Roger Dubuis And The 2nd ‘clocks And Miracles’

RogerDubuis Roger Dubuis is honored to be able to participate in the 2nd Asian Haute Horlogerie Show. This exhibition will be in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from Monday, September 29, 2014 to Thursday, October 2 held with grandeur. Continuing the successful response from the first session last year, Roger Dubuis specially designed the pavilion this year, perfectly presenting the unique innovative concept of the Hommage series and the charming style of the Velvet series Haute Joaillerie high-end jewelry timepieces, which have been well received by visitors.

A new opportunity to shine on the gorgeous Asian stage
Roger Dubuis Jean-Marc Pontroue ́s global CEO said with enthusiasm: ‘Roger Dubuis has many similarities with the Asian region. Our Asian customers have a keen appreciation of fine watches, The quality requirements are also extremely stringent. This year the brand has provided a series of outstanding timepiece creations for both men and women, showing Roger Dubuis’s superb and unique mechanical skills and that incomparable creative design, guaranteeing visitors Not disappointed. ‘
The Hommage series, which has been revived this year, can be called a very critical debut. The name and creative spirit of the series show the brand’s high respect for the history of watches and watchmakers. The Hommage series timepieces launched in 2014 include self-winding models and chronograph models, as well as a Hommage Flying Tourbillon Tribute to Mr. dedicated to the founder and ‘soul master’ Roger Dubuis Roger Dubuis (tribute to Mr. Roger Dubuis) watches, the back of each timepiece of this series is engraved with the autograph of Mr. Roger Dubuis. All visitors to WATCHES & WONDERS 2014 can enjoy the Hommage Double Flying Tourbillon hand-engraved watch, which is a bold and novel combination of tradition and tradition. Modern craftsmanship, and the integration of strong compositional effects with complex details, is bound to bring an extraordinary sensory shock to the altarpiece. Visitors will also appreciate the new and outstanding creations of another Hommage series. As a world premiere, I believe that this timepiece will be deeply loved by Asian watch enthusiasts and collectors.

Roger Dubuis’s exhibition hall has always been exquisitely furnished, as if it were a creative show. This time, the performance in the 2014 watch and miracle-Asia’s High Watch Exhibition (WATCHES & WONDERS 2014) is no exception. In order to emphasize the new comeback of the Hommage series, the pavilion design also pays tribute to the watch industry in its unique way, which especially combines the mechanical beauty and organic creation of the steam punk era. At the exhibition site, the iconic Cuckoo Clock (Cuckoo Clock) and the classic Swiss wooden house were newly reinterpreted.A group of static mechanical statues represents the watchmaking masters from ancient times to the present, and they narrate the great watchmaking History leads visitors into the extraordinary world of the Hommage series: a world of ‘extraordinary machinery’.
In 2014, the online event “Goodbyecuckoo #Helloextraordinary” on the major social platforms during the preparation period of the SIHH International Haute Horlogerie Salon (Guru Goodbye # 非凡 你好), the response was enthusiastic and caused a sensation. In order to build up the popularity again, Roger Dubuis will launch a series of eight new albums from September 21st to 28th, and will release a film every day for the 2014 watches and miracles-Asian high-end watches Exhibition (WATCHES & WONDERS 2014) builds momentum and counts down the day. This online event will continue the previous level of creation and artistic style, and at the same time, it will add a touch of intriguing Asian characteristics. This series of albums will be fully exposed on Asia’s widely used social network platforms (WeChat, Sina Weibo, Youku, YouTube, Instagram), and will be promoted through word of mouth of a number of top opinion leaders in Asia.

Roger Dubuis has established a solid reputation and status in the Asian region.Many of its stores (including the recently opened ones located at the Hong Kong Central International Financial Centre Shopping Centre) are eagerly looking forward to 2014 watches and miracles. ——WATCHES & WONDERS 2014 can welcome watch lovers from all over the world.