Stars Shine, Bvlgari Avrora Awards Bvlgari ‘brightness’ Women’s Ceremony Held In Beijing

On March 8th, BVLGARI held the Bvgaria VRORAAWARDS Bvlgari ‘Brightness’ Women’s Ceremony at the Bvlgari Hotel in Beijing. The more prominent female representatives from various industries in China were invited to bring us two lively discussions. There were in-depth discussions on topics such as women’s power, modern women’s development, and women’s influence. The watch home that always brings you the latest watch information, this time also came to the scene to listen to the voice of modern women.

Forum scene

From left: Zhuang Huijia, Bulgari Global CEO Jean-ChristopheBabin, Chen Xiaoli, Gong Yan and Zhang Yonghe
    Bulgari Global CEO Jean-ChristopheBabin and architect Zhang Yonghe, director of Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art Gong Yan, contemporary pianist Chen Xiaoli, and scent guide Zhuang Huijia explore the influence of modern women. Today’s status and achievements, each person, each industry, each stage has different opinions.

Contemporary pianist Chen Xiaoli speaks at the forum

Bulgari Global CEO Jean-ChristopheBabin

Group photo of the first forum participants

From left: Hui Ruoqi, Yang Meiqi, Duan Ni, and Mai Zi

   The second session of the forum deeply focused on women’s power. Dance educator Yang Meiqi, modern dancer Duan Ni, and young director Mai Zi talked with Olympic champion Hui Ruoqi. They shared their stories, exchanged the spirit of innovation, and inspired more women to be bold. .

Modern dancer Duan Ni speaks at the forum
    Duan Ni is now a very well-known modern dancer in China, not only in the dance industry, but her cross-border cooperation with fashion magazines has also received a lot of praise. Duan Ni’s inch head looks very different at the scene. In fact, as early as 2003, she had cut her waist-length long hair short. She said, ‘I realized it’s (hair) burden, and I cut it off.’ ‘In fact, when you really recognize your body, it is your body that leads to the soul.’ ‘In my knowledge, women are relatively It’s more resilient ”…
   For many people, it’s “different” for girls to cut their hair short, not to wear skirts, or to do what girls “should” do, but in modern society, we are more and more able to accept such “ Different ‘because everyone is a unique and independent individual.

Director Mai Zi speaks on the forum

   Mai Zi is actually a young director that we are very familiar with. Many people know her in the variety show ‘City of Phantom Music’, and she knew her in a short play with Dou Jingtong. In fact, before the age of 15, Maizi was a ballet dancer, but at the age of 15, she found out that she was flat-footed and could not continue her dance career and instead study drama. Now, Maizi has gone behind the scenes and became an actor. When interviewing her, the host asked her, ‘Is it difficult for you to start a new field constantly?’ Maizi said, ‘The previous experience is meaningful to me now. We have mastered it. Learning skills is holding a ladder in hand, and then we can get more different things from this ladder. ‘Facing the situation in the film industry where women’s status is still not completely compatible with men, Maizi also said’ Actually More and more women’s subjects have been moved to the screen. We also had many excellent female directors before. Now and in the future, women’s status will definitely develop slowly. ‘

Olympic champion Hui Ruoqi
    After the forum, we met on the red carpet the actor Shu Qi, the director Jia Zhangke, the model Chen Bizhen and others who have not shown up for a long time. Everyone came to the scene to participate in the Bulgari ‘Brightness’ women’s ceremony.

Bulgari Global CEO Jean-ChristopheBabin and Actor Shu Qi

Shu Qi wears Bvlgari LeMagnificheCreazioni series necklace, Bvlgari SERPENTI series watch

Bulgari Global CEO Jean-ChristopheBabin, Pingyao Film Festival Director Liang Jiayan, Director Jia Zhangke (right)

Bulgari Global CEO Jean-ChristopheBabin and Chen Bichen (left), Olympic champion Hui Ruoqi (right)

   On special days such as ‘March 8th Women’s Day’, Bvlgari held a ‘Sparkling Ceremony’ with the theme of female voices, which to a certain extent affirmed and encouraged the achievements and efforts of female workers. Throughout the ceremony, we keep hearing ‘Creating more possibilities’, yes, no matter whether you are an independent female worker or you choose a family, every woman should not give up choosing more possibilities. We are not to be accepted. Limit, we can have infinite possibilities.