Rolex Announces 2014 Young Talent Award Winners

Recently, Rolex announced the winners of the 2014 Rolex Young Talent Award at the Royal Society of London. Five young dreamers from Africa, India, Europe and the Middle East won the award. The winners of this year, all under the age of 30, have extraordinary leadership skills and the ability to use scientific and traditional methods and improve social welfare and govern the natural environment. At the same time, these winners also have profound knowledge.

Here are some of the winners:

NeetiKailas from India, 29 years old, is dedicated to greatly increasing the hearing loss of newborns through an inexpensive and easy-to-use device, and has established a network of professional diagnosis and treatment of deaf medical staff in India.

ArthurZang, 26, from Cameroon, has invented a medically-painted picture that is believed to be the first in Africa to allow a local health care provider to use a mobile phone to send heart test results to a cardiologist.

FrancescoSauro, 29, from Italy. He explored the legendary table-topmountains large quartzite cave at the junction of Venezuela and Brazil in South America, making this unique landscape isolated from the previous year resurrected.

HosamZowawi, 29, from Saudi Arabia, has improved the method for rapid detection of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the body that threatens human health worldwide, and plans to extend the method to areas where antibiotics are overused and abused.

Olivier Nsengimana, 30, from Rwanda. He promoted the release and artificial breeding program of Rwanda’s endangered iconic bird Grey Crowned Crane. The Grey Crowned Crane is considered a symbol of wealth and longevity in Rwanda. Be a Pet (Xiao Sen, House of Pictures / Text Watches)