Why Do Lexus Es Car Owners Have A “Wide And Horizontal” Heart?

When it comes to ‘Across the World’, I believe that many friends who like Hong Kong movies must remember that in the early 1990s, this classic film starring Chow Yun Fat, Leslie Cheung, Chung Chu Hong and directed by Wu Yusen was even praised The pinnacle of Hong Kong romantic police action films! ‘Across the Sea’ expresses the fluid beauty, especially the waltz on Chow Yun Fat’s wheelchair, which is a classic lens in the history of Hong Kong cinema. In the watch industry, Vacheron Constantin has an Overseas series, which translates the Chinese word for ‘wide and horizontal’, which is also very clever in my opinion. ‘Men should be everywhere’, which has also become a common saying of many watch lovers. In 1972, Audemars Piguet launched the Royal Oak series, setting the pace for luxury sports watches. Subsequently, Patek Philippe launched its own Nautilus series, and Vacheron Constantin launched the 222 series, which is the predecessor of the vertical and horizontal series. As a result, the luxury sports watch series of the three major brands of the world’s top watches have been laid out, and have been popular all over the world. Today’s Vacheron Constantin series has undergone three generations, the classic Maltese cross bezel, you can identify it at a glance. Different from the second generation, the Maltese crosses currently sold in the vertical and horizontal series are 6 teeth, while the second generation is 8 teeth. In addition, the third generation of vertical and horizontal series watches provide quick release function of the strap, and provide three straps: steel strap, crocodile strap, and adhesive tape for replacement. You know, when you buy a watch, you can provide the brand with three straps in the original factory. In my impression, I only have the Vacheron Constantin series. The advantages of the three straps are also very obvious. The combination of steel strap and dial is the most classic and can be worn in all seasons. The alligator strap is a configuration that a top brand should have, and it is more comfortable to wear in autumn and winter. Adhesive tape is the choice of sports. In terms of comfort, it should be the best of the three straps, especially suitable for summer wear. Therefore, friends who purchase the Vacheron Constantin Vertical and Horizontal series can enjoy three different wearing effects, which should also be regarded as one of the important selling points of the series. In addition, this generation of Vacheron Constantin has a “Geneva mark” across the whole system, which not only represents the pure origin, but also represents the world’s top precision. When it comes to the automotive industry, it can be the same as the Vacheron Constantin vertical and horizontal series. ‘One series can have three options.’ The most popular is the Lexus ES. As the Lexus brand’s best-selling model in China, the Lexus ES has three models: ES200, ES260 and ES300h. In terms of price range, the ES200 is an entry-level model equipped with a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine, and the price is less than 300,000. The ES260 uses a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated engine and has an F SPORT version to choose from. It is obviously the main sport. The ES300h is the model that best reflects Lexus hybrid technology. It can achieve the perfect balance of power and fuel consumption, while enjoying the official six-year or 150,000 km free warranty and maintenance policy. Today, the Lexus ES in the terminal market is still in a difficult situation. The ‘price increase and waiting’ has become a ‘clear rule’, which directly proves the domestic consumers’ recognition of the Lexus ES model. In line with the Chinese consumer’s ‘buy up but not buy down’ mentality, such cases in the watch industry are also common. In my opinion, there are many reasons for the success of the Lexus ES in the Chinese market. Among them, it can provide three kinds of powertrains, and the price covers luxury brand B-class and C-class vehicles, which satisfies consumers’ demand for luxury brand cars to the greatest extent. It must be one of the reasons. If you want to use a color to describe the Vacheron Constantin watch series, it must be blue, and the sea is naturally blue. I do n’t know when, blue has become the “standard” of luxury sports watches. Whether it’s Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak series or Patek Philippe’s Nautilus series, the blue dial is a hit, Vacheron Constantin. The vertical and horizontal series are not exclusive. Coincidentally, the blue of the Lexus ES is not only reflected in the LOGO, but also has a world-leading level in the field of oil-electric hybrids. In my opinion, the Vacheron Constantin series and the Lexus ES are all men who go forward. From ‘men should be everywhere’ to ‘I am a perfectionist’, these familiar words have actually touched the hearts of men. Who said that Lexus ES car owners don’t have a ‘cross-border’ heart? (Text / Qiu Xiaozheng)