. The ‘price increase and waiting’ has become a ‘clear rule’, which directly proves the domestic consumers’ recognition of the Lexus ES model. In line with the Chinese consumer’s ‘buy up but not buy down’ mentality, such cases in the watch industry are also common. In my opinion, there are many reasons for the success of the Lexus ES in the Chinese market. Among them, it can provide three kinds of powertrains, and the price covers luxury brand B-class and C-class vehicles, which satisfies consumers’ demand for luxury brand cars to the greatest extent. It must be one of the reasons. If you want to use a color to describe the Vacheron Constantin watch series, it must be blue, and the sea is naturally blue. I do n’t know when, blue has become the “standard” of luxury sports watches. Whether it’s Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak series or Patek Philippe’s Nautilus series, the blue dial is a hit, Vacheron Constantin. The vertical and horizontal series are not exclusive. Coincidentally, the blue of the Lexus ES is not only reflected in the LOGO, but also has a world-leading level in the field of oil-electric hybrids. In my opinion, the Vacheron Constantin series and the Lexus ES are all men who go forward. From ‘men should be everywhere’ to ‘I am a perfectionist’, these familiar words have actually touched the hearts of men. Who said that Lexus ES car owners don’t have a ‘cross-border’ heart? (Text / Qiu Xiaozheng)

January 14, 2011 To February 6, 2011 Jaquet Droz Exhibited In Geneva

Pierre Jaquet Droz, born in 1721 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, is a genius in mechanical terms, a true legend. In 1738, he had just founded the Manufacture of Haute Horlogerie Jaquet Droz, and immediately enjoyed a high reputation in the industry for his outstanding watch design and unique creative model.
 When Pierre Jaquet Droz opened his second watchmaking factory in London in 1774, his strategic courage and his ambitious vision attracted the attention of countless people, as if the sun was hanging above London Just as compelling. He was the first person who was not satisfied with the potential of the London market. He set his sights on China of that period. It gained an opportunity to directly enter the Forbidden City through London, and the Chinese market also ushered in its opportunity.

 In 1784, Pierre Jaquet Droz decided to move to Geneva, and his life could never leave the city’s art and culture. Soon, he and his adopted son, Jean-Frédéric Leschot, decided to establish the first true watch factory in Geneva together. The brand’s third factory specializes in the production of small batches of watches and watches and the export of luxury watches incorporating musical elements. Not only outstanding by automata, but also unique design.

 More than 225 years after the opening of this watch factory, Montres Jaquet Droz is in a fabulous place in Geneva, and it is unveiled in Cité du Temps for about three hundred years.
 All people participating in this event will have the opportunity to experience the cultural and artistic accumulation of Jaquet Droz over the past three hundred years, including cymbals, snuff boxes, table clocks, pocket watches and many other historic artworks, especially those from 1785 to the present A well-known work, the iconic Grande Seconde, the brand draws inspiration from it to create this series of glory.
 At the same time, this opportunity is very rare for anyone who has previously watched or had the opportunity to watch the Rede Grande Seconde SW Red Gold, SW Chrono, and Twelve Cities Ivory Enamel.

 In the end, the highlight of the exhibition is the Time Writing Machine, a perfect interpretation of Jaquet Droz’s automatic technology, which is still famous from the 18th century to the present.
For two centuries, Jaquet Droz has left a deep impression on the princes and nobles of Europe. In the early 21st century, Jaquet Droz, due to his ingenious craftsmanship, gave birth to a masterpiece, realizing the traveler’s ultimate dream of using words to record time.
 The exhibition was exhibited in Geneva from January 14, 2011 to February 6, 2011.
Cité du Temps-Pont de la Machine-1204 Genève-www.citedutemps.com
Source: JaquetDroz SA-www.jaquetdroz.com

Roger Dubuis And The 2nd ‘clocks And Miracles’

RogerDubuis Roger Dubuis is honored to be able to participate in the 2nd Asian Haute Horlogerie Show. This exhibition will be in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from Monday, September 29, 2014 to Thursday, October 2 held with grandeur. Continuing the successful response from the first session last year, Roger Dubuis specially designed the pavilion this year, perfectly presenting the unique innovative concept of the Hommage series and the charming style of the Velvet series Haute Joaillerie high-end jewelry timepieces, which have been well received by visitors.

A new opportunity to shine on the gorgeous Asian stage
Roger Dubuis Jean-Marc Pontroue ́s global CEO said with enthusiasm: ‘Roger Dubuis has many similarities with the Asian region. Our Asian customers have a keen appreciation of fine watches, The quality requirements are also extremely stringent. This year the brand has provided a series of outstanding timepiece creations for both men and women, showing Roger Dubuis’s superb and unique mechanical skills and that incomparable creative design, guaranteeing visitors Not disappointed. ‘
The Hommage series, which has been revived this year, can be called a very critical debut. The name and creative spirit of the series show the brand’s high respect for the history of watches and watchmakers. The Hommage series timepieces launched in 2014 include self-winding models and chronograph models, as well as a Hommage Flying Tourbillon Tribute to Mr. dedicated to the founder and ‘soul master’ Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis (tribute to Mr. Roger Dubuis) watches, the back of each timepiece of this series is engraved with the autograph of Mr. Roger Dubuis. All visitors to WATCHES & WONDERS 2014 can enjoy the Hommage Double Flying Tourbillon hand-engraved watch, which is a bold and novel combination of tradition and tradition. Modern craftsmanship, and the integration of strong compositional effects with complex details, is bound to bring an extraordinary sensory shock to the altarpiece. Visitors will also appreciate the new and outstanding creations of another Hommage series. As a world premiere, I believe that this timepiece will be deeply loved by Asian watch enthusiasts and collectors.

Roger Dubuis’s exhibition hall has always been exquisitely furnished, as if it were a creative show. This time, the performance in the 2014 watch and miracle-Asia’s High Watch Exhibition (WATCHES & WONDERS 2014) is no exception. In order to emphasize the new comeback of the Hommage series, the pavilion design also pays tribute to the watch industry in its unique way, which especially combines the mechanical beauty and organic creation of the steam punk era. At the exhibition site, the iconic Cuckoo Clock (Cuckoo Clock) and the classic Swiss wooden house were newly reinterpreted.A group of static mechanical statues represents the watchmaking masters from ancient times to the present, and they narrate the great watchmaking History leads visitors into the extraordinary world of the Hommage series: a world of ‘extraordinary machinery’.
In 2014, the online event “Goodbyecuckoo #Helloextraordinary” on the major social platforms during the preparation period of the SIHH International Haute Horlogerie Salon (Guru Goodbye # 非凡 你好), the response was enthusiastic and caused a sensation. In order to build up the popularity again, Roger Dubuis will launch a series of eight new albums from September 21st to 28th, and will release a film every day for the 2014 watches and miracles-Asian high-end watches Exhibition (WATCHES & WONDERS 2014) builds momentum and counts down the day. This online event will continue the previous level of creation and artistic style, and at the same time, it will add a touch of intriguing Asian characteristics. This series of albums will be fully exposed on Asia’s widely used social network platforms (WeChat, Sina Weibo, Youku, YouTube, Instagram), and will be promoted through word of mouth of a number of top opinion leaders in Asia.

Roger Dubuis has established a solid reputation and status in the Asian region.Many of its stores (including the recently opened ones located at the Hong Kong Central International Financial Centre Shopping Centre) are eagerly looking forward to 2014 watches and miracles. ——WATCHES & WONDERS 2014 can welcome watch lovers from all over the world.

Three-needle And One-line Tourbillon Iwc Portuguese Tourbillon Watch Real Shot

As one of the three complicated functions, the tourbillon was originally developed to offset the gravity of the pocket watch and improve the accuracy of the travel time, because the pocket watch is not worn on the wrist, but long. The time is in a delicate state, and the escapement of the movement maintains one direction. Due to the effect of gravity, it will inevitably affect the accuracy of the watch’s travel time for a long time. This is why Mr. Boucher invented the tourbillon Already. Today, the Watch House will bring you a IWC Portuguese Tourbillon watch, the official model is: IW544601.

 Although the tourbillon has played a great role in controlling the accuracy of the watch at the initial stage, but nowadays no one can guarantee how much the tourbillon can accurately control the watch, because the current watch is already It is worn on the wrist and swings with the person’s wrist, so the effect of gravity on it is very small.

 Since the tourbillon does not have a very obvious role, why do many brands still spare no effort to develop the tourbillon technology? Because the tourbillon technology of modern watches is mainly based on symbolic functions, major brands have spent a lot of energy on the development of tourbillons. For example, what are the two-axis three-dimensional, constant power and other tourbillons are in recent years. The main results. The picture shows a three-handed and one-line tourbillon watch from IWC.

 IWC’s three-pin and one-line tourbillon watch is made of 950 platinum, which is a low-key luxury. In addition to platinum, this model is also available in rose gold and white gold. The side of this watch is brushed for a beautiful and stylish look.

The watch is paired with a black alligator leather strap, sewn with black silk thread, soft and comfortable to wear on the wrist.

 On the side of the watch, we can see that it is brushed, beautiful and fashionable. According to official data, the thickness of this watch is 12.3 mm. From the picture we can see that there is a number under the side of the watch, 23/100, which means that this watch is limited to 100 pieces, and this one we shot is the 23rd of them.

 The tourbillon device at the 9 o’clock position of the watch. From here we can clearly see the operation of the watch tourbillon, watch the rotation of the balance wheel, watch the hairspring expand and tighten, and have to marvel at the charm of the machine.

 From this side we can clearly see the dial pattern setting of the watch, the watch uses a new standard needle design. The standard needle is different from the large three needle and the small three needle. Although the current watch mainly has the large three needle and the small three needle, this watch has a unique standard needle design.

 The black crocodile leather strap with platinum folding clasp is very convenient and safe after being adjusted.

 The watch is equipped with a cal.98845 manual winding movement, which is a special edition pocket watch movement that runs at 28800 revolutions per hour. It is designed with a beryllium bronze alloy balance wheel. The fine adjustment screws on the balance axis are eccentric. Both can be viewed through the sapphire crystal back and front.

Summary: At present, the design of the tourbillon is unique, and I always want to create something different. The original watch had a tourbillon, and I felt that it could not open up the gap with others, so there was a double tourbillon. With the appearance of the four tourbillons, I don’t think it will increase in number any more, because the watch classic is so large in total, if it is to be added, it will be a clock. The domestic price of this platinum three-pin and one-line tourbillon watch introduced by the Watch House today is 630,000 yuan.

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Jaeger’s Collaborates With Portuguese Artists To Launch Arte Portuguesa’s Sixth Theme Table

Jaeger-LeCoultre Arte Portuguesa was born to promote Portuguese art and culture. In addition to presenting noble Portuguese art, this series of theme watches is also the most classic series of watches under the brand. This time, in collaboration with Portuguese artist Julião Sarmento, to launch the sixth design of the Reverso watch, two models with the autograph of the master were launched.
 The Arte Portuguesa project was published in 2000 by Pedro Torres. Torres is the founder of the modern art company and the representative of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Portuguese brand. He is committed to working with well-known Portuguese artists to present the beauty of time in an artistic way.
Evolution from personal design to wearable artwork
 Adhering to the spirit of Art Deco, Reverso’s reversible case gives collectors more personal choices, establishes a close relationship between the wearer and the watch, and makes the watch unique in their hearts. Collection. Since 1931, Reverso watches have grown continuously, combining many complex watchmaking techniques and providing comprehensive personalized services from simple engraving to enamel painting.

Portuguese artist Sarmento is passionate about presenting the beauty of women by personifying time.

 The Reverso / Arte Portuguesa limited edition model can be said to be one of the most exquisite models in the Reverso series. Pedro Torres, founder of the modern art company, enlisted the most famous Portuguese artists such as Júlio Pomar, Manuel Cargaleiro, Paula Rego, José de Guimarães, and Julião Sarmento. They have a common goal: by designing Reverso’s flipped case to present a unique vision of time, the watch is transformed into a masterpiece that is timeless and rich in artistic value.
Time is Julião Sarmento-a unique feminine vision
 Sarmento is devoted to presenting the beauty of women by personifying time. ‘My works are usually related to women’s bodies. There are a series of works about women who are expecting to give birth. Their physical changes also seem to change time and space,’ Sarmento said in a recent interview with Spirit do Tempo. ‘This design represents the movement and space of a woman, or the unpredictable time and space in which she exists. I’m not talking about the time that flies, I mean eternal time. In other words, I hope to perfectly integrate the Jaeger-LeCoultre brand, my personal image and the concept of eternal time. ‘

Portuguese artist Sarmento’s work is usually related to women

 Sarmento designed two sets of Grande Reverso 976 limited edition models of Reverso / Arte Portuguesa, with manual winding mechanical movement. The rose gold model with a black dial and a crown is only available in a limited edition of 20 (17,900 euros), while the steel version with a crown is only available in 30 pieces (9,900 euros). This limited-edition watch has an exquisite female enamel painting on the flip case, and Sarmento’s signature signature engraving perfectly presents Sarmento’s unique features. In addition, the signature engraving on the rose gold model will be dark yellow, and the stainless steel version will be black and white signature engraving.

Rementso / Arte Portuguesa by Sarmento in two Grande Reverso 976 limited edition models

About Jaeger-LeCoultre
 Jaeger-LeCoultre is the first watchmaking factory in Vallée de Joux, Switzerland. Since its establishment in 1833, it has played a pivotal role in the history of watchmaking. As a leader in the field of watchmaking, the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory has mastered all the exquisite craftsmanship of watchmaking, creating many world-first outstanding works, and manufacturing many legendary models, such as Reverso watch, Duoplan double-layer watch, Master Control Master watches, Memovox Polaris watches, Gyrotourbillon spherical tourbillon watches and Atmos air clocks have left an indelible mark on the history of watchmaking. Jaeger-LeCoultre has a long-established traditional watchmaking technology and relentless pursuit of technological innovation. Each watch is the result of the collaboration of watchmakers, mechanical technicians and technicians. Each masterpiece embodies Jaeger-LeCoultre’s 178 years of professional skills, and perfectly combines cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements with Ru Gu’s most noble watchmaking tradition. With more than 1,231 mechanical movements and more than 398 registered patents, Jaeger-LeCoultre leads the field in fine watchmaking and is an industry model.