The Art Baptism Of Montblanc Watch Manufacturing

A few days ago, the 2013 ‘Watches & Wonders’ first Asian watch exhibition was held in Hong Kong. In order to make this watch event more exciting, Montblanc, the world’s top luxury brand, not only made a stunning debut with special new works, but also specially designed Through the personalized experience link, visitors are shown their sophisticated watchmaking skills at close range, igniting the infinite imagination and passion of watch collectors and enthusiasts.

Capturing passion and advocating creativity

In this watch exhibition, Montblanc will not only show the latest watch products created by its master craftsmen, especially the key recommended products debuting in Hong Kong, but also show a unique stage performance to show unique watchmaking skills and brands story.

Montblanc’s exhibition center will be designed as an all-glass ‘stage’ with an open front side and the other three sides surrounded by glass. Through the image, Montblanc’s classic clock and watch style and brand elements are projected, as if they were floating on the stage. The glass stage centered on rich sound and light effects brings a lifelike sense of rhythm, and the live performing actors also led the visitors to explore the connotation of Montblanc’s watchmaking process.

Appreciation of craftsmanship, shaping extraordinary

For high-end watchmakers, including Montblanc, the core of superb watchmaking art is the humanistic connotations injected by master craftsmen for each watch-including creativity, enthusiasm for art, and respect for the value of time. Montblanc showcased at the 2013 ‘Watches and Miracles’ Hong Kong Watch & Clock Fair is not only the latest masterpieces of elite watchmakers that watch lovers are looking forward to, but also hopes that this exhibition and performance will bring watch lovers and collectors into one A unique world of fine watchmaking. At the same time, it is also a tribute to the watchmaking artisans and time art masters who have created the brand’s history and great cause. It is they who used this unparalleled talent and originality to shape this extraordinary time art.

Star blessing, starlight shines

To celebrate the successful opening of the 2013 “Watches & Wonders” watch and clock exhibition, Montblanc held a celebration event on Thursday, September 26, and invited three special guests of great importance, including the two great film emperors Liu Qingyun, Zhang Jiahui and the famous artist Angelababy Dressed up for a simple and grand toast with Jérome Lambert, CEO of Montblanc International, and congratulate Montblanc for its dazzling light at the watch and clock exhibition. At the celebration, the three special guests each wore the latest Montblanc watch that matched their personal characteristics, and shared their views on the core values ​​of creativity, art and time with the guests.

Single product recommendation:

Special Carpe Diem Watch

特别 Special new models of this ‘Carpe Diem’ star series are all made of stainless steel, with simple three-hands, Chronograph UTC function and Quantième Complet full calendar function. Three mechanical watches with different functions. Each watch has a prominent red central seconds hand-symbolizing the series name ‘Carpe Diem Cherish Time’.

Viller 1858 series

External frame tourbillon chronograph

47This 47mm 18K white gold watch is a masterpiece of many fine watchmaking techniques. Different from the traditional tourbillon, the watch uses a large independent screw balance that is not tied to the tourbillon frame; instead of a single timing function, it uses a dual-guide column wheel and double clamp structure to achieve the chase time function; different On the regular material dial, the three-dimensional dial is made of solid gold and big fire enamel, and also has the function of 24-hour second time zone for day / night display, limited to 18 pieces.

Watches show regular time in the form of a traditional clock. The hour dial on both sides is set at 6 o’clock with a 24-hour display. At 6 o’clock, there are two hour hands on the dial: the blue-steel hollow hands at the top indicate the time at the location, and the gray hands at the bottom indicate the home time. The tourbillon area is slightly lower than the plane of the dial. The outer edge of the dial is a second scale used to accurately time 1/5 seconds, and it is also used to display the minutes.

Interview with Jérome Lambert, Global Executive President of Montblanc—

Happy to see the rationalization of the Chinese market

1. What important new watches have Montblanc introduced at this exhibition?

We launched new products with different positioning in this exhibition. The Villeret series outer frame tourbillon chronograph watch is an advanced complication, this watch represents our highest standards in craftsmanship. We also launched a special Carpe Diem watch from the star series to remind people of the passage of time with a special red second hand. In addition, we also launched a World Time watch specially designed for the Chinese market. The Chinese map pattern in the center of the dial is very conspicuous. In other time zones, we display it as a different city name. In East Eighth District, we use the ‘CHINA’ logo. .

2. According to the current situation of the Chinese market, what marketing strategy will Montblanc have?

China has always been one of our most important markets. Although the luxury market in China in the first half of this year did not perform as well as in previous years, Montblanc will not make major changes due to the temporary fluctuations of the market. We will still focus on the promotion of watch products, so that more consumers truly understand our watch products, and feel the technology and process value contained in Montblanc watches. In addition, we will focus on female consumers to bring them more attractive watches.

3. Are you optimistic about the future prospects of the Chinese market?

Any market is not an independent individual. Different markets have consumers with different hobbies. The global economic environment will also affect various regional markets. China’s luxury market has experienced a booming period and is now becoming more rational, which is not necessarily a bad thing. For brands like Montblanc with a long history and cultural heritage, rational markets are often more favorable.

4. How do you feel about the first Watches & Wonders exhibition in China?

举办 ​​The holding of Watches & Wonders symbolizes the confidence of Swiss haute horlogerie brands in Asia, especially the Chinese market. I am very happy to see this high standard watch exhibition appear in China. Through this exhibition, Montblanc was able to get close contact with consumers and distributors from China, and also gain a deeper understanding of the concerns and preferences of Eastern consumers. At the same time, more consumers were able to walk into Montblanc’s world, appreciate our latest watch works, and communicate directly with us. I believe this watch exhibition is a win-win attempt for brands and consumers.