Sports Watch 10 Big Trends 2

Trend Six: Traditional brands love sports watches
    In this era of rejuvenating the economy by football and advancing diplomacy by sports, the popularity of sports watches also seems to be inevitable. No brand can stay aside, including those with their own historical and cultural traditions and product design DNA.
     If Hedi Slimane, the former design director of Dior Homme, joined Nike to design sportswear for him, the number of viewers must be uncountable. The same is true for traditional watchmaking brands and sports watch brands for traditional style watches, because their stable image has long been ingrained in people’s hearts, and the sports watches they have introduced will be more or less paid special attention to. Attitude also seems more cautious.
     Fortunately, all of them are menacing, and their appearance and functional performance are also remarkable. It’s like the Super Trofeo racing watch launched by Blancpain and Lamborghini. Ralph Lauren’s 2012 sports watch collection has both an elegant elm dial and a rough ceramic case canvas strap. The Jacques Dro Sport (SW) series combines the elements of the brand’s classic 8-character dial, while being bold and bold with a touch of elegance. Even brands like Hermès, who do not forget the elegant attitude at all times, are also reluctant to give up the sports watch market easily. The diving watch introduced is like a decent watch, and it will never reveal its Sven’s strength as a formal watch.
    Zenith, known for its high-frequency movements, has also set its sights on the field of flight in recent years, introducing a number of flight watches. This includes not only Zenith’s strength chronometer, but also inspiration and materials from history. Zenith takes the engraved pilot watches as a reminder of the past, and commemorates and inherits the brand’s cultural foothold. Although the style is not complicated, the historical charm contained in it is quite fascinating. Trend VII: Humanization of Sports Spirit
    The popularity of sports watches can not only be explained from the perspective of biology and engineering, it also meets the spiritual needs of people. Technology and functions can be outdated, and entertainment stars can be outdated, but the spirit of sports is eternal, and the older and more fragrant, American boxer Ali, trapeze ‘Jordan’, China’s ‘gymnastic prince’ Li Ning, ‘ The national idol ‘Zhuang Zedong is the best example.
    As more and more athletes endorse watch brands, in the field of watches, the sporting spirit conveyed by sports watches therefore seems less rigid and more humane. These athletes are the best interpretation of the spirit of sports that is brave and daring to compete in the arena. Now outside the arena, they cooperate with watch brands that match their sports style. Through this cooperation, this sports spirit is passed on to more People. Today, many internationally renowned athletes are the face of watch brands, including tennis girl Sharapova, the national professional basketball league NBA star LeBron James, ‘flying fish’ Michael Phelps, and so on. The reason why watch brands choose athletes as spokespersons is that, compared with film and television stars, athletes are elegant and stylish. They have won praise and recognition from unremitting efforts, and have shown their talents in the most honest way. Consumer distance. In addition, exercise is a very simple matter. Inviting athletes to be endorsers has indeed brought more positive influence to the brand. Relatively speaking, the media’s focus on movie stars is more focused on gossip, and for athletes, it is focused on reports of achievements and events, so it is safer to use athletes to endorse.
    In addition to signing sports stars as their spokespersons, many watch brands have also cooperated with them to launch limited edition watches, such as Hublot and the world’s first trapeze, Usain-Bolt, to launch a limited edition of the ‘King of Supreme Usain. Bolt’ For the time being, aside many of the ‘Flying Man’ elements of this watch, the material of the strap is particularly original and significant-from Usain. Bolt wore when he broke the world record at the 2008 Beijing Olympics Boots. Another Swiss watch brand, Morris Watch, has also collaborated with its spokesperson Sebastian Loeb to launch two limited edition watches in the Morpheus racing series this year. Sebastian Loeb is personally involved in the design and production of the Loeb limited edition, and is enthusiastically involved in the implementation of every detail.
  Today, our lives are full of all aspects-the more we are surrounded by material, the more we will be touched by non-material emotions. Movement is this kind of national sentiment across national borders, regardless of class. It conveys a positive and healthy attitude towards life and a spirit of bravery and tenacity. It is precisely because of these factors that the watches endorsed by sports stars have more reasons for us to buy. Trend eight: professionalization of sports watch movements
    The traditional sports watch gives the impression that it is nothing more than waterproof, dustproof, anti-fall and anti-wear. It seems that as long as the muscles are sufficient, it does not matter what kind of movement is installed. However, if you observe carefully, it is not difficult to find that the quality of the mechanical watch movement is now making a three-step leap: from the early quartz movement to the mechanical movement that is now almost a ‘water’; from the past rough Level, the parts seen through the sapphire caseback have been polished and modified; there are even many brands that have developed movements dedicated to sports watches, with functions ranging from the most basic three-hand calendar to timekeeping and time. Then there are tourbillons and three questions. It can be said that the specialization of sports watch movements has not only increased the consumer satisfaction index, but also stimulated the purchase desire of high-end consumers.
    If you pay careful attention, it is not difficult to find that many brands have invariably incorporated better movements into this year’s new sports watches. Just like the Omega Seahorse series Ocean Universe Chronograph, it is the latest 9301 coaxial chronograph movement, which is also the first chronograph movement among its own coaxial movements.
    The Breitling Aviation Chronograph Astronaut Watch also launched a new model this year after being discontinued for two years, and is equipped with the latest Breitling self-produced 02 movement. Although some people criticize the flight watch as not being a real sports watch, because it is mostly waterproof. It is also difficult to withstand collisions during sports, but compared with a formal three-hand watch or an almanac, who can not be classified as a sports model?
    The Patek Philippe Nautilus series also launched a stainless steel version 5726 this year. This is also the first time to use the calendar function in this series, which shows the importance PP attaches to sports watches. Ultra-thin Altiplano watches have always been Piaget’s best-selling models. The development of the movement to complement this series of watches is also one of Piaget’s priorities. But in addition to this overseas watch, Piaget is also focusing on creating polo watches and developing special movements for them. It can be seen that sports trends occupy an important position in each brand. Trend Nine: Sports style for women’s watches
    Tracing the fate of women and watches has always been traceable. At first, it was precisely because of the needs of women’s accessories that the birth of watches was born. Therefore, gorgeous and fashionable jewelry watches have always been the beauty of women’s watches in people’s impression. However, with the continuous expansion of women’s display space, women’s watch requirements are not under the diversity of men’s needs. In addition to gorgeous jewelry watches and intellectual formal watches, sports watches with full personality can better show the urban women’s Sun and vitality. Especially in the context of sports for all, watchmakers are not only thinking about the innovations and breakthroughs of men’s sports watches, but also dare not slack off in the innovation of women’s sports watches. From the Geneva International High-level Watch Salon in 2012 And the Basel International Jewellery & Watch Fair, ladies’ sports watch market, you can watch it.
    The number of women’s sports watches launched this year has increased in number and style. At the same time, the design and craftsmanship also show the meticulousness and intentions of watchmakers. New materials such as ceramics and rubber have been widely used, especially ceramics, rubber, stainless steel, diamonds, gems, and other materials. On the one hand, they show sporty vitality, and on the other hand, they are unwilling to feminine elegance and fashion. In terms of function, although the ladies’ sports watch has a gorgeous outerwear, the professional performance has not been compromised, whether it is diving or timing, it is more professional. It can be seen that the ladies’ sports watches for the female consumer group have formed a unique style in the entire watch family, and found a new balance between men and women, sports and fashion.
    Every woman who loves life and sports needs more than just a sports watch. This is a foreseeable situation. Since the first women and women in the Olympic Games appeared on the arena and the voice of women also wanted to exercise, the female group can no longer be rejected outside the stadium. Therefore, we can say that women are at the top, women’s sports are at the top, and women’s sports watches are also at the top. Trend ten: luxury style of sports watches
   If you want to find one of the most unrelated to sports from the development trend of sports watches, it is the ‘luxury style’. It is more dominated by fashion trends rather than sports itself. I remember that two decades ago, the money for a high-end suit was enough to buy hundreds of ‘T-shirts’, but now the price of the two has reached a point that is completely disproportionate to the process. The phenomenon of upside down prices of casual leather shoes and formal leather shoes abounds, indicating that sports and leisure are the mainstream of today. In this case, it is not surprising that the overall grade of sports watches has risen all the way, and more and more watches with diamonds and complex movements have appeared.
    For domestic watch enthusiasts, sports and leisure always give people a feeling of being far away, seemingly incompatible with ‘luxury’. Especially for collectors who spend hundreds of thousands and millions to buy complex watches, even tens of thousands of sports watches, even if they are made with personality and quality, they have no reason to ‘degrade.’ . And the luxury of sports watches can meet the special needs of this part of consumers-personalized appearance plus complex functions and bright gems, there is no so-called low-key one is to create the most top-level consumer experience, so that customers Can’t bear the desire to look away from the dial an inch. At the same time, as a luxury product, getting better and better, more and more sophisticated, and more and more expensive also conforms to the law of its own development. Otherwise, how can it impress the Chinese people who want to become rich?