Professional Titanium Diving Watch Omega Seahorse Series Recommendation

Mentioned that the Omega Seahorse believes that everyone will not be unfamiliar with it. The temperament and tough appearance is an excellent wrist accessory for men. This titanium marine cosmic chronograph takes Omega’s watch technology to a new level. Let’s take a look at the charm of this watch together today.
 This marine universe watch uses a titanium-made case, which is as elegant as the beauty of the open sea, and can effectively prevent the watch from being corroded by seawater and rust. The sapphire crystal glass has a slight elegance in the fashion, showing noble temperament. The round blue dial sets off the low-key beauty of this watch, as if it were a ship sailing in the sea, quiet and stable. The transparent case back made of sapphire crystal makes it easy to see the beauty of the movement inside the watch. The blue leather strap is soft and protects the wrist. Finally, a pin buckle type buckle can prevent people from loosening and slipping during wearing.

The blue-based watch is stylish and deep. The case made of titanium also makes it stronger and more durable. The combination of the mirror and dial also highlights the theme of the universe and oceans. This is also blue The first matching use of ceramics and titanium alloys has epoch-making significance in the innovation of watch appearance.
 As a professional diving watch, this marine universe is designed for diving. There is a window at six o’clock to display the date of the month. White Arabic numerals are particularly clear on the black background. At the 9 o’clock direction of the dial is the small seconds dial, which completes the time display function with the central hour and minute hands. This design can reduce the power transmission process in normal times and save a part of the power. The liberated central second hand can complete the timing function together with the 12-hour cumulative chronograph dial at 3 o’clock. Due to the conspicuous central seconds hand, we can also see the timing function very clearly. With the two buttons on both sides of the crown of the watch, the timekeeping function is simple and convenient, and the method is simple and easy to master. The button on the left side of the watch is the helium exhaust valve, which can help the helium to be expelled from the inside of the watch in one click. It is a very professional diving function. Finally, it has a unidirectional rotating bezel. The dial that can only be rotated clockwise can effectively avoid mis-turns. The accurate scale on the dial can easily calculate the actual time. ‘600 / 2000ft’ below the dial means that the water-resistant depth can reach 600M, that is, 2000 feet, which is very outstanding in general diving watches, and it is also a visual reflection of the excellent functions of this watch.
This watch has many functions, simple operation and very practical functions. Its hands and scales are covered with fluorescent coating. When the diver wears this watch to work at sea, the date display can be clearly seen, and the unidirectional rotating bezel can also facilitate the staff to time.

 The movement of this Omega is the Omega Coaxial 9300 movement. This is the first movement with a timing function in the Omega coaxial movement family. The automatic winding function allows users In the normal wearing process, the wrist can store energy for the wrist movement, as long as it is usually worn, it can save a lot of winding time. The 60-hour power reserve can meet the rest time needs of most people, allowing us to spend the weekend easily.
 The coaxial 9300 self-winding movement is equipped with an ultra-long power reserve under the condition of ensuring stable and long-lasting accurate time, and it integrates the timing and date functions into the escapement and the machine to which the automatic winding belongs. The core is a complicated project. The movement is so powerful that the functionality and practicality of this watch is self-evident.
 This Omega Ocean Universe watch, as a professional diving watch, is full of power and vitality in its design, giving a cool feeling. At the same time, the blue color scheme as a whole has brought us the atmosphere of the ocean, and the arrow-shaped pointer design has given this watch a challenging meaning like the arrow pointing to the deep sea. Its functions are also very powerful. The design of the helium exhaust valve, the mirror and the crown has greatly improved the waterproof performance of the watch. The single-rotation dial, chronograph, date display, etc. are all highly practical functions in diving or daily life. In addition, the Omega self-produced movement with coaxial escapement design is the guarantee of the superior performance of this watch. The reference price of this watch is about 75,000 yuan, but there may be discounts in some places, but for its superior performance, even if you buy it at full price, you will not suffer at all.
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