[Physical Inspection] How Stable Is The Rolex Movement? Use Lujindi To Explore Reality!

Protagonist in this issue: Rolex 116508 Lujindi mentioned Rolex’s super-public price, then there must be the name of Lujindi 116508! Leaving aside the speculation and crash this year, the price of Lujindi has been relatively stable recently. The starting price of the secondary market has been almost the same as the public price. This depends on the year, but some can be lower than the public price. This price is more suitable to start, and it is expected that the price drop will be extremely low next. The 116508 disk under the micro-shooting lens talked about Rolex. In addition to the topics of super price, value preservation, and materials, its movement durability has also been praised. Among its many movements, the 4130 has outstanding performance and can have its own stable chronograph movement, which is definitely the strength of the brand. The 4130 movement 116508 Rolex safety buckle on this 116508 is still the same sentence. The quality of a movement is never measured by its durability. The value of a watch is not its accuracy. But I also have to admit that Rolex is indeed testing this part in the years of identification and testing, which is most worrying. When I met Rolex in a bunch of watches, I was very reliable in testing. This is the truth. 116508 18ct Oyster Strap Rolex is fully stocked with material and weighs the scales. Today’s Rolex 116508 is an 18-year watch. The watch has been refurbished twice, but the movement has not moved. The purpose is to look at the 4130 movement. After using it for one year, the real state (which cannot represent all 4130 movements) weighs 197g. There are currently 10 and a half sections. The entire surface of the watch under the 116508 disk microphoto lens is very good. After all, it was Daytona, 18 years old. The face plate does not have any marks such as oxidation. I removed the model at the 12 o’clock case, and the lug connection was not stained. But this may also be due to refurbished reasons. The movement is in good condition and unmaintained. The Parachrom niobium-zircon hairspring equipped on it is still very short for Rolex watches, and it will not cause any problems. The movement was intended to be dismantled for everyone to see, but because the length is too long, I still give up and come back next time. Official Rolex parameters of 116508 can be seen in the official parameters written to us, the 4130 movement averages within ± two seconds per day. 4130’s travel time accuracy is evident. Then how about it, let’s go to the machine to see. Degauss the data before detecting it. The display of the witschi automatic demagnetizer used this time shows that the non-magnetization is not only related to the niobium-zirconium hairspring, but also to Rolex’s bottom, which is less susceptible to magnetism. Since it is not magnetized, we will begin to test the travel time line. The current time test still used the three meter calibration instruments from the previous period. The data of the three instruments is enough to explain. The next time a few more tests are used, the 600 domestic meter calibration instrument is not sensitive enough. The six-azimuth test process shows the six-azimuth data. The six-azimuth final data is still possible, except that the travel time of the upper position is slightly higher and the swing is lower. The other face values ​​are relatively stable. Parallax is not significant. In view of the high sensitivity of this instrument, when measuring Rolex data, the polarization is high, so the polarization data is for reference only, and the polarization of a few planes is indeed not good. Witschi’s another model of the domestic meter calibration data shows that the surface data of this watch is very stable. The test data of the domestic calibration meter is relatively single and the sensitivity is slightly worse, so the lines appear extremely stable. To sum up, after using this Rolex for one year, the entire travel time is still stable, but if you look at the six directions, it can not reach the factory value of plus or minus two seconds on each side. Water test machine test data process display waterproof test Pass the waterproof coefficient to show that the selected waterproof coefficient is P5, the positive pressure is 1bar, the waterproof test has passed. After dismantling the refurbished second watch, the water resistance is no longer high. Daytona is a land-based chronograph, and the 1bar waterproof test is enough for daily use. The results of this test, I think is still expected. Even if the Rolex movement is stable, it will not maintain the accuracy of the factory when it is used. The official data is the final conclusion after a certain amount of testing, but after the actual watch is started, there will be deviations, not to mention that the environment for daily use is not a laboratory environment. This is like waterproofing. Laboratory data does not mean that the watch can actually be placed so deep in water. There are many factors in the doping. Travel time accuracy and durability are the points that many watch friends care about, and Rolex hits most people’s hearts in this regard. However, it does not mean that other brands cannot or cannot be compared, just that the positioning and choice are different. Different routes. What do you care about most when choosing a table? Disclaimer: This article is an original work of the author and represents the author’s opinion only. Expertise sharing Dedicated to the spread of watches and clocks, add the author WeChat, please indicate the home of the watch