Cutting-edge Technology To Create The Brand’s Iconic Watch

With the advent of the new commander series ICONE men’s watches from Swiss Mido, the tribute brand was born in one of the most classic series in 1959-the commander series. This neoclassical watch incorporates important elements of the Commander Collection’s success: minimalist line design, satin-finished oversized sun-dial dial, and a Milan woven strap. At the same time, behind the retro style is the brand’s watchmaking concept with innovative cutting-edge technology. The Commander series ICONE men’s watch is equipped with Caliber 80 silicon hairspring observatory-certified fully automatic mechanical movement. Its silicon hairspring can keep the watch stable and accurate for a longer time than ordinary hairsprings. Equipped with long-term kinetic energy storage capacity of up to 80 hours.

   The design of the commander ICONE men’s watch is inspired by the world famous building-the Eiffel Tower. The case and strap are polished, staggered in light and dark, and have a strong sense of technology. The steel material reproduces the smooth and smart curve of the Eiffel Tower from the spire to the base of the tower. On the table. Since its birth in 1959, its more than 50 years of manufacturing prove that the Commander series watches have been honed over time and still maintain eternal youth and vitality. Although it has experienced the impact of the trend, it continues the classic of the brand. Just like Paris’s iconic Eiffel Tower, the Commander Collection has become a true classic, symbolizing the long tradition and expertise of the Swiss watchmaking industry.
   Swiss Mido wishes to pay tribute to this outstanding collection. With its neo-classical style, the new Commander Collection ICONE Men’s Watch combines important success elements of the Commander Collection. The round stainless steel case with a diameter of 42 mm fully reflects its exquisite and outstanding appearance design. After polishing, it is polished with a smooth anthracite gray mercerized sun dial. The oversized dial is another important element inherited from the classic, ensuring the practicality and clarity of the watch. The hour, minute and scales are treated with a white Super LumiNova®, which facilitates nighttime readings. The date window is at 3 o’clock. The Milan braided strap highlights the retro look of the Commander ICONE men’s watch. The case is made of satin-polished stainless steel, and the position of the buckle can be adjusted freely.

   The Commander Series ICONE Men’s Watch incorporates many important success factors of the Commander Classic series. At the same time, this watch is equipped with the latest Caliber80 silicon hairspring observatory certified fully automatic mechanical movement, and its silicon spring is used as a luxury watch brand. An essential element of watchmaking, compared with ordinary hairsprings, it can not only keep the watch accurate for a longer time, but also have excellent shock resistance. Equipped with long-term kinetic energy storage capacity of up to 80 hours. The transparent back can clearly observe its carved, fully automatic mechanical movement with blue screws, and the automatic rotor with the Geneva ripples and the MIDO logo engraved. Water-resistant to 50 meters.
   Other materials of the new COMMANDER Commander ICONE men’s watch will also be launched at the same time for consumers to choose.
Movement Mido Caliber 80 Si Observatory certified fully automatic movement (based on ETA C07.821), 11½ ” ‘, diameter 25.60 mm, thickness 5.22 mm, 25 diamonds, 21,600 swings / hour, ELINFLEX mainspring , Hairspring made of silicon, the ‘SI’ logo decorated with 9K gold is engraved on the splint. The meticulously crafted movement is fitted with blue screws, and the automatic oscillating weight carefully sculpts the Geneva ripples and the MIDO logo. Hours, minutes and dates are displayed. Adjust its travel accuracy in 5 directions. Up to 80 hours of kinetic energy storage.
Case Satin-polished stainless steel case, polished bezel, diameter 42mm, 3 parts, hemispherical sapphire mirror, impressively carved movement through a transparent back; water-resistant to 50 meters.
Strap: Mercerized polished Milanese woven strap, freely adjustable buckle to adjust the size of the dial. The date window is at 3 o’clock.
Hands Horizontal diamond-cut, hour and minute hands with white Super-LumiNova® hands to ensure clear readings at night.

2013 Watches And Miracles Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair Panerai New Products Summary

From September 25th to 28th, 2013, a feast of watch arts was staged in Hong Kong, presenting a feast of watch arts for the connoisseurs of high-end watches in Asia. Thirteen European classic watch brands will showcase their latest masterpieces in Hong Kong, which will include a series of cutting-edge, rare and precious and sought after works in the watch industry. The following watch home will bring you a new summary of Panerai in this watch exhibition.

 Panerai Time Tourbillon Ceramic Pocket Watch

 The Pocket Watch Tourbillon GMT Ceramica dual time tourbillon ceramic pocket watch is the first pocket watch launched by Panerai, but it has a precedent in the history of the brand. Since the opening of the Orologeria Panerai in Florence, the words ‘Pocketwatches by the main Swiss makers’ have appeared on its window, but Panerai’s ‘creative ‘Workshop’ has never been limited to selling pocket watches. As early as the early 20th century, the brand created a series of timing tools for the Italian Royal Navy.

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   Panerai History launched the new Radiomir 1940 3 Days 3 Days Power Reserve watch, which for the first time can appreciate the charm of the Radiomir 1940 case. The watch is available in stainless steel and red gold, as well as a P.3000 manual winding mechanical movement with a 3-day power reserve.

 RADIOMIR 1940 3 DAYS ORO ROSSO-47 mm 3 Days Power Reserve Red Gold Watch

More watch details: 1940 45mm 8-day power reserve dual time single-handed chronograph

RADIOMIR 1940 CHRONO MONOPULSANTE 8 DAYS GMT ORO ROSSO-45mm 8-day power reserve two-time single push-button chronograph red gold watch limited production of 300 pieces

RADIOMIR 1940 CHRONO MONOPULSANTE 8 DAYS GMT ORO BIANCO-45 mm 8-day power reserve two-step single-time chronograph platinum watch Limited production of 150 pieces

Panerai presents two new special edition watches for watchmakers: Radiomir 1940 Chrono Monopulsante 8Days GMT Oro Rosso Day-time power reserve two-point push-button chronograph platinum watch. The two new watches perfectly combine the design of the Radiomir 1940 case with the P.2004 self-produced movement technology. For the first time, the P.2004 / 10 movement is decorated with a hollowed out splint and a barrel.

More watch details: 1940 3 DAYS 47 mm 3-day power reserve watch

 Panerai celebrates the multi-year relationship between the brand and its most loyal supporters with the new Radiomir 1940 3 Days – 47mm 3-day power reserve watch ‘Paneristi Forever’. The new watch is a special edition. Its Radiomir 1940 case is made of DLC-coated steel and the back is engraved with ‘Paneristi Forever’. Panerai dedicates this watch to all fans who are passionate about the brand, especially those who have actively participated in the community interaction on the website every day for the past 13 years.

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   Galileo is committed to broadening human knowledge, conducting countless scientific research throughout his life, and gaining many reputations in later generations. ‘LoScienziato’ is one of them. His scientific discoveries drove the development of mechanical timing technology and revolutionized human timing methods. Without his pendulum isochronic law, human timekeeping history would be rewritten. The relationship between Florence brand Panerai and ‘LoScienziato’ is not only based on timepieces, but also proud of being born in Tuscany, Italy. To this end, Panerai introduced the new Lo Scienziato – Luminor 1950 Tourbillon GMTC Ceramica tourbillon time ceramic watch to pay tribute to Galilee.

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 RADIOMIR PLATINO – 47 mm platinum watch

 RADIOMIR ORO ROSSO – 47 mm red gold watch

 Panerai launches two new special edition exquisite watches Radiomir Platino – 47mm platinum watch and Radiomir OroRosso – 47mm red gold watch New watch.

More watch details: 45mm 8-day power reserve red gold watch

    Panerai’s new Radiomir 8 Days GMT Oro Rosso 8-day power reserve dual time red gold watch is a unique special edition that reinterprets the characteristics of classic Radiomir watches and pays tribute to the brand’s long history. The new watch design expresses elegance and elegance, showing the brand’s exquisite fine watchmaking technology in detail.

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Brand Patek Philippe’s New 5204 Perpetual Calendar Double-second Chronograph Stopwatch

Since the establishment of Patek Philippe, chronographs and stopwatches have been playing an important role in the brand’s complex performance timepieces. Most of the noble chronographs are treasured by museums in the world, while a few works handed down by the market have become connoisseur’s treasures. The first chronograph stopwatch made by Patek Philippe came out in 1856, the pocket watch numbered 10051. Large seconds and lightning hands (seconde foudroyante) are available; the watch part is a two-second chronograph stopwatch from 1923. In the 1930s, the Stern family became the owner of Patek Philippe, and the 130 chronograph watch launched by the brand was very popular in the market. In 1986, Patek Philippe adopted the Nouvelle Lemania-based movement to create the CH 27-70 known as the most exquisite hand-made chronograph movement of this century. It also shaped Patek Philippe’s chronograph legend in recent decades.
    Traditionally, Patek Philippe’s classic chronograph stopwatches have been introduced one by one in the following three categories: simple chronograph stopwatch, perpetual calendar performance chronograph stopwatch and dual-hand chronograph stopwatch with perpetual calendar performance. With the turbulence of self-made movements, Patek Philippe’s new CH 29-535 PS hand-finished movement finally came out in 2009, and it was unexpectedly paired with 7071R ladies’ watches for the first time. The CH 29-535 PS hand-finished movement is completely self-made by Patek Philippe. It is equipped with a classic column wheel device and a horizontal clutch. It also has six patented innovations and many technical improvements. Following the 7071R, Patek Philippe immediately released this year’s first 5170J men’s watch with this movement, and then in 2011 presented a 52.7 million calendar chronograph stopwatch. This year, Patek Philippe now launches the latest series in the series, presenting a chronograph stopwatch with a number of 52.04 million perpetual calendar. It starts with a brand new movement, CHR 29-535 PS Q, developed by Patek Philippe Workshop.
    Earlier than two years ago, watch connoisseurs and collectors had a lot of discussions. It is speculated that Patek Philippe will be based on the hand-made patented CH 29-535 PS movement, to create a new two-second chronograph stopwatch to replace the number 5004. Wristwatch; No. 5004 Two-second chronograph stopwatch adopts the classic hand-wound movement design, which is controlled by a column wheel and a horizontal clutch. It also has a perpetual calendar device that people desire. However, even if the experts did not expect it, the brand could immediately complete a complete series of chronographs developed in-house. In fact, the practice of Patek Philippe’s annual chronograph is to quickly make a complete chronograph series with a new patented movement, which has repeatedly demonstrated the strength of this family-owned independent watch manufacturer. Now, this grand plan is finally completed.
    For decades, Patek Philippe has focused on internally developed movements and infused the brand’s unparalleled characteristics. This practice has always been one exception: Before the introduction of the CH 29-535 PS chronograph movement, Patek Philippe’s chronograph stopwatches were all made from 27- 70 movement drive. The movement was then revised by Nouvelle Lémania in accordance with Patek Philippe’s specifications, made into a semi-finished movement, only for the brand, and then assembled and completed in Geneva. The 27-70 movement is revered by time-loving people and regarded as the best and beautiful chronograph movement in the world.
    CHR 29-535 PS Q movement, hand-wound ultra-thin mechanical movement, dual-hand chronograph stopwatch device driven by two column wheels, chronograph seconds hand and dual-hand chronograph seconds hand, 30-minute instant jump calculator, small three hands Sub display panel. Perpetual calendar performance, display day, month, leap year cycle and day / night display, pointer date display; moon phase display; diameter: 32 mm; thickness 8.70 mm (perpetual calendar device accounts for 1.65 mm, dual needle seconds device accounts for 1.7 Millimeters); number of parts 496 (182 perpetual calendar devices, 42 needle-secondary devices with isolators); 34 gems; 65 hours power reserve.
    With the advent of the new millennium, the benchmark position of the 27-70 movement gradually abdicated. It was due to the active measures of Patek Philippe to launch a chronograph stopwatch, which led to the introduction of the CHR 27-525 PS movement in 2005, becoming the world’s thinnest. Double-second chronograph stopwatch movement; the brand then launched the CH 28-520 IRM QA 24H self-winding chronograph stopwatch movement with patented perpetual calendar in 2006; the CH 29-535 PS hand-winding chronograph was launched in 2009 Stopwatch movement, controlled by column wheel, equipped with lateral clutch. All movements received unanimous praise from all sectors of the watch industry, marking the successful completion of the entire task. Such a good performance also lays the foundation for the brand. Based on its patented movement, it has made a variety of chronograph stopwatch movements with varying degrees of complexity, which enriches the full range of classic chronograph stopwatch series. Including the three chronograph basic movements and the chronograph components of the triple complex performance watch No. 5208, Patek Philippe introduced the eight chronograph movements in just six years. It is a record and applauding. Eight chronograph movements belong to one of the brand’s existing more than fifty movements. All movements are developed and produced in-house, including 17 basic wristwatch movements, multiple simple-winding and automatic winding movements, and movements with tourbillons, patented annual calendar devices, minute repeaters and other astronomical devices, etc. .
    Patek Philippe’s new dual-second chronograph chronograph with perpetual calendar display features all the traditional outstanding features, including hand-winding, two column wheels and lateral clutches, which are well received by true watch connoisseurs. The watch is also the most modern symbol of its category, only because the CH29-535 PS basic movement gathers six patented innovative designs (the appendix has brief data), and it is also the first to appear in the watch number 5270 in 2011 Perpetual calendar device. The new CHR 29-535 PS Q dual-hand chronograph stopwatch movement beats at a frequency of 28,800 (four Hz) per hour, with a 30-minute skip calculator and a small three-hand running Attached display disk, power reserve is 65 hours. Patek Philippe has completely renovated the dual-hand chronograph device, adding two technical innovations: replacing the dual-hand chronograph lever with an innovative isolator; and using a new mechanism to be patented, which makes the dual-hand chronograph second hand and chronograph second hand superimposed accurate.
Isolator for double-handed seconds lever
    Whenever the chronograph second hand stops to indicate a certain elapsed time, the isolator of the chronograph second lever is separated from the chronograph second gear. This interrupts the contact between the dual-hand chronograph lever and the heart-shaped cam, and the stopped dual-hand chronograph gear cannot affect the swing of the balance wheel. The wheel hub of the guide post is carefully polished, which is regarded as Patek Philippe’s well-respected watchmaking tradition. The column wheel cap of the new CH 29-535 PS basic chronograph movement and the performance of the negative eccentric component allow for more precise adjustments, unparalleled. The double-needle chronograph column wheel has additional performance, and a gooseneck accessory is combined to play the role of an isolator spring.
2. New device to reduce the problem of overlapping deviation between the double chronograph second hand and the chronograph second hand
    The two-hand chronograph chronograph has two central seconds hands: the two-hand trotteuse and the rattrapante. The two-hand chronograph gear connected to the two-hand chronograph seconds hand rotates with the chronograph gear carrying the chronograph seconds hand; both gears are connected to a heart-shaped cam, which is fixed on the chronograph gear. As is the case with all mechanical connections, the ruby ​​rolling bearing with double needle seconds lever requires a little room for movement to work without interruption. However, the active space will slightly offset the position of the dual chronograph second hand, resulting in the two hands not overlapping accurately. According to the convention, as long as the area of ​​the chronograph second hand is widened slightly, it is enough to hide the overlap deviation, which is not a major disadvantage. However, this violates Patek Philippe’s consistent principle of perfection. The movement engineer of the workshop developed an innovative solution and filed a patent application.
    The new gooseneck-type isolator device consists of forty-two parts and has a height of 1.7 mm, which is about 0.1 mm thinner than the isolator device of the watch number 5004. In comparison, the movement of the new 5204 watch is 8.7 mm thick, and the movement of the 5004 watch is 8.86 meters thick.
    Patek Philippe’s new dual-hand chronograph chronograph has perpetual calendar performance. The overall thickness of the watch movement is 8.7 mm, while the perpetual calendar device only accounts for 1.65 mm, which shows the watchmaker’s ability to handle complex parts, including large levers, dates Gears, week and month star gears, leap year cams, lever springs and other precision components. Looking at Patek Philippe’s various timepieces, these parts are not only made with precision, but also carefully polished. For example, the angle grooves are slightly recessed and carefully polished, the sides are polished by human hands, and the surface shows the effect of straight grain processing. Steel gears are as meticulous as the ten-lobed gears: all gear teeth and blade gear teeth are polished by hand with hardwood grinding wheels one by one. This procedure is not purely for aesthetics. Rather, it takes into account that smooth surfaces can reduce friction and wear of parts, making kinetic energy transmission more efficient.
    The watch contains a sophisticated gear set, a two-hand chronograph stopwatch device and a perpetual calendar device, which are sophisticated and complex, but do not interfere with the layout of the twelve individual displays on the surface, which is methodical and clear and easy to read. Like the 5270, the new watch follows the classic chronograph surface design of Patek Philippe with calendar performance, but with the addition of a two-hand chronograph second hand. The surface layout is loyal to tradition. There are double display windows side by side at twelve o’clock, showing the day of the week and the month, respectively; the pointer-type date display combined with the moon phase display is set at six o’clock. The small three-pin auxiliary display dial works continuously, and the thirty-minute jump indicator is located at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock respectively, and the center points of the two are moved to a range slightly below the horizontal centerline of the main surface. This layout is a typical design feature of the movement. In addition, there are small circular display windows at 4 to 5 o’clock on the surface to display the leap year cycle; and a day / night display at 7 to 8 o’clock, which simplifies the process of correcting the date performance. The silver-tone milky white surface is made of 18K gold, with twelve Barton-style platinum hour markers, and the surface is coated with luminous materials. The black hour and minute hands are also superluminova, which is very clear when reading in black. The surface layout is ingenious, like an elegant stage, showing the most popular and practical performance displays of top sophisticated watches.
    The new watch number 5204 is a perfect example of the Patek Philippe classic chronograph trilogy. It is herewith a platinum case with a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 14.19 mm. The case is composed of three parts, with rounded lines and beautiful lugs, straight lugs, and a concave ring embraces an arched mirror. There are two case backs, platinum and sapphire glass, for conversion. The platinum material is extremely hard to cut and shape, and it is a challenge to pay attention to the superb craftsmanship of the watch case. Compared to traditional case materials such as gold and steel, the process of shaping the platinum case will also place great pressure on the tool. Even though the process is arduous, in the end, an excellent case can be achieved, revealing an unparalleled type of cool silver light, with a generous amount, enough to let people see the touch, and truly appreciate the extraordinary status of the timepiece. Like all Patek Philippe platinum timepieces, the watch case is set with a top-notch Wesselton diamond at six o’clock between the lugs to identify the platinum material, which can only be seen by the watch owner. There are round start and stop buttons at the 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock positions of the watch body. The watch is also different from its simple chronograph stopwatch with a perpetual calendar. The crown has special buttons for controlling the two-hand chronograph seconds hand. No. 5204 Double-handed chronograph stopwatch with perpetual calendar performance, handcrafted in accordance with the requirements of the Patek Philippe imprint, with a matte black alligator leather strap showing a square texture, hand-sewn, and platinum folding buckle The watch is easy to wear and comfortable.

Richard Miller Rm028 Diving Watch Listed For Sale At 660,000

Since 2009, Richard Mille has stepped into the depths of the ocean with his first dive watch RM025 tourbillon chronograph. This special edition also marks the first introduction of a round case to its collection. Today, this brand has launched a self-winding diving watch RM028, this new product has a slightly smaller diameter of 47mm compared to the previous one. In order to follow the diving watch series pioneered since RM025, the new RM028 has an extraordinary case and skeleton movement, adhering to all the undoubted qualities unique to Richard Mille watches. Richard Mille’s first RM025 diving watch, priced at RMB 661,000
Its 300 meters (30 atmospheres) water resistance meets the ISO6425 diving watch standard, plus a single outer ring, making the line of the RM 028 round case seem simple, but it contains a lot of technical secrets. The three-piece case structure and the use of torque screws can achieve such excellent waterproof performance and fully integrate the case ears into the case system.
The unidirectional rotation of the bezel is designed to prevent calculation errors during diving. The bezel is composed of three parts and is assembled with 22 torque screws to prevent it from being accidentally loosened from the case.
The skeletonized automatic winding movement of RM 028 uses a variable geometry automatic disc. This is a major invention of Richard Mille. By setting two pieces of 18ct white gold winglets, the winding mechanism of the movement can be adapted to the wearer’s lifestyle. Realize the best adjustment for personalization.
Like the RM 025 dedicated to the world of marine diving, the RM 028 self-winding watch is undoubtedly an indispensable member of this series from any angle, and it can be recognized at a glance as a typical handwriting of Richard Mille.
RM 028 self-winding dive watch with skeletonized self-winding movement, equipped with a variable geometry automatic dial, hours, minutes, central seconds and date display. Dimensions: 47.00mm x 14.60mm in diameter (thickest area). This watch is available in titanium alloy with titanium alloy ears and a rubber strap.

Tag Heuer Tag Heuer Carrera Heuer-02t Cosc Swiss Official Observatory Certified Automatic Winding Tourbillon Chronograph

Only six months after the launch of the Carrera Heuer-01 automatic chronograph independently designed and manufactured by Swiss pioneering watch brand TAG Heuer, TAG Heuer, Carrera Heuer-02T made its glory again. This automatic chronograph is certified by the COSC Swiss official observatory inspection agency and is equipped with a floating tourbillon made of titanium and carbon fiber.

 TAG Heuer TAG Heuer Calella Heuer-02T is an approachable yet luxurious piece of TAG Heuer’s many watches. This new work is attractively priced and sets a new trend in the fine watchmaking world. Avant-garde technology, exemplary quality, outstanding performance, superb manufacturing skills and perfect control of industrial processes and manufacturing costs make this watch stand out from many brands. Carrera Heuer-02T is the only one in the 15,000 Swiss francs with COSC Certified self-winding tourbillon chronograph. The black phantom version is priced at 19,900 Swiss francs and is limited to 250 pieces, each of which is individually engraved.

 Inspired by Carrera CH-80 chronograph, TAG Heuer Heuer-02T perfectly integrates two of the most well-known complex devices in traditional watchmaking: TAG Heuer is most proud of Timing device and tourbillon with a pleasing appearance.

 At a frequency of 4 Hz and 28,800 vibrations / hour, how to accommodate a single barrel, multiple timing functions, an automatic winding device, and a floating tourbillon in a case with a diameter of only 32 mm, while ensuring the accuracy of each time dial. Reasonable layout to give the watch a stylish, balanced aesthetic appearance has become the biggest technical challenge in the manufacture of this watch.

 To address this technical challenge, TAG Heuer has developed a new industrial framework to optimize its watch assembly process at its Chevenez factory. Its lightweight tourbillon is hand-crafted by four watchmakers with superb craftsmanship, inspired by the Monaco V4 watch, with a titanium material in the middle and a carbon top, which can provide the watch with a power reserve of more than 65 hours.
 All installation, assembly and commissioning work is done manually. The main components are manufactured by the TAG Heuer factory, and the core part of the tourbillon, the balance spring, is manufactured by the brand Swiss partner Atokalpa.

 Each watch must undergo rigorous testing for 21 days before it leaves the factory. Among them, all movements are certified by the independent testing agency COSC Swiss official observatory testing agency to ensure that this watch meets the highest accuracy standards when worn.

 The new case is equipped with an extraordinary movement. This movement is made of grade 5 titanium alloy, which is light in weight and has stronger shock resistance. At the same time, it uses an unusual structure-a total of 12 modular components. This design greatly expands the possibilities of combination, enabling unlimited combinations of materials, colors, surface treatments and sanding. The black crocodile leather strap is lined with natural rubber, perfectly embodying TAG Heuer’s delicate yet dynamic signature look. Water-resistant to 100 meters.

 Since its founding in early 1860, TAG Heuer has always been a leading Swiss watchmaker. ‘Avant-garde’ has been deeply integrated into the brand’s culture and philosophy and has become a brand philosophy. TAG Heuer TAG Heuer Carrera Heuer-02T tourbillon chronograph is the perfect interpretation of the brand’s unremitting focus and continuous innovation.
technical details
CAR5A8Y.FC6377 (unlimited edition)
CAR5A8Z.FC6377 (Black Phantom Edition-limited edition 250 pieces)

Case diameter 45 mm.
Grade 5 titanium alloy including 12 modular components (lugs, case body, bezel, case back, crown and trim, buttons, washers between case body and bezel, and sapphire crystal Table mirror)
Black titanium bezel with speedometer scale
 Stainless steel crown with rubber mouldings

Movement TAG Heuer HEUER-02T, brand-made movement
Black hollow board bridge
   Automatic timing device with COSC-certified tourbillon
   Black column wheel, new skeleton rotor and timer bridge
   Carbon and titanium tourbillon frame
Power reserve over 65 hours

Dial Black, skeleton, with 2 counters:
Minute counter at 3 o’clock
Hour counter at 9 o’clock
Polished and satin cylindrical hour markers
Polished and satin hands with SuperLuminova ™ luminous details

Water-resistant to 100 meters

Strap Black alligator leather strap lined with natural rubber with tonal stitching
Folding buckle with security button

Simple Retro Five Extremely Simple Big Three Hands Watch Recommendation

I have always believed that everything follows a reincarnation. Whether it is life or trends, it follows a reincarnation. The field of watches is no exception. The field of watches has evolved from the most primitive simple models to the pursuit of highly complex models. From the 2013 and 2014 watch exhibitions, the watch has returned to the era of replicating minimalist models. I believe that Watches will continue to be minimalist in the coming years. Today, Watch House recommends a few minimalist watches for everyone, which can be regarded as leading the trend.

Emilion Heritage Series 10.1128.G. Watch

Watch Series: Heritage Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel, tungsten steel ring
Strap material: leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 10300
Watch details: emile / 33537 /
Brief review of the watch: The watch uses a 1970s stainless steel movement. The technicians carefully polished it with traditional craftsmanship. The design inherits the Geneva style. The delicate chrysanthemum texture in the center of the dial and the pearl white enamel on the outer ring are perfectly integrated. The Roman time scale is solemn and elegant. The steel blue hands and the red marks on the outer scales of 3, 6, 9, and 12 are like finishing touches, which make people look bright and classic.

Longines Master Series L2.755.4.78.6

Watch Series: Master Craftsman Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 38.5 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 17100
Watch details: longines / 22027 /
Watch reviews: Classic Longines master watch, 38.5 mm diameter design, blue steel willow-shaped hands with silver dial ‘grain’ decoration, black Arabic numerals, this combination is simple and convenient to read, in line with minimalist style of. At 3 o’clock, the watch is also equipped with a date display window and a day display window, which is minimalist and also increases the usefulness of the watch.

Raymond Weil Maestro 2837-STC-00659

Watch series: Maestro
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: leather
Case diameter: 39.5 mm
Domestic public price: 12200
Watch details: rmw / 1315 /
Watch brief review: This Maestro watch uses Swiss craftsmanship, traditional lines, elegant and formal design. Automatic movement, winding by wrist movement. The steel case and leather strap give this timeless signature a genuine imprint. This Maestro watch is ideal for men who are loyal to tradition and authenticity.

Montblanc Star 36971

Watch Series: Star Series
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 40 mm
Domestic public price: 16832
Watch details: montblanc / 19391 /
Watch Reviews: A classic and elegant watch, combining the brand’s distinctive aesthetic design with superb traditional Swiss watchmaking. Noble design, harmonious proportions and perfect craftsmanship are integrated. Dial with traditional Roman numerals. Through the sapphire crystal on the bottom of the case, the wearer can taste the operation of the automatic mechanical movement.

Baume & Mercier Chrysler MOA08836

Watch Series: Climas
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 39 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 18700
Watch details: baume / 1794 /
Brief review of the watch: The watch perfectly adheres to the restrained elegance and noble and stylish male charm. The classic design by the Baume & Mercier Clemais, with a 39 mm stainless steel case, and a silver stainless steel bracelet. The watch also has a 3 o’clock position. Date display window, easy to read. The overall shape is a symbol of rich connotation.

Summary: Today’s recommended watches for everyone, the price is in the price of 10,000 to 20,000, the style is also mainly simple three-pin models, so it is more suitable for simple watch friends.

Introduction Of Two Vacheron Constantin Watch Movements

In addition to the world-renowned brand of Vacheron Constantin’s efforts in the design of the watch, Vacheron Constantin also put a lot of effort into the watch movement to develop. Today I will introduce the cal. 1202, Cal. 1141 of two Vacheron Constantin watches.
Vacheron Constantin Cal.1202 movement

 Movement type: Quartz
 Movement diameter: 13 mm
 Movement thickness: 2.1 mm
 Vibration frequency: 32768 oscillations per hour
 Number of gems: 4
 Number of parts: 33
Vacheron Constantin Cal.1141

 Movement type: manual machinery
 Movement diameter: 27.5 mm
 Movement thickness: 5.6 mm
 Vibration frequency: 18000 oscillations per hour
 Number of gems: 21
 Number of parts: 164
 Power reserve: 48 hours
 I hope the content introduced by Xiaobian today will provide a reference for everyone to buy Vacheron Constantin watches.

Grand Seiko Launches Spring Drive Gmt Sbge248 Watch

GrandSeiko watches are often classic and formal, but sports series are usually larger in size and more casual in style. Recently, GrandSeiko added a new timepiece to the sports series-SpringDriveGMTSBGE248, which is also the brand’s first watch with a gold bezel and crown.

   Previously, gold has been widely used in the manufacture of GrandSeiko cases, including the Heritage SBGW252 commemorative watch. GrandSeiko’s design is relatively conservative, and the two-tone appearance of gold and blue is the first time. The new SBGE248 watch is generously applied in gold, with eye-catching colors. The bezel and crown are made of 18K yellow gold, while the hour markers, hands and markers on the dial are gold-plated.

   Although the bezel itself is made of gold, the insert is indeed sapphire crystal, which is the same as a standard SpringDrive GMT watch. The size is also generally the same, the case diameter is 44 mm. The case and bracelet are made of stainless steel.

   This watch is equipped with a SpringDriveCaliber9R66 automatic winding movement, the average monthly error can be maintained within 15 seconds, and it can provide up to 72 hours of power reserve. Such incredible accuracy is due to a mechanical oscillator that is electronically adjusted, and this speed control mechanism is controlled by a quartz oscillator with an integrated circuit. In addition, the 9R66 movement also provides power for an independent second time zone hand, and can easily adjust the local time without stopping the movement.

GrandSeiko SpringDrive GMT watch
Model: SBGE248

Diameter: 44 mm
Thickness: 14.7 mm
Case material: stainless steel case, 18K yellow gold bezel and crown
Dial color: blue
Timestamp: Inlay
Fluorescence: Lumibrite material, hands, bezel numbers and 3/6/9/12 hour markers
Water resistance: 20 bar / 200 meters
Bracelet: stainless steel bracelet with triple folding clasp

Movement: SpringDriveCaliber9R66
Functions: hours, minutes, seconds, time, date, and power reserve display
Power reserve: 72 hours / about 3 days
Winding method: automatic (manual)
Oscillation frequency: Quartz crystal oscillator 32,768 Hz
Number of gems: 30
Error: ± 1 second / day

Time to market: September 2019
Price: US $ 11,500, equivalent to about 80,000 RMB

Surprising And Creative, I Am Optimistic About 2017baselworld Watches

Originally thought that this year’s BASELWORLD was a relatively peaceful year. With a stable and simple atmosphere, the difficult industry environment in 2016 was overwhelming. Although there were occasional small winds and small waves, the general trend was towards pragmatic Watches close. However, this idea collapsed in an instant when the data was sent back by the Swiss team in front of the watch home on the day of the exhibition. The new timepiece is not only ‘not in shock’ as I predicted in advance, but it has become a shocking wave, which beats the surging heart that I have been unable to restrain. Looking at the surprise file compression packages, when I received them, I couldn’t wait to open them like children received long-awaited gifts, and greedily looked at another timepiece feast brought to us by BASELWORLD. .

The cause of the power of floods: the moon of my heart my heart

   Earlier when I was doing marketing materials, I vaguely felt that the Rolex Cellini series is about to start exerting force. Whether it is a leather strap that suddenly heats up, or a design that is different from traditional Rolex models, Rolex is more ‘ Fresh ‘design material. Throughout watch altars, there are two extremes in the stay of special models. One is buried in the ocean of timepieces, and the other is reborn and becomes a classic. I am honored to say that Cellini became the latter. (Real life) Even in the short time when my colleagues and I were shooting the material, a customer entered the store and ordered the Cellini 50519 blue disk. It can be seen that the market prospects of this series of Rolex watches and the overwhelming popularity. However, the simple dial function is more like a hint: the infinite potential of Cellini watches needs to be developed.

   No, at this year’s Basel Watches and Jewellery Fair, Rolex began the ‘reformation plan’ for Cellini, taking the lead in launching Cellini’s new moon phase timepieces. The first time I saw it was in the WeChat circle of friends in front of Switzerland that night, but he predicted that Xinhai Shi was hot, and at first glance I was ‘poisoned’ by this sudden moon phase. In view of the fact that Rolex Moon Phase watches are very rare, we can see the weight and significance of this watch to the brand. 39 mm eternal rose gold, equipped with a Rolex 3195 self-winding mechanical perpetual movement core. The ‘minified’ triangular pit bezel makes the entire watch look smoother and more delicate. It retains the classic bezel and adds new ones. Watch the look and feel, kill two birds with one stone. The soft color of 18k rose gold combined with the large moon phase plate and the date ‘track plate’ design, make the watch present a unique visual enjoyment, it is irresistible.

‘Jelly Beans’ and ‘A Little Red’

   I have to say that another highlight of Rolex in this year’s watch exhibition is this new yacht. Even another colleague who only watched precious metals Rolex asserted that he was optimistic about this colored timepiece, and this color has a strong sense of color. The watch is: the Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 40, and the colorful gemstone design of the Rolex Rainbow Yacht is nicknamed ‘Doudou’ by this colleague. When the watch first appeared at the watch exhibition, it caused a lot of sensation. Some people said that this watch was a breakthrough in Rolex’s timepiece design. I personally agreed with it. Some people think that the colored bezel is in the Rolex watch. China is different from tradition, there is no Rolex style. But I think that it is precisely the controversial ‘Rainbow Circle’ that will become the biggest buying point with a bright aura (useless one), because old people often talk about controversial objects is a good thing. How does it develop, combining luxury and fun? Let’s wait and see.

   There is also this year’s new sea ambassador. For the first time, a larger 3235 new movement was placed on the dive watch. A small window convex lens. It is the representative money of the brand’s outstanding diving watch classic design and the new movement. In addition, the brand has incorporated a more stable ceramic bezel into the watch, showing the sincerity of the new sea ambassador. Personally I think this one will have a good market performance like last year’s Daytona, and the table friends who are looking forward to it may wish to wait.
Gift from Patek Philippe
   In the Basel watch exhibitions over the years, Patek Philippe’s timepieces are always so eye-catching. Both from the accomplishment of mechanical timepieces and from the aesthetic perspective of appearance, they have unique strengths. Patek Philippe at the watch exhibition this year, as always, attracted everyone’s attention. In my opinion, what stands out is a vintage perpetual calendar moon phase watch.

   2017 is a year with a strong retro style, which is also one of Patek Philippe’s favorite watch styles. No, this Ref. 5320G perpetual calendar moon phase calendar watch was launched at this year’s watch fair. It is worth mentioning that every detail of this watch is very outstanding. Judging from the lugs alone, it has a good performance. The three-dimensional lugs of the ‘three-segment design’ have distinct edges and full texture, which makes people have a strong sense of layering at first glance. The texture seems to be perfectly integrated with the double-layer bezel of the watch, and the overall color is very strong, which shows the watchmaker’s efforts and ambitions in making this timepiece.

   It inherits the iconic dial layout of the Patek Philippe Perpetual Calendar since 1941 (date and month double row window, pointer date auxiliary dial and moon phase display window). On this basis, a day and night display window and a leap year cycle window are newly added. The arrangement of two small function disks just forms two ‘small dimples’ on the classic dial, which looks very pleasing overall. In addition, the special arched mirror has become the key to the overall watch image, so that the function pointer on the milky dial does not have a single look, lack of three-dimensional sense. Instead, it is full of tension, highlighting the deeper side of the watch.
The 60th anniversary glory is explained by three classic replica watches

   Since stepping into the bezel, I have been deeply impressed by the Omega Speedmaster series of watches. In cooperation with the Olympics and NASA aerospace industry, it is everywhere. 2017 was a crucial year for the Omega Speedmaster. 60 years ago in 1957, the series came into being, and it has since become a legend of the brand watch. At the time, Omega released three timepieces in the same year: the Omega Seamaster 300, the Omega Ironmaster and the Omega Speedmaster, each of which became a buzzword at the time.

   In 2017, Omega launched these three legendary funds in the form of re-engraving at the BASELWORLD watch exhibition at this monumental moment. In my impression, in recreating the demeanor of the old timepiece, the watch must add more and more new watch functions to achieve the perfect integration of time-honored classics and the new generation of advancing with the times. However, it is worth mentioning that these three watches have no new features after re-engraving, but rather retain the original appearance and restore the essence of the timepiece. From the ‘broad arrow’ pointer to The full shell design, from the ‘tropical’ dial to the sincere watch case and strap giveaways, show the superb 60 years of brilliant achievements. The exquisite and full-fledged Super Three Musketeers are a good choice for both collection and wearing. Limited to 557 sets worldwide, it is also one of the better funds. Based on tablemates’love for Omega Speedmasters, in the near future, Omega has also launched an event to pay tribute to the loyal fans of Speedmaster watches. Favorite tablemates can poke in to see: omega / 42911.html
Summary: The new Basel Watch & Jewellery Fair brought us a feast of watches and clocks. I thought that the current watch exhibition flowed slowly like a stream, but I didn’t expect that these thin streams competed into a choppy river, whistling and rushing to give us unexpected dry goods, which made us addicted to it and deeply poisoned. What watches do you watch at the Basel Watch & Jewellery Fair this year? Write in the comments and discuss it together!

Longines Watch Tenderly Presents Father’s Day Timepiece Selection

As Father’s Day is approaching, Longines, a well-known Swiss watchmaker, has carefully selected a masterpiece of wrist that combines classic design and simple style-Longines Elegant Collection stainless steel rose gold men Watch as a holiday gift to his father. This watch complements the restrained style of mature men, and its low-key and stable characteristics are as deep and reliable as father’s love.

  Continuing the classic design style of Longines, the Boya series of watches use fluent lines to outline a timeless and exquisite shape. The simple three-digit dial with 12 slender graduated hour markers makes it easy to display clear and intuitive readings. The date display window at 3 o’clock can prompt the date at any time, providing the father with the most practical and considerate help in his daily work and life.

  The matte white dial with a stainless steel rose gold case and automatic mechanical movement at the same time further strengthen the charm of mature men, making the elegant gentleman style appeal. The comfortable stainless steel rose gold bracelet is like a stumbling block in the heart of the child. It fits with the father’s wrist, silently conveying sincere gratitude for deep fatherly love.

  The Longines Boya series stainless steel rose gold men’s watch inherits the brand’s long watchmaking tradition and classic elegant design, and fully interprets the long-standing aesthetic pursuit and core value of Longines. On this special day, my father’s long selfless company and hard work are vividly remembered, and such a time-honored classic timepiece will be an excellent choice to praise his father’s love.

[Watch description]

Longines Boya Series Stainless Steel Rose Gold Men’s Watch Watch Number: L4.809.5.12.7 Price: RMB18,700
Longines Elegant Collection watches are the perfect embodiment of classic design and fluent lines, highlighting the typical characteristics of Longines. The matte white dial with a diameter of 34.50 mm is decorated with 12 graduated hour markers and is equipped with the L619 automatic mechanical movement. The date display window is at 3 o’clock.