Selection Of Chronographs Less Than 100,000 In The First Part Below 50,000 Options

Watch is one of the few fine jewelry for men. It reflects the personality and taste of a man, and sometimes also represents a kind of wealth. In all watch types, the timing can be complicated but fun. A kind of good sex, chronograph is also one of the few types of watches that directly interact with the watch. Dynamic features, complex dials, and exquisite internal structures have fascinated many men. Therefore, men who like watches often pay attention to timing, and its practicality is also impressive. Today, we have selected some chronographs for table friends who like the chronograph function. They all have one thing in common, which is to give the ideal choice from a comprehensive consideration of brand, price, performance, and craftsmanship, which may not be the best. , But definitely worth considering.
Cost-effective-Tissot Durul Chronograph

Model: T099.427.16.058.00 Price: ¥ 7450
   Within 10,000, it is more difficult to want a mechanical chronograph. If you want to buy domestically made, of course, no problem, many choices and low prices, but as a Swiss ‘national watch’, Tissot is the overlord of this price range. How can I not use the chronograph for everyone. Therefore, Tissot has always had a chronograph, changed from Lemania 5100, and the ETA model is C01.211. It allows the core brands of Swatch Group such as Tissot and Certina to have complex chronographs in the thousand yuan level. Many people see the dial of this watch and think that it is a 7750 movement. Actually, the 7750 movement is very expensive. Even Tissot and Mido, the price is over 10,000. However, in order to avoid intra-group competition, most of Tissot The chronograph uses this C01.211, while Mido has been using 7750/7753 and its modifications.
   This watch is a chronograph model of the Tissot Durul series. Of course, the Tissot PRC 200 series, Kutu series, and the previous starfish series are also used. The price is generally more than 7,000 to 8,000, which is the most common among Swiss brands. One of the cost-effective watches, only the public price and counters are mentioned here, because the price changes too much when it comes to events or other channels, and it is impossible to refer to them. If you want to buy a mechanical chronograph for a few thousand yuan, then it is recommended that you consider this chronograph from Tissot Durul.
Brand, price and performance-Longines master chronograph

Model: L2.693.4.78.3 Reference Price: ¥ 19000
   When the price comes to more than 10,000, then you can consider the Longines master craftsman timepiece. This watch is an evergreen model, but the launch year is relatively long. Although it is available, it is not easy to find. Please go to the Longines counter to ask. This watch is one of Longines’ most popular chronographs because it costs less than 20,000. Today, most Longines chronographs have cost more than 25,000 or even 30,000. The reason why its price is lower than other models is because it uses the L 696 self-winding movement, which is a Longines version of the 7753 movement, and Longines currently uses more chronograph with column wheels for ETA. The L 688 movement, which is a higher specification self-winding chronograph movement.
   Many watches that like Longines masterpieces with complex functions, that is, models with full calendar, chronograph and moon phases, cost more than 20,000 yuan, only a few thousand yuan more than this watch, but the functions are not complicated. Less, the design is beautiful, but because of this, its failure rate is relatively high, maintenance costs will go up, so if you like timing, this simpler chronograph is more recommended. At the same time, with a price of more than 10,000 yuan, Longines’s popularity advantage is still very considerable.
Understated elegance-Baume & Mercier Chronometer

Model: M0A10330 Price: ¥ 24600
   Going further, what kind of chronograph can we choose? This is actually a bit tangled, because at this level of public price, first of all, you can’t buy any self-produced chronograph, and secondly, you feel that buying a general-purpose chronograph is a bit expensive, so the only thing that is optimistic may be Brand. Therefore, the Baume & Mercier Chronometer is a relatively good choice for this price. The Baume & Mercier brand first belongs to the entry-level high-end brand, but the niche is very elegant, low-key but more luxurious. This watch has a classic design, blue steel hands, white dial, extremely elegant, and the movement is a conventional 7750, but Baume & Mercier will still do some more detailed finishing, it is better than the brand and design.
Entry-level self-produced chronograph fighter-Tag Heuer Carrera 1887 chronograph

Model: CAR2014.FC6235 Price: ¥ 34850
   When the budget is increased to more than 30,000, the choice of chronograph will become very rich, I still recommend the Tag Heuer 1887 chronograph, of course, my purpose is to bring their own, without taking into account factors such as subsequent change of hands. Tag Heuer itself is very prestigious in the field of timekeeping, and its technical level is also very high. The 1887 chronograph is no longer the main force of the brand because it has been changed to Heuer 01 and the design has changed too much, but I prefer to change Before Calera 1887 chronograph. Some people like Monaco and think that it is the classic model of TAG Heuer timing, but the square watch is not acceptable to everyone, and it is not as widely used as Carrera.
   The round case is simple and elegant. The black dial is very stable. The gold-plated hands and scales highlight the sense of luxury on the black dial. The round keys are the most classic taste of the chronograph. Deyang City, the concave sub dial enhances the three-dimensional impression of the dial. . More importantly, 1887 is a TAG Heuer self-made movement (with Seiko’s genes), but equipped with a column-wheel timing system, sensitive operation and excellent feel, which cannot be analogized by 7750. In addition, Tag Heuer is also a relatively advanced professional watchmaking brand. From all levels, it is an fighter in the entry-level self-produced movement.
Good-looking, fun and big-name—Special chronograph for ‘Little Prince’

Model: IW377714 Price: ¥ 39500
   To say that the more than 30,000 most popular chronographs are definitely the special pilot chronographs of IWC pilots, the IWC brand itself is positioned at the high end, and Rolex and Omega are at the same level. According to the conventional, this brand is complicated Watches, how can they sell more than 30,000, so everyone is actually blessed, because IWC uses a general-purpose movement, and after the brand’s rectification, compared with the conventional general-purpose movement, the performance has improved, and the feel is much better, But the price was controlled within 40,000, so it became the ‘king of time’ at this price. IWC already has its own entry-level chronograph movement with a price of more than 50,000 to 60,000. If it is replaced in all directions, then more than 30,000 will no longer be able to buy IWC chronographs, of course this is temporarily It is impossible, everyone understands the reason.
   In addition to being big enough, this watch has a blue dial, brown leather strap, and the iconic design of the pilot series, so the design is very beautiful, very colorful and bright. At the same time, it is a special ‘Little Prince’ with charitable meaning. There is a sculpture of the Little Prince behind it, so it contains a deep meaning. When all these points come together, it’s obviously hard to resist the kind of likes it gives you.
Timing Pioneer-Omega Speedmaster

Model: 311. Price: ¥ 34700
   At the price of more than 30,000 yuan, if you are a watch fan and watch player, then you will definitely not miss the Omega Speedmaster-the only watch series that has landed on the moon. Everyone has heard of the reputation of Super Speed. Its classic design has changed a lot in the half century since the moon landing, but the charm is still there. Obviously, this watch can see the beauty of Omega’s ultra-thin reliable tools. Its scale is simple and clear, the time is easy to read, and the function is practical. The sub-plates at 3 and 9 o’clock. The scales are marked with triangles. It is the same as the original design.
   Another fascinating charm of Speedmaster is the movement, which is equipped with a 1861 manual-winding chronograph movement. This movement is in the same vein as the Omega Speedmaster Moon Landing Watch. Although some models have undergone changes in the middle, the machine The core is the same structure, but the modification is different. The inner charm has not changed. Its beautiful layout, the curvilinear beauty of the structure, etc. have not changed. It is the root of the movement used in the moon watch. red. If you like classic watches, like the sense of history, and the beauty of pure timing, then the Omega ultra-thin is very suitable for you. At the same time, it is also very low-key. From another perspective, you can hardly imagine that you can buy a complex watch from Omega at such a price. Super timing may be your only choice.
Really Good Choice-Tudor Kai Cheng Biwan Chronograph

Model: 79350 Reference Price: ¥ 40000
   But when the budget came to around 40,000, there was another bottleneck, because the self-produced chronograph movements of the big brands were obviously higher than this price, and the chronographs using general-purpose movements were almost at their peak. If you go up, the water will be a little bit big, unless it is a high change. But not without choice, Tudor brought the Qicheng Biwan chronograph in 2017, and it became hot all of a sudden, because this is the first self-made automatic chronograph of Tudor, plus the God Rudder Qicheng Biwan series is really hot these years, The market is often out of stock, and can only be bought in some less busy cities. Of course, the timing movement of this Tudor watch comes from Breitling’s B01. We know that Breitling’s B01 is one of Breitling’s fist products. Breitling equipped with this movement will be mentioned in a moment. When it was used in the Tudor brand, some modifications were made. For example, it was replaced with a silicon hairspring. The 30-minute timer was changed to Tudor’s iconic 45-minute timer. The power was still 70 hours. The Tudor standard was used for decoration. After the observatory certification, it is clear that it is not as advanced as Breitling’s own B01, so the price can reach about 40,000, but after all, its performance is still strong.
Professional aviation timing-Breitling B01

Model: AB012012 | BB01 | 435X | A20BA.1 Price: ¥ 55600
   It should be said that this watch should not be classified here because it is more than the price range of the reservation. Breitling is the most popular and most iconic chronograph-aviation chronograph B01, the price is 55,600, so I barely put it Here it is. Breitling was previously operated independently, but is now acquired by a non-luxury consortium. It is not well known in the country, but it does not prevent it from being a good professional watch brand, especially in aviation timekeeping. It should be said that The only brand that makes serious professional aviation chronographs, because the brand has always had a close relationship with the field of flight. Many other brands have not had much intersection with the flying business, just because of the success of the products and past connections, they have been recognized.
   The professional scale that reflects Breitling aviation timekeeping is the flight slider on the watch. This tool is used in combination with the bezel and the outer edge of the dial. It needs to be familiar with some necessary parameters during the flight to understand its function. There are instructions on how to use it, you can refer to the manual of Breitling’s official website. Of course, this function is not related to the B01 movement, it is only a conversion tool, not a mechanically implemented function.
Summary: 50,000 yuan is the beginning of self-production timing for high-end brands. Below this, most of them are general-purpose movements and modifications. Although it can not be said that self-production is better and better than general-purpose movements, but it comes from value. That said, it has the brand’s personality, specificity, and technology, so its value is obviously higher. However, under 50,000 yuan, there are still many very good chronographs available. Timing is a stepping stone into complex mechanical watches.