Seductive Salmon Noodle: Patek Philippe 5270p Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

PatekPhilippe has many ‘firsts’ this year. For the first time, the Aquanaut series has timekeeping performance, or for the first time, watch fans who love the Nautilus series have the opportunity to have a golden eagle equipped with a perpetual calendar. The protagonist 5270P-001 in this article has the above two complex performances. At the same time, it is also the first time that the 5270 is made of platinum. Of course, the powerful performance has increased my affection, but with the appearance design and color matching that I like, it is the key that really makes me fall in love with it.

 When looking at a person, you must start with the appearance first, and then gradually understand their personality, values, etc. after interacting with each other; I believe that most watch fans appreciate the watch should also start from the appearance, and then slowly appreciate the structure and details of the movement deal with. The appearance of Ref.5270P-001 continues the layout of the 5270 series. The three-eye chronograph dial, perpetual calendar window and speed ring are placed in the not-large-diameter (41 mm). Through the clever arrangement of the watchmaker, the proportion is appropriate. Obviously crowded.

5270P-001 perpetual calendar chronograph platinum case, 41 mm diameter, hours, minutes, small seconds, perpetual calendar (date, week, month, leap year), moon phase, chronograph, day and night display, CH29-535PSQ manual winding movement , 65 hours power reserve, Patek Philippe imprint, sapphire crystal glass and bottom case, waterproof 30 meters, alligator leather strap.
 A more special change is that the 5270G launched in 2013 once moved the speed ring at 6 o’clock below the moon phase plate, as if adding a ‘chin’ to the watch. As for which design is better, opinions differ. The hour markers on the dial are presented in Arabic numerals and squares. In the past, there have been combinations of round beads, Breguet-style Arabic numerals and rectangles. I personally like the multi-style time stamp mashup. Although it is not so consistent in reading, to be honest, if I have the ability to own this watch, it is not the only purpose when I read it.
 For the first time, PP used platinum as the case material for the 5270 series, and added P (Platium) to the model. It is difficult for ordinary people (including me) to distinguish the difference between platinum and platinum, so a diamond is set on the side of the watch at 6 o’clock as a mark made of platinum. And because platinum is more expensive than platinum, rose gold, and gold, it is also the ‘top’ for collectors with deep pockets!

The ring-shaped date at 6 o’clock in the Ref. 5270P-001 watch directly past the speedometer ring below.
 When it comes to PatekPhilippe, you must appreciate its movement up close. As early as 1941, the brand launched the chronograph perpetual calendar watch, but it was not until 2011 that the first self-made chronograph perpetual calendar calibre, CH29-535PSQ, was introduced. The CH29-535PS chronograph caliber released in 2009 was added to the perpetual calendar module (Q is The first letter of the French perpetual calendar), which used a total of 456 parts, has 6 patents, has two complex features of timing and perpetual calendar, it should not be overstated to say that it is one of the most representative movements of PP.

Ref.5270P-001 case is set with a diamond at 6 o’clock, which means it is made of platinum.
 Particularly worth mentioning comes from the timing mechanism. When the central chronograph second hand makes a full circle, the hands on the sub-dial at 3 o’clock will be scored in a ‘jump’ mode. Unlike the ordinary chronograph, the chronograph minute hand moves with the chronograph second hand and then moves slowly, without dragging water at all. In addition, the corners of the machine plate and the splint are presented in curved arcs. In addition, the S-shaped lever and the fang-shaped gear are finely chamfered and polished. Although it is more labor-consuming and time-consuming to produce, this is what PatekPhilippe insists on. It is also a symbol of Patek Philippe’s mark for high quality and high standards.

The 5270P-001 perpetual calendar chronograph can be seen on the back of the CH29-535PSQ hand-wound movement, with a diameter of 32 mm and a thickness of 7 mm. It consists of 456 parts.
 The performance of the Ref.5270P-001 watch is amazing. The movement technology is amazing, but the place that makes my eyes shine is the color matching. Unlike previous models in blue, white or black, this watch uses a ‘salmon’ dial. The lustrous color is not radiant, but it cannot hide the high-quality texture emitted by the watch king. I know this is not the first time that PP has adopted salmon noodles. This kind of color has appeared on watches including Ref.3970, Ref.5004, Ref.5372 in the past; some colors are darker, and some are lighter. For me Said that such a hue is the favorite now.

Ref.5270P-001 has two complex performances of timing and perpetual calendar, and it also has instant jump minute counting.
 In addition to it being a salmon noodle dish, of course, Ref. 5270P also has many details to appreciate. Contains a slightly convex box-shaped sapphire crystal glass surface, which looks like the arched acrylic glass of an antique watch; the bezel and lugs use a stepped design, and the structure extends downward from the mirror to the surrounding area, full of level. From these small places, Patek Philippe’s ability in watchmaking can be felt like a complex, precise and extreme movement. It’s just that the salmon face makes the watch exude a classic flavor, as if it is a collection of borrowed items from the Patek Philippe Museum. Even if you can’t own it, it is a blessing to enjoy!