Tag Heuer And Dempsey Racing Signed A Long-term Partnership

According to the watch house, June 11, 2014, located in Le Mans, France, the famous Swiss watch brand TAG Heuer officially announced that it will sign a long-term cooperative relationship with Dempsey Racing, which also marks With a strong racing feeling, the TAG Heuer brand will once again write its own legend in this field.

 For nearly 40 years, when Steve McQueen wears the TAG Heuer Monaco watch in Le Mans, the TAG Heuer has never stopped moving forward in such a long practice. Now, the brand will start another stage with Dempsey Racing. Peak trip.

 With the car, TAG Heuer has never stopped. From 1973, TAG Heuer became a sponsor of the Ferrari 312 PB team. Then in 2010-in 2013, reached a partnership with Audi and won 5 championship titles.

 As a pioneering brand in Switzerland this year, TAG Heuer has become a strong competitor in many competitions. Dempsey plays the dazzling male star of Dr. Derek Shepherd in ABC’s hit American drama Grey’s Anatomy. At the same time, he is also an international top driver and team owner. His Dempsey team and world leaders are in a long-term cooperation. At the same time, TAG Heuer will join this cooperation. See the TAG Heuer logo.

 TAG Heuer CEO Stéphane Linder said that on this road of speed and passion, TAG Heuer and Dempsey share the same values, and we are full of faith in the use and freedom. Now our cooperation is officially writing a page of glorious history. In fact, as a racing car, as an actor or a watchmaker, we are all experiencing different adventures. No matter what we are going on, we will encounter What kind of obstacle is not the reason to stop.