Seiko Brightz Series New Watch

Only a few days ago, Leehom Wang announced that Seiko Seiko Group, the spokesperson for the full range of brands in Asia, has released a new Seiko Brightz series, which uses solar movements and radio wave function correction to accurately grasp the time; In addition, it announced a new generation The use of the ‘Super Clear Coating’ technology effectively suppresses light reflection and prevents glare, allowing wearers to easily read time.

‘Super Clear Coating’ technology adds a super anti-glare coating on the inside and outside of the sapphire crystal, which can suppress nearly 99% of light reflection and reduce glare. In addition, multiple layers are added on both sides of the sapphire crystal The hard coating and anti-fouling water-repellent film design make the case hard to wear and easier to maintain.

 The Seiko Brightz series is designed by Seiko Brand for business professionals in the world. It attracts consumers with its sleek, stylish appearance and practical functions. The two new models introduced this time (models: SAGA089J, SAGA087J) are arranged in a diamond pattern on the dial, which is quite atmospheric; the hands, the date retrograde indication and the small time bezel of the two places are also quite suitable. The bezel also has a world time display, which can provide consumers who need to know the time accurately against the time in 24 cities. The new model is equipped with an 8B54 environmentally-friendly solar movement, and has radio corrections in Japan, China, the United States, and the three districts. In addition, the unique ‘automatic correction of pointer position’ function can prevent the watch from generating time indication due to magnetic interference or impact The error.

The new Seiko Brightz (model: SAGA089J), with Roman time scales at 4, 8, and 12 o’clock, brings out a little classic flavor.

The new Seiko Brightz (model: SAGA087J) weekly retrograde indicator at 10 o’clock is dotted with dark purple, with a unique flavor.