Rolex Oyster Perpetual Noble Pink Watch

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Diary Noble Pink Watch
     Ref.116185 BBR, 18ct Everose gold case, 36 mm in diameter, bezel set with square and round diamonds, diamond black surface, scale setting diamonds, devil fish skin and rubber combination strap set with diamonds, with oysters Buckle
     Rolex watches, known for their superior quality, have been subject to relatively serious ‘sex discrimination’ in the country. In fact, Rolex watches are not only suitable for women who are more proficient in calculation than prosperous, and who are more proficient in interpersonal relationships than in artistic works. It’s just that an excellent woman lives in a complex social environment, desperately adapts, and is not willing to completely wrong her heart, so she borrows things to express her emotions.
     Speaking off topic: On January 26, Beijing time, US President Barack Obama met with all the NBA champions of the Los Angeles Lakers last season at the White House in accordance with established practice. Related reports I saw on a famous domestic portal said: Vanessa’s wife wears a diamond-studded tiger-belt watch that sells for up to $ 1 million. ‘But Kobe’s wife clearly wears a Rolex Cosmic Daytona watch and costs less than 50 Ten thousand yuan. Is it because it is decorated with sexy leopard print, it is said to be a $ 1 million tiger belt watch?