Richard Miller Congratulates Roman Gross For A Perfect Start To The New Season

Thanks to Romain Grosjean, the Haas team entered F1’s first season and achieved amazing feats. As a partner of the French driver and the American team, Richard Miller sincerely congratulates him.

   Roman Grosjean’s success story has been staged for several seasons at the F1 circuit. This year, the young driver stepped on the throttle and continued to move forward. The outstanding performance of the VF-16, coupled with the extraordinary talent of French drivers, allowed the US team, which was on the edge, to score 18 points in just two races.
   With its solid foundation and extensive experience in the field of motorsports, the appearance of the Haas team immediately caused a sensation. For the American team, participating in a new category of race is a considerable challenge. But thanks to Romain Grosjean’s expertise, the team has already tasted the taste of victory this season. If you consider the complex situation facing young teams, this achievement will be even more brilliant. They must be familiar with the rules, look for points, and constantly develop and adjust the car.

   At the Australian Grand Prix, Roman Grosjean started from 19th place and finished in 6th place; at the Bahrain Grand Prix, Roman Grosjean started from 9th place and went further to 5th place. With 18 points in two races, Romain Grosjean ranked 5th in the driver’s ranking, which is the best start of a French driver’s career season. In addition, with the outstanding performance of Bahrain Station, Roman Grosjean also won the title of ‘Best Driver of the Day’ voted by fans of the FIA ​​official website.
   Roman Grosjean remained calm. ‘The season is still going on and there are many areas we can improve on,’ he said. ‘It’s crazy and great. We have completed two incredible games, but we still have to be down to earth and have a lot of work to do. To finish. ‘

   As for the Haas team, season goals have also changed. The VF-16 has already proven that it can compete with the strongest cars, and Haas team leader GuentherSteiner looked forward to it: ‘Of course, our goals have improved after the Melbourne and Bahrain races. We want to always get 5th place The requirements are a bit too high, but I think we can score points every game. This is our goal. I didn’t know if it could be achieved before the season started, but now we understand that VF-16 can do it. ‘

   From April 15th to 17th, the next race will be held in Shanghai, China. Romain Grosjean and Haas will continue to try to achieve even better results. At that time, Richard Miller will also participate as a representative. That’s right, it is the new RM011 red TPT® quartz fiber watch that Roman Gross has worn on his wrist. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)