Portugal Tourbillon Manual Winding Watch Introduction

The new tourbillon classic stands out from the Portuguese series. Its pocket watch movement and manual winding device create the purest traditional style. The Portuguese tourbillon manual winding watch is a jewel in the watch and a tribute to the company’s founder, Florentine & middot;

Please note that a strong cyclone from 270 degrees west is approaching. This is not a weather alert. This is the best overview of the new Portuguese Tourbillon Manual Winding Watch. The tourbillon in French means whirlwind. The escapement in the rotating frame is also clearly exposed at 9 o’clock, which is 270 degrees west of nautical parlance. The Portuguese tourbillon manual winding watch follows the style of the limited edition Portuguese three-handed and one-line tourbillon watch. The hour display is set separately on a small dial. The exquisite design is dedicated to those who love early observatory watches.
The new Portuguese tourbillon manual winding watch is equipped with elegant dovetail hands and rail-type minute ring, which retains the distinctive features of the Portuguese series in appearance. Whenever a Portuguese tourbillon manual winding watch comes out, it always becomes the focus of attention: at the beginning, it just emerged from the wearer’s shirt sleeve. However, its striking features clearly show its identity: a Portuguese watch, a sophisticated iconic masterpiece, and its dial is engraved with the company’s American founder Florentine & middot; Ariosto & middot; Jones is strong and powerful Signature. When the last third of the dial was completely displayed from under the sleeve, the floating minute tourbillon officially debuted, perfectly showing the identity of the nobleman in its watch. The tourbillon has always been considered a symbol of superb craftsmanship and refined watch quality. In the face of such a precision-working mechanical structure, anyone will be amazed.
信念 Continuing the traditional belief is also reflected in the technology of making the Portuguese tourbillon manual winding watch. A clear sapphire glass case clearly shows the IWC-made 98900 mechanical movement. Among the many well-known pocket watch movements with a long history in the Schaffhausen Watch Factory, it is a rising star and is very suitable for carrying in large manual winding watches. As early as the late 1930s, the first Portuguese series of watches on the market had been equipped with pocket watch movements. It is based on the 98000-type movement family introduced in the 1920s. After decades of building and improving, it is now a model of fine tradition and cutting-edge watchmaking technology. The carefully decorated 3/4 plywood is made of nickel-plated silver alloy, reflecting the design principles of the earliest Jones movements. Visually inheriting traditional features is reflected in the bridge with the gold badge (Probus Scafusia) on the minute tourbillon. The vibration frequency of the balance of this driving mechanism has been increased from 18,000 times to 28,800 times per hour. Therefore, the pointerless balance wheel can rotate up to four times per second in its frame. Four adjustment screws perform precision adjustments. Higher vibration frequency and modern escapement system ensure excellent travel time accuracy.
The Portuguese tourbillon manual winding watch is equipped with a non-slip crown, which can provide a power reserve of 52 hours after the crown is fully wound. However, something extraordinary is always scarce: this 18K red gold watch gem is limited to 500 pieces.