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The year is near, have you achieved the ‘small goals’ set at the beginning of the year after a hard year? No matter what the past is, resigning at the end of the year also needs to welcome the new one. The author recently visited Beijing’s Oriental Xintiandi Tissot store. The most popular Tissot 2016 new products are presented here. Classic, retro and modern models are all available. If you want to buy a Tissot watch as a New Year gift, here will be You are satisfied.
Tissot HERITAGE T104.405.16.012.00 watch


   This is a replica watch launched by Tissot at the beginning of this year. Its prototype is a model in 1936. After the tragic World War I, due to practical needs, from the pocket watches used by military officers during the war. Seeing the relief from the tediousness of time, ushering in a wave of pocket watch modification. This watch is engraved from a Tissot watch introduced in the 1930s, small seconds, Breguet hands, Tissot’s ancient trademark, welded linear lugs, and insert leather straps, these are some representative elements of the time . This watch has an oversized 45 mm case and is equipped with a manual winding mechanical movement of type 6498. This watch is the most interesting replica of Tissot this year.
Tissot HERITAGE T104. watch


   The ladies watch launched in the second half of this year echoed the 1936 replica men’s watch at the beginning of the year. This lady’s watch completely recreates the unique face and lug form of the 1936 watch, but the difference is that this watch uses the 2895-2 automatic movement, which is a thin type Small three-pin model of the watch. The ladies watch has a 36 mm diameter. In fact, it is larger than the average ladies’ watch, but it is superior in design. The strap is beautiful and soft, has a classic charm, and is suitable for literary girls.
Tissot T-SPORT T100.417.37.201.00


   The PRS 516 watch under the Tissot T-Sport series is the choice of many young people. This watch is very fashionable and dynamic, and it is very suitable for the design of the urban fashion crowd. This watch is also a masterpiece of cooperation between Tissot and motorcycle racing. Tissot is not only the official timekeeper of the Moto GP of the World Motorcycle Championship, but also the official timer and official watch of the FIM World Superbike Championship. The watch case is made of stainless steel with black plating, but the bezel and dial are made of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a high-tech material widely used in motorsports. Its texture is light, strong, durable, and resistant to heat. Like motorcycles, equipped with such a Tissot is the right choice.
Tissot T-CLASSIC T006.428.11.038.02 watch


   Another popular Tissot watch this year is this standard watch. In the type of clock, the standard watch has appeared in high-end models in the past. Thanks to the development of the ETA movement, it was only in the people’s watch. Appeared in the paragraph, but in Tissot Rock, this is the first. Lilok is a classic Tissot series. The standard needle is a unique species with centuries-old development history. The combination of the two is very interesting. The design of this watch is concise and easy to wear. The dial is a very elegant design of Lilok. If you like a personalized classic watch, this is a good choice.

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Summary: In addition to these models, Tissot’s Beijing Oriental Xintiandi flagship store has more options. Here includes Tissot’s most popular and unique watches. There are also a lot of ladies’ models. If you don’t know where to choose the Tissot watch that suits you, then you might as well check it out.
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