Ultra-life Paintings With Engraving And Super-realistic Wildlife Vacheron Constantin Mécaniques Sauvages

When you hear the VACHERON CONSTANTIN Les Cabinotiers series, what do you think of? Maybe the impression you think may not be the same, but in general, this series is probably not related to the keywords of custom, high complexity, and manual decoration. The brand recently launched a new series of loft craftsmen, named ‘Mécaniques Sauvages’, which has a total of There are five watches, some of which are complex watches with tourbillon level or higher, and some incorporate enamel or gold carving techniques. A common theme in this series is ‘wildlife’, so the dials or cases of the five watches are all You can see all kinds of animals from reality or myth.

Les Cabinotiers 2755 calibre watch case is engraved with an eagle pattern, which itself has the highly complex functions of the minute question

Highly complex watch plus eagle gold carving
The first thing I saw was the Les Cabinotiers 2755 calibre watch. I used the calibre to name the watch. It can be guessed that this calibre is not small, because it includes a total of three questions, perpetual calendar and tourbillon. 7 functions. As for its case, it is engraved with eagle motifs, from the texture of eagle claws and feathers to the eyes of eagles, which show the exquisite craftsmanship of Vacheron Constantin.

Les Cabinotiers Attic craftsmanship Ceremony Tourbillon not only attracts the attention of the tourbillon on the dial and the retro-bounce mechanism, its case is also engraved with a snake pattern, which is both craftsmanship and art

Armillary Sphere Tourbillon + Golden Snake Sculpture
The Les Cabinotiers Attician Ceremony Tourbillon watch is another complicated masterpiece. Its biggest highlight is the armillary tourbillon covered under the convex lens at 9 o’clock on the face plate, plus the hour and minute retrograde mechanism, making it visible. The time system looks like a pleasing sight. This watch incorporates an aluminum tourbillon frame and a silicon hairspring, which saves power consumption and achieves the goal of more accurate timekeeping through anti-magnetic optimization. The case of this watch also has gold carving technology, and the subject matter is reptiles such as spirit snakes, so we will see the background of the scales on the snake and the leaves along the road, as if the watch was really a snake. Entanglingly realistic.

The enamelist paints a vivid lion enamel pattern on the dial of the 14-day tourbillon of the attic artisan in Les Cabinotiers

Long Day Tourbillon + Lion Enamel Pattern
Then there is the Les Cabinotiers 14-day tourbillon watch. The tourbillon with a long-day chain on the dial is a major focus. At the same time, Vacheron Constantin also used gold carving and grayscale enamel on the dial to create a The angry lion pattern, although it is a black-and-white gray-scale enamel, but through the delicate description of the enamelist, the entire lion still looks lifelike, echoing the tourbillon, and the face is so beautiful that people cannot bear to look away. .

The 2460 G4 movement, which is the main movement of the zodiac watch, has a tiger theme this time. Vacheron Constantin uses a Yin carved tiger with bamboo forest gold carving to let the entire face plate exude a majestic momentum.

Window display + Tiger gold sculpture
Since there is a lion motif, Vacheron Constantin has added a tiger motif on the Les Cabinotiers attic artisan Mysterious Animals watch. The two compete with each other. This watch is equipped with a 2460 G4 movement that has been launched in the brand in the past few years. We have already seen this in the watch. The time display function of this watch has a feature that it divides the minutes, hours, date, and week into four windows. In this way, the surface of the hand will leave a lot of space for Vacheron Constantin to ‘paint’ Unlike the Chinese zodiac watch, which is usually presented through the engraving on the theme of the zodiac, this tiger’s pattern is instead engraved in a way that makes the background of the tiger’s bamboo forest look more three-dimensional, and the tiger seems to be invisible. The bamboo forest waited for the opportunity, and the glimmering eyes made the watch inexplicably respectful.

Although Les Cabinotiers attic artisan Grisaille only has the basic functions of the junior pin, its face plate also shows a falcon pattern through the grayscale enamel technique, which shows the subtlety of the enamel technique purely and simply

Falcon Greyscale Enamel
The Les Cabinotiers Grisaille watch is the most “yangchun” style in this series. It is only a basic three-pin, and its white gold case is clean and without any carvings, but Vacheron Constantin’s main highlight here is It is the process of grayscale enamel, and the protagonist is a falcon. This grayscale enamel is also a repeated process of coloring and firing. The temperature of each firing will be as high as 800 ~ 900 ℃. Caution, it is very likely that the whole pattern will have to be restarted from the beginning. Looking carefully at this gray-scale enamel falcon pattern, it seems like a sketch on the faceplate. Every detail of the eagle body is extremely delicate. There is an element of superior technology in simplicity.